Highly Strung

Album: Parade (1984)
Charted: 15


  • This song about a diva-type woman is known for its video, which featured a cameo by record executive Hans Ebert. Says Hans: "We all slowed down a bit when Miami Vice hit TV screens and which really was one very long music video. Plot? What plot? Miami Vice was only about style and loafers, no socks and wearing pastel jacket sleeves pulled over one's elbows. Spandau Ballet videos caught all this dross gloss 'beautifully' and with their video for 'Highly Strung' featuring Mrs. Andrew Bull hanging off the ledge of a window belonging to Tony Morias' Post Production Shop in Wanchai - and with yours truly somehow cajoled into making a, er, 'cameo appearance' as a 'reporter.' Truly horribly cringe-worthy stuff with lead singer Tony Hadley trying 'to do a Bryan Ferry' and looking all tormented and dramatic in his Sonny Crockett hand-me-downs. But at that time, life was just a bowl of pastel-colored cherries, Ed Bean would assault our senses with his sartorial splendor and we didn't care about anything."


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