Borderline (An Ode To Self Care)

Album: A Seat at the Table (2016)
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  • This is one of several tracks on A Seat At The Table with the theme of self care. Solange reminds the listener here of the need to take a break and forget the troubles of the world every once in awhile in order to stay sane.

    "You know, I probably wrote that because I need to manifest it more in my life," she told W magazine. "Even in the midst of this last week with the multiple murders of young black men that occurred, I chose this time not to watch. Just for the sake of being able to exist in that day, to exist without rage, and exist without heartbreak. To be able to get up and tell my child to have a wonderful day and know that he'll be protected and nurtured and loved and treated like an equal contributor to society, I sometimes have to choose to not look."
  • Q-Tip contributes drums, backup vocals, keyboards, and co-production on this song. This isn't the first team-up between Solange and The Tribe Called Quest rapper. He is also featured alongside vocalist Marsha Ambrosius on Solange's Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams bonus track, "Wanna Go Back."
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