Ode To Olivia

Album: I Want To Hold You In My Dreams Tonight (1975)
  • The country music community in the 1970s didn't like the idea of an import like Olivia Newton-John (who was born in Cambridge, England and raised in Melbourne, Australia) closing in on their territory. In 1973, Olivia won the Grammy for Best Country Vocal Female and the Academy Of Country Music's Most Promising Female Vocalist award. The mud began flying as soon as Olivia was nominated. When Olivia won the awards, Dolly Parton was extremely angry and nearly everyone in Nashville looked down on Olivia, deeming her not worthy of such merit. The day after the Grammy award ceremony Olivia offered to give her statue back, but the board wouldn't have it. In 1975, as an act of faith or maybe sibling rivalry, Dolly's sister Stella Parton recorded this self-penned song to rebuke the criticism Olivia received for not fitting the Country mold. Dolly and Olivia made up not long after the much-reported Grammy event, and Olivia moved into more of the Pop sound she became known for.
  • The opening track to Olivia Newton-John's 1976 record Come On Over, is a straight forward rendition of Dolly Parton's "Jolene," which Olivia still performs live today. >>
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  • Gerry Walsh from Melbourne, AustraliaMy neice Olivia is about to be born tonight !

    The 8th of August 2007

    This songs for you Olivia....
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