All or Nothing at All

Album: Fading West (2014)
  • Switchfoot singer Jon Foreman reflected on the song's meaning during a track-by-track on the Land Of Broken Hearts website: "The fault lines in our world run deep," he said. "They run through our nation, our communities, and our marriages. Even deep within me, I carry my own contradictions. And I'm not the only one. We are flawed, hurting, creatures capable of incredible love and shocking cruelty. From time to time this dividing chaos threatens to shake the very things that we hold dear."

    "But to love is to risk," Foreman continued. "Love is vulnerability. For me, the song 'All or Nothing' is a song about acceptance. Accepting the broken hearts, accepting the fatal flaws. Accepting that we haven't gotten it right just yet- but moving forward anyways. The ultimatum 'all or nothing' is a song about loving all in spite of whatever pain or potential risks may lie ahead."
  • Jon Foreman (from a Spotify track-by-track): "I'm kind of an all or nothing guy… you know I think there's elements in life that require that kind of commitment you know… relationships certainly are one of those for me… where you gotta be all in. So that's what this song is singing to."


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