• This song is about Corey Taylor not knowing his father, but feeling like he is turning into him. Taylor never met his dad and doesn't even know his name. >>
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    Rachel - Raleigh, NC

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  • Blake from Vacaville, Canotice whenever its a song about Corey's father, its always hardcore. listen to Eyeless. also about his father and vocals blow my mind. kind of ironic how Corey and his father have a great relationship nowadays yet Slipknot still perform Eyeless. wish they would play metabolic and i am hated.
  • Kenneth from Sulphur Springs, TxI know is sucks to not know a parent.Ive never met my mother.Stay strong Corey and keep kicking ass.
  • Dean from Daytona, --It would totally suck if you didnt meet your dad till you were 32 I feel bad for you Cory but your dad sounds like a total BASTARD
  • Jerimias from Nuuk, GreenlandThis song is so full of anger! So cool!
    "I'm always ready to die, but you're killing me!"

    Stay Sic!
  • Joel from Columbia, ScAnzi, if you hate Slipnot then why post?
  • Anzi from London, Englandi hate slipknot!
  • Guan from London, Englandthis is slipknots heaviest songs on Iowa.
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