Album: Divine Intervention (1994)


  • This is about the American justice system in 1994 and how it lets serious criminals escape. >>
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    Steven - Penzance, England

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  • David from Lakeland, Flactually the 2006 cd is christ illusion
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandThe CD was called "God Hates Us All"
  • Alan from Cleveland, OhFunny, I always thought this was a reference to Rush Limbaugh's use of dittohead, someone who agrees with him. And Kerry King's humor at the idiots who go along with anything that jerk says, like sheep to slaughter!
  • Frank from Philadelphia, Msthe song mr. freeze is about a crazy serial killer who stalks and tourtures his victims it is a good song it says "I don't even know you , I just kno where you live, i've raided your child's bedroom, burned his virgin skin." SLAYER IS COMIN OUT WITH A NEW CD IN 2006 idk wat its goin to be called but it will be sweet indeed
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