If You Really, Really Love Me

Album: Balls Out (2011)
  • Steel Panther is what you would get if Twisted Sister had a baby with Spinal Tap. Their songwriting, musicianship and production are top-tier, but their songs have titles like "Weenie Ride" and "The Burden of Being Wonderful."

    On this track lead singer Michael Starr is asking his girl for liberties on account of his rock star status. Among them: having sex with her friend Melanie, and staying up all night playing Call of Duty.
  • This song began with a fragment Michael Starr came up with: "I really, really, really, really, really want to rock with you."

    In our interview with Steel Panther guitarist Satchel, he explained: "I thought the 'really, really, really, really, really' was an awesome part of the song. So I just took that idea and I came up with the verses first. Because the verses to me were basically the main part of that song. It was easy to write after I wrote the first verse. It just all came out."
  • This runs a tidy 2:25, which is something Satchel loves about the song. He's a big fan of early Beatles songs and Ramones tracks that were often around this length.


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