John Cage Bubblegum

Album: Refried Ectoplasm (1995)
  • The lyrics of this song are in French. A rough English translation is: "It's the most beautiful, and it's the saddest, and it's the most beautiful land in the world."
  • John Cage is one of the most famous experimental music composers in history, known for his avant garde approach to his work. He is quite possibly best known for "4'33", in which a performer sits at a piano for approximately four and a half minutes making no sounds intentionally. What "John Cage Bubblegum" is or what it has to do with this song is not clear, but Stereolab's song titles are almost always nonsensical. >>
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  • Paul from Noblesville, InIn my mind, there is no question that this song is referring to John Cage's "In a Landscape".
  • Andy from Los Angeles, Cai could swear that the lyrics are based on "The Little Prince":
    "this is to me, the saddest and most beautiful landscape in the world"
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