Slipknot Artistfacts

  • 1995-
    1 (Joey Jordison)Drums1995-2013
    2 (Paul Gray)Bass1995-2010
    3 (Chris Fehn)Percussion1998-2019
    4 (Jim Root)Guitar1999-
    5 (Craig Jones)Samples1996-
    6 (Shawn Crahan)Percussion1995-
    7 (Mick Thompson)Guitar1996-
    8 (Corey Taylor)Vocals1997-
    0 (Sid Wilson)DJ1998-
    10 (Alessandro Venturella)Bass2014-
    11 (Jay Weinberg)Drums2014-
    12 (Michael Pfaff)Percussion2019-
  • On stage, they wear bizarre masks and orange jumpsuits.
  • The band members are known by number, or by the type of mask they wear.
  • Their stage shows are extremely violent. It is common for them to break ribs from throwing their bodies around on stage.
  • Slipknot fans are known as "maggots," which is meant as a term of endearment. Jordison came up with the name.
  • Slipknot was brought together by Paul and Shawn along with Anders Colsefni (ex-singer) in Des Moines, Iowa in 1995. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Travis - San Antonio, TX
  • Taylor, who goes by the nickname "Faith," used to work the overnight shift at a sex shop. He was at this shop when he was asked to join Slipknot.
  • Their first album, Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat, released in 1996, is very hard to find because not many copies were made. The album cost the band $150,000 to record, mix, master and reproduce. >>
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    sean - york, SC
  • Not a lot happens in Des Moines, so it was big news in 1982 when Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off a bat at a concert there. Jordison was 6 at the time, but immediately idolized Ozzy when he heard the story.
  • Jordison still lives with his parents, although he's not home much.
  • Crahan used to have a "Dead Crow" fetish. He says, "I'd bring one in a bottle to shows. I'd open the jar, and the smell would make me puke all over myself inside my mask. Then I'd offer it to the kids and they'd dip their hands into it and wipe it on their faces and they'd be puking too. It was rad." >>
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    sean - york, SC
  • Taylor and Root are also in the band Stone Sour, which was Taylors' first band. >>
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    Amitai - Staten Island, NY
  • Sid is also known as DJ Starscream, and he makes some of his own techno music. >>
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    Sten - Saskatoon, Canada
  • In the years between Mate Feed Kill Repeat and their self-titled album, Slipknot started making an album called Crowz, which was never released or even finished. Nearly all of the tracks were never used or performed, but one was the original "Prosthetics," now found (albeit a re-recorded version) on the self-titled album. >>
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    Ben - Rochester, England
  • Their album Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses originally had twice as many songs, which were not viewed as typical Slipknot songs. The band thought that the fans would not embrace the album if it had all of the original songs, so they opted to cut the second half of the album for the first release, and then later they released the album in its entirety in a 2-disc collection. >>
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    Josh - Advance, MO
  • The dreads on Taylor's old dreadlock mask were real. He use to have dreadlocks and wore them through the mask, but it was too much trouble each time so he shaved his head and glued them to his mask. >>
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    Chad - oakland, MD
  • Slipknot played their first gigs at "Safaris," next to the "World Of Christ" church. >>
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    Sean - York, SC
  • Taylor has the Japanese character for "death" tattooed on one side of his neck, and the character for "father" on the other side. This was because he never knew his father.
  • Fehn is known as the "comedian" of the group, and often simulates masturbation with the 7-inch nose on his mask. He is an ex-member of a band called Shed, and sings back up vocals on many Slipknot songs.
  • Jones is Slipknot's Samples and Media guy. He is known as the "quiet" one which is represented by the closed zipper mouth on his mask. He originally joined the band as a guitarist, and his previous mask was an old racing helmet with nails stuck through it to resemble "Pin Cushion," a character from the horror film Hellraiser. >>
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    sean - york, SC, for above 4
  • On May 24, 2010, Paul Gray died from an accidental overdose. After his death, the remaining members of the band spoke at a press conference, unmasked for the first time. >>
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    Dane - Des Moines, IA
  • Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg told Rock Sound that he didn't know he was auditioning for the band when he first met them in 2014. "I got a call to come out and audition for something, I wasn't told what it was going to be, but just like 'can you please come out to LA and audition for this thing?'" he revealed.

    "With no other information other than that, and it was like 'well yeah, why wouldn't I go check that out? What's the worst thing that could happen? I get a free flight to LA y'know?' I'm never gonna say no to some rabbit hole that's gonna present itself, unless there's like, some true conflict."

    "It was basically like, 'go in that room, there's a drum set, you're gonna audition for Slipknot right now'. I feel like we did 'Before I Forget' and then 'Duality'... it was those two that we started with, and then we just went into everything else."

    "They were basically like, 'alright well, it's yours if you want it. Let's get to work, let's go home for the holidays but then in the new year let's start working on a new Slipknot album.'"
  • Corey Taylor is a big fan of Les Misérables. He explained to Kid Cadet during an interview at the April 2018 Fort Rock festival in Fort Lauderdale, Florida'.

    "It's my favorite musical. That's why I have [the] '24601' [tattoo] on my back. It's my favorite book as well. It's 'cause I always identified with that character, Jean Valjean. He came from nothing and decided that he was going to try to redefine himself and then instead kind of found himself defining himself through certain adversity, and then, at the end, really kind of coming full circle. This thing that has dogged him his whole life, trying to escape it, that definition, while also trying to find the definition of a good man. And I just thought it was incredible."

Comments: 73

  • Jazzicracra from KentuckyHonestly I'm a slipknot fan and I knew that they were coming to louisville, but I didn't get to go because I'm "too young"
  • (kyle) "hammer" from Sioux City, IowaI understand where you guys come from TRUELY. Knowing that See my Rise, It's my Time Of Grime.
  • Patricia Winn from UtahI just wanted to say that slipknot so awesome and thank you for being apart of are world
  • Donnie Fate from Albany OregonDid you know when they recorded maggots Corey took off his clothes and started cutting himself all over to get the screams just right.
  • Emily from Kent UkI have just been introduced to slipknot. At 43! However I am not into metal until now. The songs are at times genuine genius, constantly Changing, Corey has the death roar of the gods and the voice of an angel which messes with my head. Not only that they are blatantly unapologetic, different and highly intelligent plus recognise their fans. These are just awesome and finally I have found a band I really cannot get enough of. The logic and depth of thinking just spits in the face of those who call metal deadheads.
    Shoutout to the maggots if you’re 555 then I’m 666!ps disturbed are great too
  • Sarah from Quincy, IlI know where the Safari Nightclub was in Des Moines. They used to have a lot of really great New Wave and alternative bands, but there was no way I would have gone there because it was in a really horrible, gang- and drug-infested neighborhood.
  • Nick from Cairns, AustraliaYeah right on Rick! SLIPKNOT RULE!!!!!love the new album, all hope is gone.
  • Rick from Paducah, KyI've been reading these comments and most of them seem to be kind of, well...dumb. I myself am a fan of Slipknot and have been a fan since their debut album. People bash them for using the masks as a gimmick, yet look at some of the bands one person on here said was better than slipknot: Rob Zombie and KISS. Both of these bands are considered "good", yet they all used gimmicks. I happen to like both of them but let's look at the facts here: KISS used the makeup and personas along with crazy stage show, Rob Zombie used horror elements, costumes and makeup to create an evil character.

    One person criticized Crahan's use of a dead bird, but yet Ozzy bit the head off of bats and a bird and he's praised for it? Don't get me wrong, Ozzy is great, but you can't condemn one band for something yet praise another for doing the same type of thing. It's all used to get a reaction. The same way Marilyn Manson used to rip up Bibles and wore the suit with breasts.

    As far as their music goes, yes it is chaotic, angry, aggressive and unorganized at times, but that's where their appeal lies. Who wants to hear the same songs over and over. If you've ever listened to Hatebreed or Devildriver, their songs are good, but they all tend to sound the same. Slipknot's music caters to a different crowd. I'm sure most of the maggots would agree that their music gives us an outlet to vent when we're angry and upset. Rather than going out and doing something illegal or stupid, I would rather calm down through the safety of music.

    As for people saying they have no talent, listen to some of their slower songs and listen to Corey Taylor's voice. It's amazing. They definitely have talent, they just choose to use it in a different musical way than 95% of the bands out there. If you can't understand why Slipknot doesn't make music like Metallica or Rob Zombie, then perhaps you should take a look at yourself and your view of how everything should follow a set pattern. Either you like them or you don't.

    By the way, this is proof that maggots aren't stupid, unintelligent fans who can't spell or write a coherent sentence.
  • Jasmine from Philly, PaOh -yeah.
    It's all a matter of oppinion. If you don't like metal, you obviously aren't going to like them.

    But don't say that their songs mean nothing and it just a bunch of noise. Every single person in that band has incredible, unique talent. Not to mention the meaning of their songs is just mindblowing if you're not to thickwitted to understand them.

    Plus, when you go to their shows, it's like a giant family. Everyone connects because Slipknot is more then a band. It's like home. You all go to get f*cking crazy together, and leave as friends. As if you have some sort of new, unbreakable bond.

  • Jasmine from Philly, PaActually, Corey didn't shave off his dreads for his first mask.
    He ripped them out, it caused a serious scalp infection.
  • Joe from Carver, Manot to mention the fact that they made pulse of the maggots which was a shout out to the fans of slipknot. i dont know why people could hate slipknot enough to pi** all over their reputation, but please dont leave your rude comments here. idk why u even bothered looking up this band just to crap on it. i know i dont do it.
  • Joe from Carver, MaSlipknot is one of the best bands i have ever heard of. if you dont like them, then keep your rude comments to yourselves. the masks and suits arent gimmicks. they represent who slipknot is...i liked slipknot way before i even saw they had masks on. slipknot is an original type of music. i have never heard songs like the types i have heard in slipknot. its originality is what makes it so great to listen to. also, personal lives of the members should not affect you people who hate slipknot. their music is whats important. appearently it has popular opinion if they get nominated every year they have an album out. idk wats w/ mallgoths, because im not any steriotype of that sort and i still listen to and love slipknot. its not all about death and depression either. a lot of their music is done by events that happened in their lives, like the song eyeless. some of it was about events seen on the news or in papers. i remember theres this one song after this event where the police found this girl who had been tortured by this random guy for years and suffered some syndrome when you become completely submissive to whoever controls your life. its also thought that the song the nameless was a continuation from the captors point of view.
  • Raevonn from San Jose, Vai think slipknot is the closest you can get to controlling anger rage and a bunch of angry a** muther****ers
  • Kate from Crystal River, Fl I may only be 13 but this band rox! yes i am a girl. i got into this band @ like 11. they are the history of metal.
    Coreys maggot. omg i love their masks. they're so... evil looking. i love their theme and how they dont hide their feelings like all those emo peeps. i love slipknot. DUDE it should b a law.. U HAVE 2 LIKE THEM.. if ur 555 then im 666
  • Andrew from Bartlett, TnSlipknot is so good that it hurts.
  • William from Louisville, KyA lot of metal sucks, but slipknot is one of the very few bands that doesn't. :)
  • Cody from Chicago, IlAh, mallgoths strike again.
  • Sarah from Quincy, IlI grew up in Des Moines and have never been surprised that it produced something like Slipknot. I hate that place. BTW, I was 18 when Ozzy did his thing with the bat; I wasn't there but certainly knew a lot of people who were! Who'da thunk people would be still talking about it 25 years later?
  • Cody from Chicago, IlA grammy does not make a good band. A grammy makes a popular band. Theres a difference. and a mallgoth is someone who mimicks what is perceived to be gothic, yet fails horribly. And listens to crappy nu metal. Basically, go to the mall. Look for kids who are in all black, have chains, blasting crappy music, and think they're rebellious. There you have a mallgoth. Great for target practice.winking smiley face
  • Cody from Chicago, IlAlright a few points. 1) Theres 2 bands with masks that are so much better than slipknot it's not funny. They are Gwar and Lordi. 2) downtuned guitars, 3 drum sets, keyboards, and a Dj makes not metal. 3) Bands you can listen to instead of slipknot
    Led Zeppelin
    Mercyful Fate
    Black Sabbath
    Iggy Pop
    Cannibal Corpse
    Judas Priest
    Iron Maiden
    Deep Purple
    Creedence Clearwater Revival
    Black Label Society
    Ozzy Osbourne
    Alice Cooper
    Blue Oyster Cult
    van Halen
    Thin Lizzy
    Spinal Tap
    Sex Pistols
    Rolling Stones
    White Zombie
    Rob Zombie
    Pink Floyd
    Lynyrd Skynyrd
    Jimi Hendix
    Jimi Hendix Experience
    John Lee Hooker
    Johnny cash
    Guns 'N' Roses
    Grateful Dead
    Bob Marley
    Allman Brothers Band
    Eric Clapton
    Social Distortion
    Ted Nugent
    if any of you mallgoths disagree you are wrong
  • -_-richard-_- from Yorkton, Canadahey james from beverly, regarding your comment!
    so you can write better "crap" than them in a month, is that why they have won at least one grammy, and have been nominated for best metal perfromance every year they had an album out?
    its you disgusting one sided jerks that make me sick. They write about some of these things as some of the bandmates have experienced it. Suicide, corey taylor just about committed suicide, but decided not to, bleeding, a good example would be wait and bleed which i am assuming you may be referring to, is hardly worthless noise, itis slipknots second slowest song (Vermillion pt 2) and is based upon the dream he eperience done night of waking up in a pool of blood with his wrists slit, this also a popular urban myth, it has actuall been on a myth tv show, so this hardly just singing about a gory subject just to be twisted--as some may say.
  • -_-richard-_- from Yorkton, CanadaFirst of all SlipKnoT (sometimes written) are awesome. Second of all, to those people who are calling slipknot "garbage", they are most likely those kids (or adults), whose parents call everything satanic because its heavier than what they listen to, that only let their kids listen to country and christian music, and still check lyrics for the slightest swear or one instance of rebellion. Their lyrics may be a little strange, but are not "suicidal". They write about what they have experienced. Corey Taylor once was depressed, and almost comiitted suicide, so they may sing about this. Everyone doesnt have to like slipknot, but some of this stuff is just a little one dimensional that is being written. Disgraceful!
  • Tito from Eloy, AzThere are so many great bands out there from Van Morrison to the Rolling Stones and Slipknot...Slipknot bacame the best metal sound since Black Sabbath or Iron Maiden...these 9 guys are so talented there sound is amazing and shocking...if you see them live you wont belive what is in front of you...there is more then the masks or the great suits...its all about the music...slipknow does whats in the heart of a beat thats why it makes them one of the greatest bands out and they are like the only band that can pull of what they had on MFKR to Vol.3.Trust me this band is to die is life...slipknot can become that the best maggots!
  • Deya from Las Vegas, NmI think Slipknot is pretty cool and I listen to it sometimes but people say that if they are going to sing about suicide they should kill themselves well i think thats their way of life.
  • Corey's Maggot from L.a, Caand the "thing" w/ the bird, shawn had a dead crow fetish he would bring a dead one on stage with him in a jar and he would puke in his mask everytime he opened it
  • Corey's Maggot from L.a, CaJoey is actually an inch shorter..he's 5'3"

    and there were 2000 copies of MFKR made
  • Ben from Huddersfield, Englandif there was only 1000 copies of mfkr made then why can you buy em in nearlly every c.d shop??
  • Mike from Petersham, MaDuality is sickest song i have ever heard.
  • Jen from Ontario, CanadaTom, East Lyme, CT, i completely agree with you. he can play fast, but not well. he sucks compared to all of the other drum giants. also, Alex Van Halen is pretty good also (listen to drums on "Hot For Teacher". :D SLIPKNOT SUCKS!
  • Andrew from Melbourne, Australiaslipknot is one of the best bands that ever existed and all the haters of slipknot just don't understand another band that rocks is CRADLE OF FILTH!!!
  • Jesse from K@!#$&, MoSlipknot is the best is dont know y people dont like the band i didnt know about the masks until after i loved the band it was for the music slipknot is the only band i like almost as much as metallica
  • Chad from Oakland, MdSlipknot is great, the self titled album has to be my fav outta the rest. And Tom, its not a trash can its a keg... and thats not the only thing Chris and Shawn play... they have their own set up of drums along with the kegs. Shawn makes them set ups by the way... he's a really good welder so I heard.
  • Tom from East Lyme, CtJoey Jordison is nothing compared to some of the good drummers like John Bonham, Neil Peart and Keith Moon. Picture it like this: Joey Jordison is a deer tick and John Bonham is Asia
  • Tom from East Lyme, CtYou know a band ins't gonna be that good if 1.) The drummer lives with his parents 2.) One member is designated to play a ONLY garbage can!
  • Matt from Somewhere, Caslipknot sucks...if a band has to have a gimmick to distract you from the music, that means their music isn't that good. the music should stand on its own. and gimmicks should be cool, not completely disgusting.
  • Nicole Temple from Cincinnati, CtSlipknot is the best! I saw them when they toured in Cincinnati! They are kick ass. I love their music because they are different and know how to put themselves out there... I <3 Slipknot!!!!!
  • Jimi from Canada, CanadaI'm actually a pretty big fan of heavy-metal (especially the older stuff like metallica and AC/DC) but all i have to say about slipknot is that they're a bunch of weirdos set on making unnecessary noise with no musical ability.
  • Brittany from Phoenix, AzI love slipknot specially Sid Wilson Slipknot is most famous heavy Metal I ever known sometime I wish i could meet slipknot and I'll tell them how much I love their Band
  • Ashley Jade from Cleveland, GaSlipknot gives me a headache. But I love the masks
  • Erika from Ontario , CanadaSlipknot is one of the best heavymetal bands I have heard in a long time. Their new album "Volume 3 subliminal verses" is the best. It's like anger management in a CD. If you're ever angry, just pop this CD in your player and you should be all set. Virus of Life is the best song, followed by before I forget. Does anybody know when they are coming to Canada?
  • Travis from San Antonio, TxActually Slipknot was brought together by Paul and Shawn along with Anders Colsefni (ex-singer) in Des Moines, Iowa in 1995.
  • Hazel from Hollywood, CaOkay, Slipknot is a disgrace to music. I am originally from Des Moines,Ia and knew Sid Wilson. He's not a healthy person he's actually pretty nasty. Too much pent up anger from growing up in nowhere Iowa. I too had that anger but come on now, can you please grow up? You're not working in the mall anymore. No need to hate life, and help others hate it too. Whatever dude!
  • Kyle from St. Louis, MoCrahan actually found the clown mask in his basement at his grandmas house not a dumpster
  • Yo-mama from Las Vegas, NvDid anyone ever notice how alot of people from England like Slipknot? Not like that has anything to to with anything but whatever.
  • Luke from Woking, EnglandSlipknot kick ass! I saw them at Download this year and it was the first time they did 'Everything Ends' in England! I also got hit inthe head by a flying bottle! LOL
  • Launa from Philadelphia, RiI love slipknot. Their so Heavy. Joey Jordison is like the fstest drummer in the world, plus he's dead sexy!Slipknot's music is just awsome. I could lisen to them all day. I love their mask. If I had a band, i would of never thought of the mask idea. I also like Dj Sid Wilson. He's awsome. His mask looks great. He creates some hott dg beats.All the members of Slipknot just totally know what their doing.I just want to wish them good luck in life. Rock on!
  • James from Beverly, MaI can't believe you people call this music... or even art for that matter. I could write an album of this crap in a month. I don't see why you'd want to vomit and bleed. Is the point of Slipknot to be incredibly repulsive and suicidal? Stop complaining about your life and kill yourself instead of playing a 7:36 "instrumental" about it.
  • Eric from Gresham, OrSlipknot Rocks i have so much stuff of theres i got like 5 copies of ea cd (in case someone steals) evrey junp suit and mask (all tours)And i gtoa the slipknot S symbol tatood on my arm
  • Ben from England, Englandi hear that slipknot are coming to england i cant wait if it is a rumor i will be very sad i cant wait YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Harith from Auckland, New ZealandCmon dudes, u got ur facts wrong, shawn(clown) frommed the band and he was sort of the ring leader and the masks were started after shawn found his clown mask in a dumpster in the early stages of the band ....MICK RULES
  • Angela from Tuscaloosa, AlSlipknot is wicked awesome what's the thing about the bird though
  • Klee from Weipa, Australiaslipknot owns maggots!!!!
    i find it freaky how corey was cut up and bleeding when he was recording iowa. i love iowa coz there's so much emotion in his voice when he's singing that song.
  • Jeffrey from Odessa, TxI like craig, joey, and mick the most because their masks are the coolest.I wish I had a spikey headed mask like craig.Damn Him!!!!
  • Brandon from Ur Mom, Njok - about the part on their 1 tour where they cut off the goats heads and threw them into the crowd....that was just crazy. i didnt no that joeys real name was nathan. and thier masks, i think that they MIGHT be as popular now if they started off without thier masks...but most lyky not. i got the disasterpeices DVD and in left behind - clown and sid both jump from a 30 foot ladder into the crowd and get fined 20,000$ for doin it only because one of the fans broke the index finger - lol. i rlly think that the songs wouldnt sound as "creepy" or as people say "different" without sid...hes the one that makes all the freaky noises and everything. one thing that i lyk bout clown was that in lyk all the concerts - he sits lyk on the drum set and just starts playin - and i was watchin joeys solo on DVD and he is strapped into lyk a seat from a car and hes playin on this little platform that raises about 20 feet off the fround, and it gos totally he was lyk facing the ground and playin, and it starts tospin kinda slow. thats all i that i have to say
  • Jordz from Melton,aus, AlPaul(bass)was origanlly a guitarist and started to play bass just before he joined the band. the band was formed by joey, shawn and paul.(515) the opening song on IOWA is the post code of Iowa.After the last song on their 1st album if u fast forward it abit it has them listening to poo sex it is then followd by the song EEYORE (which is a great song for all u hardcore headbangers)last but not least joey jordisons real name is Nathan and he's only 5'4!
  • Justin from B.c, Chinaslipknot rules wait and bleed and before i forget are my favorite songs omg nathan (aka joey)is my favorite
  • Billy from Dallas, TxDuring the late 60 a band called the Ball Ringers started playin in Pauls home town, thats when he saw "Testys", Dane, that he realized his destiny to become a great bass player, also he got his idea for his mask there at that moment.
  • Danni from Brizvegas, AustraliaJust saw SLIPKNOT at the Gold Coast (Australia)leg of Big Day Out yesterday (23.01.05). It f*cken ROCKED HARD!!!! Corey said we wont have to wait as long before SLIPKNOT return Down Under... Hopefully SLIPKNOT will rock Oz once again on a fully fledged tour of their own VERY soon (hopefully with a new album)
  • Cracker from Las Vegas, Nvno the band was formed by crahan'jordison and grey i saw "clown" talking about it on mtv
  • Nikki from Pittstown, NjJoey lost his virginity when he was 17 to a 14 year old with a broken leg, who was lissoning to "like a virgin" and then threw a condom at his head and said its time.
  • Unknown from Unknown, United StatesJoey got his first drum set when he is five and Crahan has a wife and three kids
  • Ian from New York, NyIn response to Tom from England, yes. Try them out by getting Vol.3 and if you don't like it then you might not want to get there older more insane stuff. If you do like it cheak their self titled.
  • Anthony from Chicago, IlJoey Jordison's real first name is Nathan and he is also the guitarist for the Murder Dolls. It is also rumor that Slipknot may break up after Ozzfest '04.
  • James from Des Moines, Iaoh, and it's true, des moines is a wasteland, so the fact that ozzy bit the head off the bat here is huge.......damn this place is a wasteland
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandAt the moment, the only thing about Slipknot that I find off-putting is Corey Taylor's voice. Is there any logical reason as to why he 'sings' like that? Surely people wouldn't take the piss out of Slipknot if Corey sang properly.
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandSlipknot are an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a conundrum(Can't remember who it was who said that). You have to ask yourself, why are Slipknot so popular? Is it just because of their masks and jumpsuits? Besides I'm not quite sure what my opinion of Slipknot is; I only know a couple of their songs. I like Metallica, Slayer, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden so, maggots, should I get into Slipknot? And is Vol.3 Subliminal Verses the ideal place to start?
  • Joy from Seminole, FlThe white Japanesse mask Joey wears is called a Kabuki mask, and no its not "blood" on the mask, jut red and black paint. And I agree with Nick, Shawn, Paul and Ex-vocalist Anders started the band.
  • Beatoffdog from Baghdad, Mayeah,the band was founded by sean and paul.
  • David from Richmond, VaJoey is also in Murder Dolls.
  • Nick from Paramus, NjThe Masks they wear are:

    Sid - Gas Mask
    Joey - White Japanese Mask (sometimes with blood)
    Paul - Pig Mask -or- Monkey Mask
    Chris - Pinocchio-like Mask
    James - Jester Mask
    Craig - Helmet or hood with Spikes
    Shawn - Clown Mask
    Mick - Metal Hockey Mask
    Corey - Mask with Dreadlocks

    Note - James joined the band while they were already recording their self-titled CD so he was forced to wear the previous guitarist's mask which seems to be a dark hood of some sort. (he is seen wearing this one on the cover and inside the book of the self-titled CD.
  • Rory from Camden, Njthey call me(slipknot fan)a maggot because they were watching crahans rotten crow getting eatin by facsinated joey how they all bound together into clumps to work to gether and fight off other maggots....he thought of it as his fans,who come together and dont easily separate for the love of music

    and crahan used to smell the bird and vomit on stage....and then the fans once rubbed the vomit all over their face and they began to vomit
  • Ryan from Janesville, WiJoey came up with the term "maggots" after saying that the audience looks like maggots feeding off of the music
  • Nathan from Gold Coast, AustraliaThere were only 1000 copies of the Mate Feed Kill Repeat album made.
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Not everyone can be a superhero, but that hasn't stopped generations of musicians from trying to be Superman.

Paul Stanley of Kiss, Soul Station

Paul Stanley of Kiss, Soul StationSongwriter Interviews

Paul Stanley on his soul music project, the Kiss songs with the biggest soul influence, and the non-make-up era of the band.