Riviera Paradise

Album: In Step (1989)
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  • This is a soulful instrumental. After a full day of recording material for the album, Stevie asked his producer to leave the tape running and to turn down the lights. All alone, he recorded the guitar track on his Fender Strat. Double Trouble added the backing later, including an organ foundation from Reese Wynans.
  • On the Austin City Limits performance, Stevie introduced this by saying it was "For all the hurting people in the world." >>
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  • Jr from Fort Worth In the fall of 1982 I went to a club in Dallas called Nick's Uptown to see a "hot young Texas guitar player" I had read about. I was about 10 feet from the stage when SRV came out and started tearing it up. At this point in time, he had no record that had been released, so I had no idea what to expect. I have never been so blown away by a performer. He did the behind-the-back thing, etc. Still the best concert I have ever seen. My "trinity" of guitar players is SRV, EC and Jimmy Page - with SRV at the top. What a night!
  • Howard Varley from BlackpoolLove listening to SRV but this is clearly lead by Tommi Iomis' Planet Caravan which is way superior. Sorry to upset you folks, And I miss him too!
  • Simr from Kentucky UsaI'll say this about Stevie Ray Vaughan. I met him by accident at a show he was playing. Miller Auditorium in Kalamazoo Mi Oct 2nd 1985. At that time I listened to only Metal Music, well a couple nice college girls invited me to walk with them up to campus, check out this SRV guitar god. I had no idea who this guy was, only heard a couple songs of his on the radio prior. As we are approaching the concert hall, you could hear this cat, whaling on the guitar, and how loud & clear he played. I started to think "who's this guy?" We make our way through the crowd huddled up in the isles and the main entrance and I'm trying to get down front stage but kept getting pushed out the way - left of the stage. So I stood there in the isle, usher's were trying to get me to take a seat, and I wasn't having any of it. Bout that time, Stevie tore off into Texas Flood. I made eye contact with him, and him with I (leather jacket, long hair, and a Judas Priest concert shirt). I must have looked like I was at the wrong show. I was awe struck, when he reached behind, unbuttoned his guitar strap and played his Strat behind his back in such a manner to mean "Sit yo Ass down Boy, and let me show ya how its done." Ever since that night, I never forgot SRV or how special he really was. On a fluke chance invite by a college girl I saw the best guitarist in the world by accident, and Never Forgot it.
  • Ziggy from Maybecrazy2@gmail.com(Finishing my Comment) As Stevie was finishing his bow's of gratitude to the crowd you can see Clapton also giving a standing ovation near the back of the stage. He greeted Stevie as he was leaving the stage and told him that his song was beautiful, powerful, something special. The song pulled him (Clapton) out of his dressing room, that he had to come see this being played, that he was just like the people in the crowd, he was blown away by it. When Clapton took the stage he even told the crowd he was taken by the song and it was the first time in a very long time that he didn't know what to open with saying how do you even follow that performance. Stevie took Clapton's seat on the flight out, he was trying to beat the bad weather said to be coming and there wasn't room for the two of them, Clapton was being nice and trying to help when he offered up his seat to Stevie, Before Stevie left he told the members of his crew/band that he received what he considered to be the greatest compliment in the history of his life tonight from someone he looked up to since he was a child. It meant so much to him to hear that from Eric Clapton, someone he considered to be one of the all time greatest guitarist in the world. Clapton was devastated when he learned of the crash and Stevie's untimely death, he later again talked about Stevie's performance that night and how he (Clapton) was just like the people in the crowd and was so taken by that beautiful, powerful piece of music, calling it a master piece by anyone's standards and like the artist something special that should be remembered for eternity.
  • Ziggy from Maybecrazy2@gmail.comIt has been said by those who new Stevie best that he considered this to be his mater piece, as it is his soul that your hearing not just notes and chords. It was the last song he played at what would be his last show, a show that he opened up for Eric Clapton at. After his performance he received a standing ovation that lasted for what seamed like an extended period of time going much longer than what would be considered normal. As he was finishing his bows of gratitude to the crowd you can see Clapton, who also is giving a standing ovation to Stevie.
  • Chris from South Surrey, BcIf you insist that Stevie Ray Vaughan is -the- top guitarist, I suspect you aren't overly familiar with either Mark Knopfler or Eric Clapton. Honestly, I think Mark is the top dog, and Eric and Stevie more or less equal.
  • Christine from Mcminnville, OrStevie is THE top guitarist ever.
  • Christine from Mcminnville, OrI absolutely adore this song. Stevie said it was him "praying" through his guitar, and that's exactly what it sounds like. Absolutely beautiful song played by an outstanding musician. I will miss Stevie until the day I die.
  • Randy from Mayberry, NcWritten for his girlfriend, Lana. I have heard a live version somewhere (Greatest hits?) where he mixes this and "Lenny" together. Most excellent.
  • Rick from Graysville, MoIt has been stated that this was his prayer after kicking H
  • Carole from Sacramento, CaI have always said I want this glorious Stevie song played at my funeral.
  • Thomas from Savannah, GaIf I'm in a bad funk I can always pop in Riviera Paradise and all is right in the world. SRV is and always will be missed.
  • Madison from Norway, MeI used to close out my Karaoke show with this to mellow out all the drunks and get them on their way out the door...
  • Maciej from Warsaw, PolandBy the way - on Live From Austin Stevie introduced this song by saying: "This one goes to everybody who's still suffering in any way."
  • Danny from Chester, EnglandBy the way it's VAUGHAN not vaughn
  • Danny from Chester, EnglandThis is my favourite SRV song and favourite song of all time. It is the most beautiful instrumental there is! I can't believe NoFX had the cheek to steal the opening notes! I hope they gave money to Stevie's estate for it!!!
  • Mando Madrid from Mesa, AzI can remember seeing Vaughn in El Paso. he was playing for a river raft race.it was an outdoor event I only paid 4 bucks for the ticket and it was by far the best concert I have ever been to.
  • Derek from Florence, KySRV is one of the top 5 guitarist ever
  • John from Fort Thomas, KyThe backing bass, keyboards and drums sound very pink floyd-esque. Also the first few notes of the song are used as the intro to "Together in the Sand" by NoFX
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