Got to Get You Off My Mind

Album: The Best Of Solomon Burke (1965)
Charted: 22


  • Burke's most successful single, he wrote the song, which is also credited to J.B. Moore and his second wife, Dolores. It's a vengeful song about getting past someone who has found a new lover, and it was inspired by Burke's marital strife. In 2005, Burke told the Independent on Sunday: "I'd sit with Don Covay writing those songs and just cry. I'd say Don you have such a beautiful wife but mine is probably out somewhere slashing my tires because I was off with some chick. I was a young man, girls were coming from every angle. I couldn't love 'em all, but I certainly tried."
  • Burke started off as a gospel singer, but quickly moved into more secular songs like this one. Like Sam Cooke and Jerry Lee Lewis, he risked alienating his church community by making the switch, but Burke didn't think this was a contradiction. He explained to The Independent in 2002: "I started with songs like 'To Thee,' but pretty soon I was singing 'Why Do Me This Way?' God is God. And God is in everything good. I love beautiful women, and I'm not going to tell anyone different. Sam Cooke was packing out churches at the same time as me, but when he was singing sacred songs, the young girls were thinking, 'Lord, Jesus, if I could just get with that Sam Cooke. Brother Sam, come over and pray for me one time!' All of that was in the room, it's what life is about. You can't separate it."
  • Burke recorded for Atlantic Records, where soul legends like Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles were also signed. Like many of his tracks, this one was produced by Jerry Wexler, who was also a powerful executive at Atlantic.


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