Weenie Ride

Album: Balls Out (2011)


  • Steel Panther is a Los Angeles based Glam Metal band, who are renowned for their profane and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Their lineup consists of vocalist Michael Starr, guitarist Satchel, drummer Stix Zadinia and bassist Lexxi Foxxx. The quartet began to gain popularity in the Sunset Strip in the early 2000s as Metal Shop and released their debut album Hole Patrol under that name. In 2008 they changed to Steel Panther and the following year released their major label debut, Feel The Steel. This ballad is the closing track from the band's third album Balls Out. It was produced by Jay Ruston, who previously worked with Steel Panther on Feel The Steel and the LP was released in Europe on October 28, 2011 and the US three days later.
  • Stix Zadinia told the story of this song to AntiMusic: "'Weenie Ride' is, at it's very core, a love song. Satchel and I were discussing the fact that we didn't have a full blown ballad yet on the record Balls Out. We talked with Lexxi Foxx in the dressing room about subjects.

    Love and sex seemed to be the recurring themes. I believe the first version was 'Weiner Ride' but we quickly realized that the word, Weiner, was much too juvenile. Who in their right mind would put a song about wieners on their record!? After weeks of toiling with different words and phrases, 'Weenie Ride' was born. Now this was a title we could all wrap our hands around.

    Satchel came in with the parts and most of the lyrics. We sat down in a Steakhouse in Las Vegas one afternoon and arranged what will forever be known as... Weenie Ride."


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