It's Probably Me

Album: Ten Summoner's Tales (1993)
Charted: 30


  • Though the Ten Summoner's Tales version does not include it, the Sting music video collection does: Eric Clapton performing the song. He's actually a co-writer of the song, along with Sting and Michael Kamen. David Sanborn plays on the track as well. >>
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  • Sting and Frank Zappa got along quite well. Not only did they share a drummer (Vinnie Colaiuta, who came to Sting from Zappa's pack), but Sting made a guest appearance at one of Zappa's live shows. This is immortalized on Zappa's Broadway The Hard Way album, where Sting performs his hit "Murder By Numbers" in protest of the religious right's controversy around the song at the time.

    Speaking of Sting drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, you'll never guess where he got his break - his first tour was with Al Kooper during Kooper's 1976 tour to kick off his solo album Act Like Nothing's Wrong - the title of which, by the way, he got from the T-shirts worn by Stevie Wonder's road crew.
  • This song was written for the action flick Lethal Weapon 3, starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. Michael Kamen and Eric Clapton had already written the instrumental but needed lyrics. Although not a fan of the genre, Sting said in Lyrics By Sting, "I was intrigued by the 'brief' that the producers wanted a 'buddy' song, and nothing too sappy."

    He continued: "I came up with the phrase 'It's probably me' and began to work backward from the title to create a song where two men can express their love for each other while retaining their macho credentials through the veiled reticence of the title phrase. We men are strangely contradictory creatures: 'Too proud to beg, too dumb to steal.'"

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  • Private from Globe The song was used to cinematically detail friendship, but if you read closely, it's likely about solitude. About how the only one who will truly have the author's support is himself. Amid moments where the ebbs & flows of life forward me into some extensive me time, this song meditates & contemplates well. I hope to create some art like this, in some kinda way at least...:)
  • Joel from Cape Town, South AfricaI really like this song. It really fits the burnt out psycho cop Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson). I have the cd version and while it is slightly different than the version used in the movie both are major cool. Sting is one bloody brilliant performer.
  • Joshua from Twin Cities, MnThe version of this song that appears in LW3 (during the opening credits) is a much different and more sparse arrangement than the version on "Ten Summoner's Tales". The LW3 version sounds almost like it's being performed by a couple of street musicians.

  • Mac from Milwaukee, WiThis is actually on the soundtrack to "Lethal Weapon 3" and not "Lethal Weapon 4"
  • Jay from Geneva, SwitzerlandWhen the song was being aired at the beginning of the 90's, I heard that Clapton not only played guitar, but that he lit so many cigarettes during the recording sessions, that the producer sampled the sound of his Zippo opening and being lit and added it onto the final edit.
  • Chris from Garner, NcThe music video for It's Probably Me was attached to the movie "Lethal Weapon 4". The duet version of FONTsong appears on the LW4 soundtrack.
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