Not Another Truck Song

Album: Dirt Road's End (2015)


  • This witty tune on Sugarcane Jane's album Dirt Road's End that makes fun of country radio and all the truck-themed songs that dominate it was written by prominent Nashville, Tennessee songwriter, Buzz Cason.
  • In our interview with Sugarcane Jane's singer and guitarist, Anthony Crawford, he explained why they decided to record this song for the album. "[Buzz] asked me to as a favor to him," he said. "I had never heard it ten minutes before we recorded it. I had never sung it. It's why that song turned out to be so good. I think out of all the songs on the album, that song turned out to be the best to me. Because we didn't even know it had existed. Seriously, ten minutes before we got there to sing it is how quick we were able to learn that for him. We were just about to close it up and he said, 'I got this song! I'd love it if you'd just listen to it and think about singing it!' I said, 'Okay.' He started playing me whatever it was in his way and singing it to me. I think he also played me a demo and I listened to it thinking, 'Oh, God. Oh, Okay.' I did it as a favor to him. After I started thinking about it and listening to it, and especially after it was recorded and sequenced into the rest of the songs, I thought, 'Man, that thing should be first! It sounds really good.'"
  • Crawford told us how lyrics of the tune reveal Cason's character. "I do think the song is clever," he said. "It shows Buzz's heart. If you listen to the lyrics of those seven songs that I co-wrote with him, you'll get a sense of just where he is. He lives in Nashville. He is a guy who has written successful songs inside that system. So lyrically I think that he is on the outskirts of town. He's not writing the kind of lyrics that people write – you know, the bubba this and the truck that. He writes insightful songs – 'Love's the Only House' or 'Everlasting Love' - that song was a hit in four different decades. The man's got a good heart, but, however, he can also get clever."


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