She Changes the Weather

Album: Where The Heaven Are We (2013)


  • Vocalist Austin Williams recalled the writing of the song to Brum Notes Magazine: "We wrote it here in Robannas and it was just a jam," he said. "We'd been listening to a lot of psychedelic music and it was the last song we wrote before we went into the studio. There was never meant to be a chorus but we just kept on building it up because we were so happy with it. We might as well have put an orchestra on it – actually, that's something I want to do live at some point."
  • The song's music video was filmed by London born-and-based director and editor, Georgia Hudson, who'd been a major video contributor to i-D magazine before turning her attention to the music scene. The clip features a young couple falling in love in New York City. Hudson told NME: "There's nothing more interesting than the exchange between people. It's important to look at the essentials of relationships."
  • The romantic theme of this song was new territory for Williams. He told NME: "'She Changes the Weather' was the first love song I ever wrote, I think. I guess it's because it's the only time I ever really felt that need to and that want to, and I always was a bit skeptical about love songs because obviously LL Cool J's done them all."
  • This song began as a joke. Williams explained: "We had watched Spinal Tap the day before and just wanted to make a psychedelic jam."

    Things turned serious fast when the song began to take shape. During rehearsal, bass player Cavan McCarthy said he "got really emotional" and had to take a time-out.
  • Williams on writing lyrics spontaneously: "Sometimes I write lyrics just on the cuff just when it comes out of your mouth, and sometimes it's just bulls--t... I sound like (Pogues singer) Shane MacGowan sometimes when I try to make up lyrics on the spot, but it worked out this time. And yeah sometimes the best lyrics, I think, are the ones that come out of your mouth at the time, unless they're really s--t and then you know right away, but sometimes the best ones are the ones that come out of your mouth straight away."


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