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  • This features Motorhead vocalist Lemmy, who also contributed distorted bass to the track. Slash said he was "the embodiment of rock & roll" and added, "Before we went into the studio I got a call from his guy saying, 'OK, so we need potato chips and we need Jack Daniel's, and it just reminded me of myself. And he came down with his bass and it was great."
  • Slash told "Lemmy's like one of my all-time f---ing heroes, and he's a mate too. I really appreciate everything about him. I asked him to play on the record because it just seemed like one of the coolest things to do. He came in and he wrote these great f---ing words – he's such an awesome lyricist. And the song is basically about the doctor saying that if you keep living the way you are living then you're gonna die and then another doctor saying, keep doing what you're doing you're gonna be fine. And it sort of tells the story of my whole existence!"
  • The song originally featured vocals from Linkin Park's late singer Chester Bennington before Slash got the Motörhead frontman to sing on the final version. Slash explained to Variety that Lemmy only came on board after Bennington's involvement was blocked by his band. "Musically, it's the same as the Lemmy song, but the lyrics are really poignant," he said.

    Slash added that the lyrics "really [spoke] to [Bennington's] state of mind." The song starts off:

    I went to see the doctor
    He said you're pretty sick
    You got some real bad habits
    You'd better stop right quick

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  • Josh from Athens, OhSlash+Lemmy=awesome. What else is there to say?
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