Hide In Your Shell

Album: Crime Of The Century (1974)
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  • This song is about someone who goes to great effort to conceal his pain from the world, which does nothing to ease his suffering. This keeps others from getting close to him, which isolates him further. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France

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  • AnonymousI have listened to this most beautiful song since I was in college in the 70's and get the same haunted feelings today as I did then. I believe it's discussing depression, self esteem & hiding from who you really are. The song pulls you in & tries to show you there's hope but only you can open up that she'll you hide in. It brings out great emotions every time I hear the lyrics & haunting melody. I love the Tramp!!
  • Waitwatcher from UkHaving lived in Canada most of my life, I used to wonder why British bands seemed to have such an adverse opinion regarding the educational system. Another song that made me wonder about this was “Brick in the Wall” by Pink Floyd. When I moved to the UK I learnt about the practice of “Caning” which was a theme of a Charles Dickens novel, “Nicholas Nickleby”, and to some degree appears to have had a holdover into the 20th century. Other such uses of psychological intimidation have also been employed in an attempt to bring about conformity to their vision of desirable social behaviour. It might well be best to get some feedback from Roger Hodgson or any other band members who may have contributed to the lyrics of “School”.
  • Der Lange from MannheimSteve, sorry but could your explain why 'School' and 'Bloody Well Right' should be about PARANOIA? We all know, that 'School' is about confusion after school, just like 'The Logical Song'. Thematically it's kind of a prequel. I think your classifications are pretty unprecise - sorry. I don't see why 'Bloody Well Right' should have ANYTHING TO DO with Paranoia. Could you explain? Please! Thanks!
  • Steve from Torrance, CaThis song, along with "Asylum", comprises one of four themes on the concept album "Crime of the Century": in this case, Mental Illness. The other themes are: Paranoia ("School" and "Bloody Well Right"), Disillusionment/Self-Deception ("Dreamer" and "Rudy"), and Self-Destruction ("If everyone was listening" and "Crime of the Century"). The album's overall concept is the fatal flaws/hubris of human nature.
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