Album: Coming Up (1996)
Charted: 3
  • This was the first single off Coming Up - Suede's first album since the departure of guitarist Bernard Butler and the arrival of his replacement Richard Oakes. In the book The Last Party, John Harris describes this song as "a knowing, romantic clarion call to those who saw their experiences reflected in the group's music - the occupants of 'nowhere towns' and 'nothing places' and 'lovers on the streets.'"
  • The video marked the first appearance of a new band member - keyboardist Neil Codling.
  • The working title was "Pisspot." >>
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    Radhika - Melbourne, Australia, for all above
  • Suede frontman Brett Anderson explained the track's meaning. "It's a song that's kind of about being in the band and, by extension, it's a song about the fans and the whole kind of ethos of being a Suede... person."

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  • Dionicio from Saltillo, MexicoThis is an anthem to Suede fans.
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