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  • This instrumental features current Foo Fighters frontman and former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl and ex Guns N' Roses and current Velvet Revolver bass guitarist Duff McKagan. Slash explained to "I wrote the basic parts and I had sort of a loose arrangement, but this was definitely the loosest song of the bunch, and having Dave there, who is such a dynamic drummer – I'd never actually worked with him but I'm very familiar with his drumming – and with Duff there too, they're both very creative so I knew we could throw this together. I didn't want it to be epic, I wanted it to be three minutes long, and it came together very quickly with a very spontaneous, live kind of vibe. Actually, I tried to get Dave to sing it, but he wouldn't sing it, so I just said f--k it, we'll put guitars on it. He was adamant about not singing, he was like, I just wanna play drums, and he's a f---ing phenomenal drummer."
  • Speaking to, McKagan recalled the recording of this song: "We all played in the same room, Slash, Dave and I. We went down to the studio. I hadn't heard the song and neither had Dave, so I went down there, and listened to the song. Slash had a guitar, and he played it so we could watch. None of us read music, so you gotta just watch the guy play. We went in the room, and we hashed around the song for about forty-five minutes maybe. We then just started recording, and I think we were in and out of there in a matter of two, maybe three hours. It was recorded pretty quick; we caught that energetic first or second take, and we nailed it pretty good.

    It was great playing with Dave. I've never played with him before; we're friends, but I had just never played bass with him also playing drums. It was a great experience, really fun. The three of us playing together was really fun, a lot of laughs."


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