Smashing Pumpkins

1988-2000, 2006-
Billy Corgan Guitar, vocals
James IhaGuitar
Jimmy ChamberlinDrums1988-1996
Melissa Auf Der MaurBass2000
Matt WalkerDrums1996-2000

Smashing Pumpkins Artistfacts

  • Corgan and Iha formed The Smashing Pumpkins in 1988. The two met at a used record shop where Corgan worked. D'Arcy joined after meeting Corgan outside a bar and getting into an argument over the band The Dan Reed Network. They began playing as a three-piece with a drum machine until Chamberlin was found through a classified ad.
  • The band played their first gig opening for Jane's Addiction. Afterwards they were quickly signed to Virgin Records.
  • Corgan is a notorious perfectionist. He played all of the instruments on Siamese Dream himself, although his band still received full credit.
  • During the tour for Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness, touring keyboardist Jonathan Melvoin died of a heroin overdose. He was with Chamberlin, who also overdosed but survived. Chamberlin was subsequently fired and replaced by Matt Walker of Filter. Dennis Flemion of The Frogs replaced Melvoin.
  • To promote their album Adore, the pumpkins wanted to comprise their tour solely of free shows. This was denied in all states except Minnesota, where they performed outdoors in the middle of downtown Minneapolis. The mayor declared it "Smashing Pumpkins day." The profits of the remainder of their tour were donated to charity.
  • In 2000, the Pumpkins released the album MACHINA: The Machines of God. Chamberlin rejoined the band, while D'Arcy quit. D'Arcy was replaced by Melissa Auf Der Maur of the band Hole.
  • The Pumpkin's final album before their 2006 reunion was called Machina II: The Friends and Enemies of Modern Music. Only 25 copies of the album were pressed. These copies were given to fans to distribute over the internet for free. The band broke up on December 2nd, 2000.
  • Iha released a solo album in 1998, Let It Come Down.
  • Iha and D'Arcy owned their own record label, Scratchie Records.
  • After the Pumpkins, Corgan and Chamberlin formed the band Zwan, which broke up in 2003 (Corgan says he "detests" the other members of Zwan and they will never get back together). Corgan then began working on his first solo album. Iha and Auf Der Maur formed the band The Virgins. >>
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  • Corgan hardly ever plays his old songs. After The Smashing Pumpkins broke up, he went at least 4 years without playing one of their songs. When he finally did, it was a performance of "Today" for some fans in Paris.
  • On April 20th, 2006, Billy Corgan officially announced that the band was back together writing material for their first album since 2000. Corgan, Chamberlin, and Iha were verified as members of the band. >>
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  • The band appeared in a season 7 episode of The Simpsons called "Homerpalooza." After being shot in the stomach with a cannon, Homer gets a spot on the festival and befriends the band. >>
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  • Billy Corgan's mom, Martha, died from cancer in December 1996 and the song "For Martha", from Adore, was written in her memory. Corgan named his label Martha's Music after her as well.
  • Corgan briefly dated Courtney Love in 1991, their relationship preceding the Hole singer's one with Kurt Cobain. The pair have maintained a volatile friendship over the years.
  • The band's name doesn't mean breaking pumpkins by force; "Smashing" in this case is an adjective, not a verb, so it is smashing as in "fantastic." The moniker was, according to D'arcy, a bad joke that Billy Corgan came up with.

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  • Becky from Portland, Orive met corgan hes nice guy i also got a signed drumstick they are all such nice people! i met them when i saw zwan and i was so lucky there was just this guy handing out backstage passes and thats how i got one! then, i saw them about 2 years ago as the smashing pumpkins in san francisco and they did 3 encore performances amazing!
  • Tom from Marble Falls, ArI liked Billy better before he started looking like Uncle Fester (or Sinead O'Connor). I still like "Today" the best.
  • Dana from South Range, WiAlso, members of the band currently are Billy Corgan -vocals, guitar; Jimmy Chamberlin - drums, percussion; Ginger Reyes - bass, backing vocals;
    Jeff Schroeder - guitar; Lisa Harriton - keys, backing vocals

  • Dana from South Range, WiTheir first album of being back together is called Zeitgeist (2007). The name means "Spirit of the time" in german. Their first single off the album is "Tarantula".
  • Jess from Springfeild, IlI was just wondering what everyone's thought were about what this new record will sound like. I am hoping it will sound like any of their first three records, after Jimmy left it wasn't the same. Since he's back I think that fire will be too. Maybe the more psychedelic/artsy rock sound?? Any thoughts?
  • Smith from Manchester, NhYeah, it's not official, but it's rumored that Corgan, Iha, Chamberlin, and Jane's addiction's bassist are recording now (July). I heard this on MTV news.
  • Brian from London, CanadaIha is not confirmed to be in the band.
  • Will from Memphis, TnJust to make some corrections to the facts and stuff, Jimmy Chamberlin returned for the album MACHINA/The Machines of God, but you have him listed as leaving in '96. Walker never really was officially a member, just really a temp until Chamberlin was allowed to return after rehab. You have that mentioned, but you haven't changed the years that each respective member was in the band. And Billy didn't play all the instruments on Siamese Dream, just guitar and bass. Jimmy Chamberlin did all the drums, and on one or two of the songs, I forget which ones, the band played as a whole. I really like the Pumpkins, so yeah.
  • Bryan from Somewhere, NjI saw them in the early 90's at Roseland in NYC for the 2nd album tour. Slam danced for hours and actually wound up onstage with Billy and the boys. Pretty cool. Killer show.
  • Amy from Fond Du Lac, WiLast night I listed to the Pisces Iscariot CD for the first time in years. Wow, did that take me back to high school. Billy's music is just amazing. It has so much feeling and depth. I love the diversity of the moods of the music too... for instance placing Obscured which is so calm and dream-like right after Hello Kitty Kat, which Billy describes as being his most passive agressive song. It just makes me wish there were more bands out there today like the Pumpkins. Nothing today even comes close (if you know of something that does, let me know!!!)
  • Tim from Kilkenny, IrelandAnyone else notice how the Pumpkins are everyone's, say, third or fourth favourite band?
  • Indre from Wollongong, Australiathe Pumpkins were such an amazing band...i can't believe that such a small number of people have contributed to this page...and i'm also jealous of jacqueline who got to meet Billy. Lucky girl.
  • Rainy from Arvada, CoSmashing pumpkins has been a band that I have always liked even as a little girl. Until I got the CD Adore recently from my sister, and ever since then I haven't listened to anything else since then and I love their music and I do hope that they get back together
  • Elliot from Toronto, Canadathe Pumpkins were awesome... Billy Corgon is an amazing song writer, and I love their sound.
  • Jacqueline from El Paso, TxI met billy corgan and got backstage in one of the zwan concerts...he was great.
  • Ian from New York, NySorry, stupid mistake on my part. Mistook Billy Howerdel for Corgan.
  • Jess from Springfeild, IlI read, on Billy Corgans website, that Billy wasn't opposed to playing with the band again someday . I really wish they would get back together and make beautiful music again.
  • Reed from Hagerstown, Ini loved that episode of the simpsons:)
  • Ian from New York, NyI thought Corgan was in APC.
  • The Jorge from Hell, OtherAuf Der Maur has went solo, her first single is Followed the Waves
  • Jimmy from Edmonds, WaJames Iha is now playing for the band A Perfect Circle.

  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandWhen they appeared on The Simpsons, Corgan introduces himself to Homer,'Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins.' Homer replied 'Homer Simpson, smiling politely.'(!)
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