Gold and Green

Album: Gold and Green (2009)


  • This song about being at home during Christmas with family is the title track from country music duo Sugarland's first Christmas album. It is one of five Christmas songs that Kristian Bush and Jennifer Nettles wrote for the project.

    Bush told The Tennessean they were all about honesty and emotion: "You have to be honest about the pictures you're painting. Songwriting is a balance between showing and telling," he explained. "Some things you can show by describing, and some things you have to tell. If you show what it looks like outside, you don't have to say you feel peaceful. [Christmas] makes for a whole different palette when you're writing those songs. I just love that we got to do it... and that when given the opportunity, we jumped at it - five times in a row!"

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  • Ann Engler from Toledo OhI think the song "Gold and Green" is beautiful. Simple and rich at the same time. Love it!
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