The Last Night


  • John Cooper, who is the lead singer and bassist for Skillet, wrote this song about a girl who was suicidal: "You come to me with scars on your wrist." When John sings, it's from the perspective of God speaking to the girl; when his wife, guitarist Korey Cooper, sings, it's the girl talking to God.

    The story is made up, but inspired by what John and many people he knew went through in their darkest hours. He would often give a long, sermon-like introduction to the song before performing it, saying something along these lines:

    "I wrote it for a friend who wants to end her own life. She was told she was a loser by her parents ever since she was a kid. Told she was never going to be good enough, could never do anything right, wishes she'd never been born. And she finally said, 'You know what? I hate my life, I hate myself, I hate coming home at night. I hate what I see when I look in the mirror, and I don't have a single reason left for waking up in the morning.'

    She comes to me in the song and says, 'Look, I just want to say goodbye.' And in this song, I have a chance to tell my friend how special she is. That no matter what her parents or anyone else said, her life is not a mistake.

    I want to tell you something that got me through my hardest nights. This is a quote from my #1 hero: Jesus Christ. Jesus said: 'Anyone who is weary, anyone who is heavy-burdened, come to me and I will give you rest.'

    No matter what you've gone through, no matter what you've done, there is a god. His name is Jesus, and he loves you tonight just the way you are. And if you give him one chance, it will be the very last night you ever spend alone." >>
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  • John Cooper meets many fans who have been deeply affected by this song. Speaking with Songfacts in 2014, he talked about one of them: "Recently somebody came and they said, 'That song was for me and it helped me decide to quit cutting.' And she gave me an envelope. In the envelope were her razors that she used to use to cut herself. It's just amazing what music can do."
  • John explained to how the song can be interpreted in several different ways: "This song could be someone laying there on their pillow at night and having this discussion with God, 'My life sucks and I don't want to do this anymore' - 'is there anybody out there?' type of thing, and it could be God saying, 'Yeah, that's right. I could be the one that will meet those needs.' But you know, the other thing about 'The Last Night' is it could be a friend, that you're going to a friend, and there's someone that is saying, 'No matter what happens I will always be there for you.' You know, I think I like that twist on the song, that it could be either or because so much of the time we need somebody to be there for us. And as friends, we don't do the best job at being there for our fellow brothers and sisters... and if we are there, it's usually because we have a hidden motive about it. The record is called Comatose, and there's a lot of songs with a lot of these ideas in it, and one of the things is, let's wake up out of this sleep that we've been in, and what can I do for someone else? That's a pretty radical statement, I think. That's a pretty radical statement for this generation - what can I do for someone else?"

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  • Ashley from Coeur D' Alene,idSo this song really speaks to me because I used to cut and then I found God and he showed me that he would always be there for me because I was on the point of breaking and just killing myself and then I found this song and I broke down in tears and just cried out to God and he saved me! Thank you Skillet for writing such an amazing song that I know will definitely help a lot of people and show them that people do actually care.
  • Desi from Eddyville, KyWelp. The whole God thing kinda ruined the song for me, but oh well. It's still an awesome song.
  • Britney from Aberdeen, WaSaying what I've been trying to say to some people but they wont listen to me
  • Kaydie from Cloquet, Mnthis song is not about suicide. Although it is about cutting and self mutilation, there is a bigger message. A message that reaches beyond that. This song is about giving your heart to God, and letting him take care of you. The writers just use a depressed girl as an anolgy because depression is big these days and it reaches out to many. Hearing about cutting and suicide really catches people's attention. The song writers used that theme as bait to teach listeners about God's love. If you let God into your heart he will hold you through any of your struggles and will always be with you. That is the big message. To give your life to God. That is what they are telling us to do.
  • Carlathegreat from Ogilvie, MnI was at a skillet concert last night, and John, the lead singer from Skillet was telling us about how he knew a girl who opened up to him about her life. She self-harmed. One reason being her parents would tell her she was worthless. One night she decided she has enought and she went to him and was like, "You can tell me goodbye because this is the last night you'll ever see me." And she committed suicide. He wrote this song for her.
  • Yumi from Hartlepool, United KingdomI didn't know the girl was talking to God, I always thought that John was singing as her best friend or boyfriend wanting her to stop hurting herself, she won't be alone anymore because he'l hold her in his arms and won't let go..
    Anyway.. Love the song! It was the first Skillet song I listened to, made me fall in love with the band. x
  • Steph from Commack, NyThis song isnt ALL about a girl who is sucidal. but yes it is about a girl who struggles.With depression and veri low self-esteem.God helps and comforts her. Many people don't get encouraged and feel like this. People take this song as an emo/goth song, probably because they are so fricken caught up in that mess.THis is an amazing song and it means so much to me and liseners.
  • Cristin from Vance, AlThis song is not about suicide. It is about a girl who struggles with self-mutilation and depression and god/jesus comforts her "This is the last night you'll be alone."
  • Clarissa from Martinsburg, WvI really like this song. One of the readers of a story I posted said it was Last Night was the perfect theme song to my story and God, was she right. Great song, means a lot.
    -Clarissa, WV
  • Janet from Orlando, FlWow people should listen to em' and this song I love em'!I do!And it is about a girl but really in my mind is a normal gurl who cut's herself and tell's god she is gonna kill herself witch is John sining and then he tells her not to take her life away.I love the song's they rock!
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