Caress Me Down

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  • This song is about a boy with Latin roots who lived in "El Otro Lado": the other side of the border as seen from Mexico. It is about his relationship with girls, especially a special girl called Mixie and her family who wanted to kill him. He did travel to Costa Rica, maybe running from the relatives of Mixie, and hung out with his Latin friends drinking and surfing. >>
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    Alex - Los Angeles, CA
  • Sublime lead singer Brad Nowell wrote the lyric. He died of a drug overdose in May 1996, just two months before the Sublime album was released, which happened to be the band's breakthrough, selling over five million copies.

    When we asked the group's bass player Eric Wilson for insights on this song, he replied, "'Caress Me Down,' when Brad was around, he was pretty popular with the ladies, and he could have been writing about all of them all together, for all I know!"
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  • Ayelen from C.a.b.a., Argentinasome of the parts in spanish are quite funny cause Im latin and the way brad speaks is hilarious
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