Album: Siamese Dream (1993)
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  • Billy Corgan wrote this about his younger brother, who has a rare genetic chromosomal disorder.
  • The person speaking at the end is saying, "Now it's, uh, kind of strange, and, uh, kinda hard for me to talk about, but I thought maybe you could help- um, when we start getting physical, rather than having intercourse, he ends up just masturbating himself, and I end up feeling very alienated and unsatisfied, and it's really come between us." >>
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    Cam - St. Catharines, Canada, for above 2
  • An alternate version of this song (most commonly seen in the unofficially released collection of rarities Mashed Potatoes) features Pink Floyd-esque slide guitars in the chorus instead of the string section. >>
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    Chris - Lexington, KY

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  • Jeff from Ottawa, OnThe person is actually speaking at the beginning of "Silverfu*k" and not the end of "Spaceboy".
  • Matt from Houston, TxThis reminds me when I was just a little girl with no problems in the world. Then in 7th grade I discovered drugs.
  • Dena from Nowhere To Be, NjBilly has a thing about discussing the meaning of his lyrics. It sort of pisses me off because I can't think of anyone else alive now who's brain I'd like to pick more. But it's definitely about Billy's younger brother, Jesse who has a chromosomal disorder, and how he can identify with him in being "abnormal".
  • Michael from Sydney, Australiathis is an awsome song....but what is it about
  • Dennis from Toledo, OhBilly Corgan got rather upset when he revealed what this song was about and it was taken the wrong way. The press got ahold of it, or a rumour started, or something, but in at least one later interview he expressed major discontent that he ever told anyone what the song was about (even though it is a very beautiful and sad song). After the Siamese Dream era, he talked much less about the meanings behind his songs.
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