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Album: Spice (1996)
Charted: 1 4


  • This went up to UK #1 at the same time of the release of their debut album Spice (which also made UK #1). Both the song and the album stayed at #1 during Christmas of 1996.
  • The Spice Girls were one out of only three artists to have a single and an album at #1 during Christmas.
  • This was the first of the Spice Girls' three consecutive #1 British Christmas singles.
  • Something a little bit different - the song's title is in the verse, rather than the chorus. >>
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    Jerro - New Alexandria, PA, for all above
  • The Spice Girls changed a lyric from the song in 2019 to make it more LGBTQIA-friendly. Speaking to Gay Times, Emma Bunton said they made the decision whilst on the road to change the lyrics from:

    Any deal that we endeavor
    Boys and girls feel good together


    Once again if we endeavor
    Love will bring us back together

    "We felt like it needed to be more inclusive," Bunton explained.

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  • Ws from Seattle, WaExcept they didn’t change the line in 2019? The single version of the song (as one can see in the video) has always had the “once again if we endeavour/love will bring us back together” line in it. This is the version they performed in Istanbul in 1997, on the Spice World tour, and on their first reunion tour. The “Greatest hits” album from ‘07 also contains the single version. So, sure; they did change it for their LGBTQ following, but they changed it back in 1996. I’m really not clear why this is being portrayed as a recent change.
  • Shawn from Green Bay, WiAll the girls look gorgeous in this video.
    This song was the first to exhibit what would become a trend in later Spice Girls' songs- Mel C and Emma doing the majority of the vocals with Mel B getting the bridge. Victoria has one part in the song and Geri only sings background vocals.
  • Lizzard from El Paso, TxDude!!!!!!! 'Benecio' i think that too ha... all my friends think i'm just dirty minded but i'm not ha...
  • April from Phx, Azif you also notice in the first version it is Geri who sings the line where as in the changed version and video it is victoria it also says this in geri halliwell's auto biography "if only"
  • Becky from Box Springs, GaI also noticed that the line was changed from "boys and girls go good together" to "love will bring us back together"....often wondered why the switch
  • Shari from Gilbert, AzThere's a line in the second verse about "boys and girls" being "good together" and, even as a pretty young kid when this came out, I thought this kind of left out homosexuals. I wasn't offended or anything, but the line stood out to me because the Spice Girls were pretty popular among both the gay and lesbian communities (I'm just generalizing here). Becuase I found the line peculiar, I thought I remembered some later performance having altered that reference. Perhaps, if it was changed, they did it out of respect for their fans?
  • Benecio from Nyc, NyI thought this song was about safe sex. "Be a little bit wiser baby... put it on, put it on" Also the love and sex references, "wanna make love to ya baby" Weren't the Spice Girls used to spread a positive message among girls?
  • Josie from Fremantle, AustraliaI think anyone should have got a higher place than this song. It had a horrible outcome, the spice girls became popular!
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesThis song's entry at No.1 in the UK at Christmas 1996 cruelly robbed the Dunblane kids' version of Knocking On Heaven's Door of the top spot, when that release was supposed to commemorate the mass murder of a class of schoolkids in Scotland earlier in the year, a factor that turned many less loyal fans against the Spice Girls, accusing them of being selfish and two-faced
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