Album: All Hope Is Gone (2008)
Charted: 67
  • Lead singer Corey Taylor (from Kerrang! July 19, 2008): "Man, what a love song to the band! Its got that Rammstien/ministry mechanical edge to it, but my vocals add something very real and very human to it. The Juxtaposition works and I wanted to play in and out of that world. Lyrically it's very much about us, and the fact that we can pull it off when were focused."
  • In a preview for Rolling Stone, Chris Steffen wrote that this song, "is capped off with a time-signature shattering guitar/drum breakdown that will leave the best air-instrumentalists stumped."
  • Ever wanted to hear "Psychosocial" played on a tiny drum kit inside a fridge? The Miniature Drums YouTube channel thought you might want to; you can watch the unnamed percussionist banging out the song here.
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  • Zack from Noblesville, InThat song speaks to the bit of humanity I have left. I miss what I had and regret letting it go I think that's why this song as well as duality really speak to me SLIPKNOT F***ING ROCKS!
  • Seth from Ingleside, Txthis song got me to like slipknot rock on
  • Jimmy from Rockdale, TxThis song rocks; can't stop listening. On a lyrical note this song has hit me hard and I agree with all of you. It's definately about society and how the only thing that matters anymore is money and personal gain at the expense of whatever. Life, Children, God, doing what's right even when it's not popular none of it matters anymore. Look at history it won't lie to you; it'll all come down someday but this is life and we don't get to choose that day. Do right and if you don't know then look for it; its here. No martyr preservation, to much pride, higher social status, money, f- it. Bring it back I won't give in " I'm not the only one".............
  • Blake from Vacaville, CaKarl, even though I agree that Reign would be a better word as opposed to rain in the chorus, I have the booklet of lyrics that came with ALL HOPE IS GONE (special edition) and it actually says Rain. still, a good a song. but yah, i think Reign makes more sense.
  • Kenneth from Sulphur Springs, TxThis song kicks ass and I agree with the message.
  • Karl from Cape Town, South AfricaCas
    The lyric is actually: " and the REIGN will kill us all." Meaning the oppressors. Which links with the lyric : "the preservation of the martyr in me." Amazing song, amazing band.
  • Chris from Naples, FlThis is the first song I ever heard by slipknot, and when I looked it up on google, i watched the music video. and was SCARED. ahaha. its a great song, great band, great video.
  • Cas from Aravada, Coas he says "preservation of the martyr in me" a martyr is someone who sacrafices them self to further a cause or to demenstrat/give them self to their god(depended on religon). and "the rain will kill us all" means the Apocalypse shall rain down and kill us all (except the righteous ones[the followers of god])
  • Beau from Coke, Pa''Fake Anti-Fascist lie
    I tried to tell you but
    Your purple hearts are giving out
    Can't stop a killing idea
    If it's hunting season'' this is talking about how our soliders cant protect us forever, eventually someone will just drop the bomb causing a global upraor.
    the first two verses and chorus of the song are saying how mankind will be the downfall of itself and the rain will kill us all is talking of death showers of bombs. basically if we keep heading the way we are were all going to die in one climatic war
  • Minh from Strongsville, OhI think that this song is meant to have no meaning, and just be awesome and hardcore. Yea i like also like Sulfur, Dead Memories, and The Butchers Hook. rock on maggots!
  • Trent from Bostos, MaI believe the part when Corey sings "Fake Anti-Fascist Lie
    I tried to tell you, but your purple hearts are giving out
    Can't stop a killing idea if it's hunting season
    Is this what you want?" he is refering to the Nazis and the holocauts just an Idea though
  • Ekah from Sundsvall, SwedenThe verse " And the rain will kill us all" probably refears to when God let the rain fall for days to kill everyone cause the humans was so bad and needed a restart.
  • Ian from Chilli, Ohanybody else know that this is nominated for a grammy? hope it wins, its very deserving of the award.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandSorry, my mistake... (sic) means "used in context but with incorrect spelling, punctuation or grammer but is still word for words quoted from the original"
  • Angela from Cartersville, Galove it its alsome and so is the video people sould make those more offten
  • Daniel from Dayton, TxI gues u guys have never heard slipknot's albums "Slipknot" and "Iowa". yea all hope is gone is really good, just not in a old slipknot way
  • Josh from Columbus, OhThis song along with sulfur are my favorites off the new album. stay (sic) maggots!!!!!!
  • Maddox from Louisa, Kythis song is right down amazing..
    one of their best yet..
    i love it.. im so addicted to it, just cant stop listening to it..
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