Open Water

Album: Under The Influence (2016)
  • This dreamy tune finds Dre Babinski, who performs as Steady Holiday, examining her psyche, as she sings about "holding onto weakness only as a ploy." The song has a very literal inspiration though: it's about her fear of water.

    "I'm not a strong swimmer and I'm extremely anxious around water," she said in her Songfacts interview. "It also represents something that I very well could learn. It's something that can be learned, and yet I haven't in a very childlike way."

    We hear this sentiment when she sings:

    In the shallow end
    I never learned to swim
    I'll get the courage one day
    When I am faced down in open water
  • This was Steady Holiday's first single, and also her first video. She worked as a touring musician for Hunter Hunted, Dusty Rhodes and the River Band, and various other acts before releasing her own material.


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