Album: yet to be titled (2015)
  • Alex Markowitz of Stroamata told us about this song: "'Bad' is a response to depiction of love and romance in modern music. It seems like the concept of the 'crazy/hot' girl takes up a lot of airwaves, which we have no problem with. Its just that the pop music version of a serious adult tumultuous relationship is cartoon-ish and without character, backstory or consequence. This is our take on a real world romance, and like all romances, nothing is as simple as it seems. We also don't romanticize nor judge this kind of love, we simply observe it. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel, nor are we talking about love in some radical new way, we are just singing about love in the Stroamata way.

    As for the recording itself: the song was written one week, we learned how to play it the next week, and we recorded it the week after that!"


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