For The Love Of God

Album: Passion and Warfare (1990)


  • Every piece of music must have a title, so why not this? Perhaps a more fitting one would have been "An Exercise In Self-Indulgence," if Rush hadn't hijacked that twelve years earlier.

    Steve Vai recorded this piece on the fourth day of a ten day fast, apparently while pursuing some altered state of consciousness. The album version runs to 6 minutes 2 seconds. In 2005 he recorded a live version with the Holland Metropole Orchestra, conducted by Chris Opperman. Here, the solo clarinet introduction and the harp arpeggios are a distinct improvement on the usual lead guitar.

    Overall, this version is reminiscent of the Deep Purple orchestration "April"; the only difference being that the supposedly so egocentric Ritchie Blackmore looks positively humble in comparison. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England

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  • Eddie from Zaragoza SpainSelf indulgent?
    This is a beautifully played strong ballad.
    We are talking about one Vai's most profound songs.
  • Ian from Leeds, United KingdomThis is actually one of my all-time favourite songs, simply because it invokes a lot of emotion for me. It's such a sad yet epic sound that's played so well you can't help but love it
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