Ease My Mind

  • This is based around a sample of Swedish electronic duo Niki & The Dove's 2012 ballad "DJ Ease My Mind." Skrillex told NME: "It's so anthemic; I love how emotional Niki is. There's so much dramatic passion coming from the dance scene at the moment."
  • Asked by NME how she and Skrillex first met, Nikki & The Dove's Malin Dahlstrom recalled: "A friend of ours played 'DJ, Ease My Mind' for Sonny and then he contacted us saying that he wanted to do a version, which ended up on his album."

    "We didn't meet until recently, in LA. a pleasant meeting," she added. "Sonny is the warmest person! We used to say that 'DJ, Ease My Mind' is a song that has nine lives. It's had several different versions before the one on our album."
  • Dahlstrom explained to NME this song's lyrical content: "It's from a night out with friends. About experiencing the euphoric moment of dancing till you can't dance anymore, just letting everything go."


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