Album: Wild Youth (2016)


  • This features vocals from English singer-songwriter Gary Go, who had a Top 40 hit in the UK in 2009 with "Wonderful." He also sang on Italian DJ Benny Benassi's club smash "Cinema."
  • The cinematic video centres on two brothers who are passionately involved in the Swedish motorsport folkracing. The sole actors in the clip are the Hagbergs, a family of Swedish folkrace drivers. Angello said:

    "With the song 'Prisoner' I really wanted to tell a story. So when it came to the music video, it felt right to create a visual that was strong in storytelling.

    I also wanted to touch on the dark and almost maniacal side of Swedish culture. We picked the motorsport called 'Folkracing' to visualize this and to tell a story around something that is fairly unknown to most people.

    Our creative partner, Made by Forest, sent me a treatment built around a story of two brothers heavily involved and almost obsessed with the sport. It felt like a natural fit for the song, the perception of being a prisoner to your own feelings.

    The brothers' passion and love for the sport is as big as my love for music, and I am very proud of the end result of this project."


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