Right Here

Album: Chapter V (2005)
Charted: 55
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  • This song is about loving someone no matter what they do to you. As Aaron Lewis sings it, even if she walks out on him, he will always be there for her. >>
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    Hunter - Greensburg, LA

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  • Nathan Wells from Stephensburg KyI love this song i dedicate this song to my girlfriend that i love very much first time in my life that i have felt love this way from someone other than my parents thank you aaron Lewis for an awsome song and an awsome message love staind my family and my girl
  • Jsl from Nowheresounds like a poisonous relationship, she doesn't see that he has changed and she keeps throwing the past in his face. shes so independent she dont need help and he keeps trying to help her even know she dont need or want it. but he trying "till he breaks"(gives up etc.) you cant help someone who dont want it. "but you always say the right thing to keep me here waiting." love is blind, in bad or good situations. In a lot of these lryrics, it sound bad, but they keep waying things to keep each other waiting (coming back.)
  • Evan White from North Carolina,usaDedicate this song to the awesome girl I sit beside in school that does everything possible to degrade me.
  • Joann from Portsmouth, VaI have a friend in jail who's girlfriend (?) put him there, and he talks about her still after a year and i feel for him but I do not want to hear it but I listen, guess I should be more symapethic but I find it hard cause she has f'cked up my car more than once & thats what i think about when her name is mentioned, so build a bridge & get over it,
  • Robert from Los Angeles, Caagree with brandon. i love my gf, and though she does nothing bad to me, i'l be right here waiting, no matter what
  • Brandon from Jefferson, LaI absolutely love this song. It describes how much i love my girlfriend even though she doesnt do anythin to me bad. Though she always will have me despite what happens in the end.
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