Album: Slipknot (1999)
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  • "You can't see California without Marlon Brando's eyes" is a quote lead singer Corey Taylor took from a homeless guy on the street while he was in California. The guy was just saying it over and over again. >>
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    Ryan - Lutz, FL
  • The song was partly inspired by Corey's father, as seen in the phrase "I am my father's son, cause he's a phantom, a mystery, and that leaves me nothing!" >>
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    Mallory - Vineland, NJ
  • This song has been covered by English Deathcore band Bring Me The Horizon and is often included in their live set. >>
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    Alex - Lancaster, England

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  • Hiitsthatoneguy from WiI wouldn't look much into this tbh. Corey's father was never around..., a homeless guy yelled this... out came this lovely masterpiece. If you really do want to explore some metaphor I would consider asking yourself who he's talking to. 3rd verse would maybe be helpful? Ask Corey, see what he says ;)
  • Karlwithac from Harpers Ferry, IowaCorey already said the line "You cant see california without Marlon Brando's eyes" was from a homeless man yelling at him
  • Cool Hand Luke from Madison Nebraska Are you all insane, descending into madness? Look at the last lyrics and go up. I feel safe you are saved …… my father is a mystery and that leaves me nothing? He’s expressing his hate toward organizational religion! Insane am I the only motherf--ker with a brain….. you can’t see the wrongs of the church if your looking through rose colored glasses!
  • Sente_a_beicaFrom reading all the comments and trivias that people wrote here, the lyrics feel like a man's descent into madness. The verses are the man talking to his therapist/psychiatrist about his thoughts and his past and, with time, he starts resenting the doctor and ends up completely insane.
    And the quote "you can't see california without Marlon Brando's eyes", that might sound illogical or weird to a sane person, sticks to him and becomes his mantra.
    The end is guy screaming "look me in my brand new eye" after scratching or gouging his eyes out.
  • Zodisalive from UterusThe Marlon Brando line really pulls me out of the song. so many great things could be screamed about being seen. it's distracting.
  • Chris from UsaCorey said in an interview that the line "you can't see California without Marlon Brando's EYES!" is line that a crazy homeless person shouted repeatedly at him and it freaked him so bad, so yea, that's where the line comes from.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandMarlon Brando did NOT play Superman (in the 1975 film, he was played by Christopher Reeve), he played Jor-El, Superman's Kryptonian Father.

    the line in the song means Marlon had seen everything there was to see in California, so to be him would be to see everything there is to see as well.
  • John from Marlborough, MaMarlon Brando, was An actor in the 1950's that played the original superman, Superman being a super hero, has eyes that can see everything, With every kind of vision.
  • Claudia from Mexico City, Mexicoif you kept on reading, it tells you that he actually died in california, so maybe that could help you out.
  • Alexxx from Arlington, TxThis is one o9f the best slipknot songs that was put on an album but i am a maggot so i love all songs all the time
  • Joe from Carver, Malol i love this song also. it confused me with tho hobo randomly repeating "you cant see california without marlon brandos eyes" so i looked it up. the first result i got was a 1950s actor. i dont understand the link between that and a homeless guy yelling ""you cant see california without marlon brandos eyes". i thought it was a metaphore for you havent seen the true california without doing everything, but that doesnt make sence seeing as he ever had his career based in california as far as i read.
  • Ashley from Zephyrhills, Fli love this song
    and i love hobos
    and i liked corey's
    older mask better
    the one where he had dred
    "You can't see California without Marlon Brando's eyes"
    whos Marlon Brando?
  • Patty from Alamo, Txi love this song...especially when they sing "you cant see california without the marlon brandos eyes!!!!!!"
  • Andrew from Bartlett, Tnthis song is so heavy. i love it. "You can't see California without Marlon Brando's eyes"
  • Kevin from Newark, Cathe was dedicated toward his father because thats how he felt about his dad at the time.
    since he was left without one at a very young age.
    then on his 32nd birthday,his wife scarlett,was talking to coreys mother asking her about coreys dad so scarlett did everything she could to find him and brought him to corey.
    when he first met him they were crying for about 20 mins and then after they got along great.
  • Vanessa from Orlando, FlThe opening for this song is great. It has a great beat. and I don't think Corey's dad had much to do with it, seeing as he only mentioned him in one line. But yeah, I'd like to become friends with that homeless guy.
  • Sean from Boston, MaThis song is very fast. Shawn, Joey, Chris, and the guitars give it a great pace. Corey's screaming bouts are awsome. I liked the opening scratching by Sid.
  • Sean from York, Sci think this was a really good song not the best but still good and the bit where he says "who the f*ck are u f*ck u all so about his father (i think any way)
  • Tonya from Seattle, Wa"You can't see California without Marlon Brando's eyes" meaning several years back Marlon Brando went public stating that the Jews run Hollywood and everything in it. Google this topic involving Marlon Brando and you'll see for yourself. Corey knows what's up. Regardless of what he tells the press.
  • JosÃ? from Reidsville, Ncit was in New York when they went to sign a record deal with Roadrunner, it was Shawn and Mick.
  • Rhiannon from Oklahomai tried..you lied to me for so long......i tried singing (more like screaming) this song and it didnt work
  • Carlos from Oxnard, CaDo they help? DO THEY!?
  • Abbes from Windsor, CanadaVery good nick, thanks.
  • Nick from Paramus, NjActually, it was when they played in New York for the first time, Craig and Shawn(I think) ran into a schitzophrenic man who was yelling it.

    One part of the song tells about how Corey never knew his father growing up:
    "I am my father's son 'cause he's a phantom,
    a mystery and that leaves me nothing"

    Also, the line, "It's all in your head"
    refers to how all these professional therapists
    don't really help you, they just tell you it's all in your head and that you have to fix the problem yourself.

    There are many themes in this one song.
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