Album: Mezmerize (2005)
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  • This song is about the business behind war, and how privileged politicians start them, but expect the poor to fight them. Creedence Clearwater Revival made the same point - then dealing with the Vietnam War - on their 1970 hit "Fortunate Son." >>
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    Chad - Andover, MN
  • "B.Y.O.B." is a term that means "Bring Your Own Booze." It is often used on party invitations if no alcohol will be served, but you are free to bring your own. In this case, it stands for "Bring Your Own Bombs."
  • This was the lead single from Mezmerize, the fourth System Of A Down album and first since Steal This Album! three years earlier. They had enough material for a double album, but decided to split the songs into two albums and release them six months apart, a strategy inspired by Quentin Tarantino, who released Kill Bill: Volume 1 in October 2003, then put out Kill Bill: Volume 2 six months later. Just as it would have been too much for even the biggest Tarantino fans to sit through four hours of his work in one sitting, a double-helping of System would be overwhelming. It was a good call: both albums debuted at #1 in the US, giving them two #1 albums in 2005.

    The band toured into 2006, but split up, eager to work on other projects. When they got back together in 2010, they found they could perform live together but had a much harder time recording, and another album never materialized (but if it does, it should definitely be called Materialize.
  • In the 2003 lead-up to the Iraq War, System Of A Down made it very clear they opposed it, and used the video for their song "Boom" (directed by Michael Moore) to draw attention to protests. By the time "B.Y.O.B." was released two years later, it was clear the war would be a drawn-out conflict with no clear victory.
  • The Orwellian video was directed by Jake Nava, whose other work includes Beyoncé's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" and Shakira's "She Wolf." In the video, the band is surrounded by soldiers who wear mind-control helmets flashing words like "obey" and "buy."
  • When the band played this on Saturday Night Live May 7, 2005, they brought their own F-bombs, which NBC muted (it was Saturday Night Almost Live - they used a five-second delay). At one point, however, they took a close-up of guitarist Daron Malakian, who yelled, "F--K Yeah!" This made it on the air and created a stir. The band performed "Aerials" later in the show without incident, but were never welcomed back.
  • Vartan Malakian, father of guitarist Daron Malakian, designed the artwork for the album. >>
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    Tom - Trowbridge, England
  • This won a Grammy in the Best Hard Rock category. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France

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  • In My Underwear from Sonoran DesertStumbled on this song on a fluke. Super fun to listen to/watch video.
  • Jack Johnson from HicksvilleDid I Just See Milla Jovovich At The 0:58 Mark Of The Music Video For This Song & Then Again At The 2:08 Mark Of The Music Video For This Song?
  • Uk from UkSome t#t on here commented that there were WMD in iraq.. He mentioned vets lungs filling up with sh#t etc and severe medical probs ,.. No WMD muppet ... however the yanks n our lot fired uranium tipped shells ... duh .. thats where the vets picked up the probs muppet
  • Bradley from Virginia UsaThis is my favorite song from System of A Down
  • Just ExistingSomeone in one of these comments was saying that they had been in war and still took up for G.W Bush saying that people are stupid and playing into propaganda of cartoon characters about him being stupid or some shallow s--t like that but SIR NO SORRY BUT It's because he is the spawn of Satan or damn near it. He himself arranged 9/11 for a fear factor to put america in fear of terrorists and convince us to support the war he caused because another country had something he wanted (oil) n he owns the biggest oil companies in the world I believe but no clinton,bush,obama, bill gates etc theirs ALOT of them and if u do your research they all have connections that go back generations they have been exposed recently of being involved in child trafficking and adrenochrome harvesting and lots of seriously dark twisted evil s--t. Nothing you see on TV is real foe facts u have to research. Only thing u get from tv is brain washed and completely lied to. Trump is the first president so far that has been trying to bring this to the surface and let people know. Look at all the violence and murder with the blm movement its chaos and evil and their murdering innocent children and even killing their own race and its funded by the clinton's,biden etc.
    Just a small part of the democrats plot agienst trump and republicans that have exposed their corruption and drug,sex,money,war, connections to other countrys drug cartel that was actually counted as income on their records trump exposed them and ita not on tv but its all over the internet and all the "actual true news" casters are talking about it. alex jones,gram handcock, elon musk seriously now that they've been Exposed for it their trying to make pedophilia a disorder and make a law agienst charging them with felony for it saying that isn't the pedophiles fault and they shouldn't be punished. N these people actually have people so brainwashed that they fall for s--t like that, like all the blk and white people that are in the blm movement it has absolutely nothing to do with race at all they are murdering and burning down shops and businesses of black people n murdering black kids but for some reason no one can see it's just evil taken over and doing as they please with no consequences for it. It's now become racist if a black person gets arrested for any of the arson, looting, violence, murder, attacking officers, anything they do agienst people or officers is justified somehow and someone merely defending themselves or homes agienst rioters are racist and their trying to pass new laws in support of such violence. Y cant people see through this s--t dems are evil and have a evil agenda and have went to this since trump took office they been trying to do anything they can to get office back but u can bet the apocalypse will follow behind them . their trying to make america coin and moneyless anr everyone have a chip, bill gates is starting that obe with his 'servalenced society plan" which will start with the covid 19 vaccine that hes saying he wants to be digitally scannable for entry to public places ifk its all f--ked just look it up for urself
  • Wendy from Mesa, AzI totally agree with Jim, Townsville, Australia
  • Rob from Anderson, InAS for Jim, Townsville, Australia, lmao, smoke some more pal..........First off, get over the whole war/oil BS, it's liberal rhetoric at best and sorry to tell you but WMD's were indeed in Iraq, just come to the US and visit some of the local VA facilities and tell the vets getting their lungs pumped every 4 months from fluids caused by exposure from biological weapons that there were none.......... Gotta love the left, always first to sond off like they know everything yet they only repeat what some uneducated idiot on CNN/MSNBC or some liberl professor tells them, not what people who have actually been there and faught in the crap know like myself. We here in the states sat at our TV's for almost 3 weeks watching the media play videos of TNTK trucks going from Iraq from Syria. TNTK is a term for trucks that are equipted to transport chemical and biological weapons FIY. Second, we invaded Iraq after Saddam violated several UN resolutions for the unteenthed time. Not only did he get told he was going to get the full invasion if he thumbed his nose at UN inspecors and those from the DEO but he had 7 warnings, not the 3 agreed between the UN, USA and EU that ended up being the straw that broke Saddams back. Lets not forget the Genocide this nutsace was involved in along with human rights violations that was also part of the deal of invasion. Did you know he oldest son was a professional in the field of rape? Yip, sure was, that was this kids job, to rape anyone who stood or was thought to have stood, said/ dissagreed with Saddam. IF you thought you were going to turn your head and not watch your wife and children get raped by this guy, they simply cut your eyelids off and made you watch. Didn't matter if you were 2yo or 99yo male/female. Liberals forget that when Mariens, Soldiers, Sailors etc..... are over there in combat, we get to see and hear the "factual" reasons why we are fighting this war, not opinions which the rest of America gets fed from people like Kieth Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. When you start quoting that garbage, you have no idea how idiotic and ignorant you sound. Did oil have anything to do with the war? I wouldn't say it was not part of the reason we participated in DS but sure the heck was not the reason for the invasion of Iraq under G.W. Bush. I can always count on anit US and left wingers to quote this kind of garbage though, and even with hard facts, if it goes against left wing propoghanda then no amount of facts can change a mind.

    BYOB has so much truth behind "some" of the points. Yes, many times people will start a company and offer something to the military to get rich quick on. Yes polititions tell their friends from this or that company to put in bids to get contracts for $$$ and get kickbacks from it. Poor people do indeed get sent to war more than wealthy people who somehow think their lives are more important thatn the next but dont go around thinking that everyone who is in a position of power or happens to have $$$ does not have a son/daughter or a family member fighting in these wars. I know for a fact that several congress members have sons and daughters fighting. The amount of people who unified after 9/11 being rich and poor who did it to stand for what America once stood for is fact. Looking to other countries like the ones these guys are from, yes, thats the case. Look at Russia? Who fights the wars for them? Almost every country has some guilt on that one. Do wars make things better? I guess we could argue that one all day but I'll tell you what, this jihad has no favor or face. It does not discriminate just because your a bleeding heart liberal and you think these guys just need a hug and that by allowing the teaching of their culture in school that this will somehow make them think your awesome and maybe they should have a posterboard with your face on the "do not murder" board.......... well, anyhow, ignorance is just that. Great song, good reasons to sing about what they are and one heck of a way to get peoples attention at the genocide/murder that happens every day.
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlThis song is crazy! I like playing it on Guitar Hero. xD
  • Jim from Townsville, AustraliaAnyone who thinks this song is about anything but Iraq are nuts. It's so obvious in the lyrics.
    The line "Victorious, victorieas, kneel. For brand new spankin deals" is about the U.S. government trying to persuade people to join the army through propaganda. "you will be victorious" and "brand new spanking deals" is the deals they offer soldiers, such as paying for education. This is reinforced by "everybody's going to the party have a real good time. Dancing in the desert soaking up the sunshine" Which once again is propaganda. The war in Iraq (the desert) is a big party! everyone come and have a good time! B.Y.O.B. probably doesn't stand for "bring your own bombs", but related to the party theme. B.Y.O.B. is the catch. "There is an awesome party in Iraq! come to the party. But once you're there we won't support you". Then there is the obvious stuff like "why do we always send the poor?" which is just saying that the politicians are happy to start wars, as long as it isn't them dying for the country. It's like the old saying "war is old men talking and young men dying". The "hypnotic computers" are soldiers. Programmed to fight. "breaking into Fort KNox" is just a reference to the massive cost of the war.

    "dripped in oil crying freedom" is a reference to the oil, which WAS the main reason for invading iraq. There are plenty of countries with dictators in them, much of them far worse than Husein. Egypt is a good example. America was allied with Egypt for a long time, right up until the public knew what was going on there. Iraq had oil. The U.S. feul gusslers needed fuel. They try to invade with the excuse of 'weapons of mass destruction', but Iraq had none. So they just focussed on Hussein. The whole 9/11 Bin Laden thing is full of holes too. But even then, is it really legit to invade a country because one group from the country was aggressive? "and we don't live in a fascist nation?"

  • Subexpression from Cedar Rapids, IaThis song is certainly about anti-war sentiments with regard to deposing Saddam Hussein and remaining in Iraq for years.
    It's also about allegations that America's involvement is primarily about obtaining oil.
    The lyrics also lay out accusations that soldiers are "sent" as though they are drafted, when they are actually well-paid and volunteer for service.
    "Barbarisms by Barbara" is accusing Barbara Bush of being a thug of sorts, probably because it's easy to accuse figureheads without any real context or concrete evidence. Holding up a strawman, ridiculing it, and proceeding to bludgeon it is very simple since it can't defend itself. Beware of those who cleverly replace real people with cartoonish effigies. I've heard many say, "I hate Barbara Bush" and I ask, "Why?", and they have no answer. They believe the cartoon propaganda. Pictures of G.W.Bush compared to a chimpanzee, etc. Even pictures of Obama ridiculed with cartoon slander...in any case, it taints our perspective without any real facts.
    "Victorious victories kneel for brand new spanking deals" is about those who sell out, kneeling in a shameful posture, trading their dignity for gain ($$$).
    "Kneeling roses disappearing into Moses' dry mouth" appears to be a reference to Israel's thirst, perhaps thirst for war. And the kneeling roses appear to be those in the second verse, the sellouts...being consumed by Israel. This may be accusing the US involvement in Israeli affairs, but I'm not sure.
    "Breaking in to Fort Knox" is probably referring to the exorbitant spending to fund the Iraqi war...and seen as theft of our economic stability...since Fort Knox is America's largest repository of gold and other precious metals--originally the very foundation of our currency. It's an accusation against our leaders for theft from the American people to finance a war that we will inevitably pay for.
    "Handed to obsoletion", even though obsoletion isn't in the dictionary, it probably is referring to G.W.Bush being discredited, and still he continues to lie to the public.
    "Lies from the tablecloth" is a peculiar phrase. It could mean the US Government is obeying instructions from the Saudi Arabians for oil deals...the traditional Arab headdress, the Keffiyeh, looks a lot like a tablecloth from a cheap diner.
    The B.Y.O.B. video depicts marching robot drones with video screen goggles displaying words...and apparently programmed to obey without thinking.
    It assumes anyone who supports our troops is a mindless automaton programmed to go on partying without thinking, business as usual, live it up, party down and down think about what's happening in the world...obey your hypnotic TV!
    MY OPINION: Though SOAD seem to be sincere and hate war like any reasonable human being, they're misled to believe liberal nonsense.
    I do believe world media is a circus...both liberal & conservative alike. Regardless of which side of the fence (or wing) you ascribe to, you're being led by the nose.
    Half-truths are as untrue as outright lies. B.Y.O.B. is a great song, but the lyrical content is laughable and patently untrue.
    I can still like the song and relegate it to "something someone out there believes".
    Yes, some people believe the lunar landing is a hoax. But if there was a "Lunar Landing Hoax" song, and it had cool music, I'd still like it :)
  • Jason from Bridgetown, BarbadosOn a less serious note(perhaps more artistic one?)...

    I think the phrase 'dancing in the desert' actually paints a fairly decent imagery of war; the bustle and such as people move about trying to live, trying to kill. Like a waltz... a bloody, bullet and explosion filled waltz.

    Similarly, I find the line dripped in oil also to be interesting. Imagery brining to mind to older wars in which both sides would be dripped in blood, due to the whole war is messy though now it's more mechanical, so to speak. Just a few levers and buttons to take a few dozen lives.
    (Not the intended imagery but interesting none the less, no?)

    Oh and:
    'I get to a point the whole' = 'I get the whole'
    Point being:
    My apologies, if points of my posts don't make sense like that, Im tired, so I jumble up my words -.-...
  • Jason from Bridgetown, BarbadosAs others have said, this song refers to war and BYOB being a clever play of words between 'booze' and 'bombs'.

    However, the war it refers to is 'Operation Iraqi Freedom', which was fought under the pretense of removing a dictator, freeing the people, disarming weapons of mass destruction, etc. The Iraqi occupation is said to be done for the sake of oil and money thus 'dripped in oil crying "FREEDOM!"'. While the president, a Texan oil man in times when oil prices are high, says the US is liberating a country coincidently high in oil supply, feeding the populace 'lies from the table cloth' so to speak.
    (Note: ^Meaning of the song)

    It has nothing to do with Muslims and the like, imo. It also has nothing to do with Israel, especially in regards to 9/11, seriously, people believe that rot? That's akin to blaming Jews for the black plague or saying moon landing was faked. Good grief...

    Whilst this has also been said, I'm going to repeat because it just bugs me:
    SOAD (to the best of my knowledge) isn't religious and is band composed of Armenians, from a country which has just among THE longest Christian histories ever. Yes, the country is in/near the middle east region but, good grief, don't just assume all the countries are the same. SOAD just tends to be anti-war in general, which is rather refreshing stance if you ask me...

    As for my opinion on war...
    War pretty much sucks, sometimes it's necessary (such as when other people start, you know, killing you...) a lot of times not. When people join the army, I can perhaps understand doing it to protect your country, your love ones and the like. When it comes to the Iraqi war, I get to a point the whole wanting to get rid of Saddam, a kind of unbalanced dictator which some saw as a threat to the US and in general he seemed kind of a horrible fellow. It took a while, about a month...but wait, weren't US troops there a few years? At first that war would make sense but in time, it just seemed more and more...intrusive? and strange to the troops fighting it.
    This song was put out a little over 2 yrs after Saddam was caught and the like, so makes sense.

    But Ive little opinion of that war, being under voting age and doing other things at time in another country...meh...
    My wordy 2¢ cents...
  • Mike from Riverbank, CaB.Y.O.B. stands for "Bring Your Own Bombs" As the United States has been an ally of the State of Israel since its creation in 1948, we have provided them with military equipment and financial support, sending billions in U.S. taxpayer money to them each year. "You depend on our protection, yet you feed us lies from the tablecloth" would be the U.S. government speaking to the Israeli government, because as it will soon be known to all the world, it was Israel who attacked America on 9/11. Our ally attacked us in order to drag us into their planned "War on Terror against their Muslim neighbors. Seek out the writings of Christopher Bollyn. His work entitled "Solving 9/11 - The Deception that Changed the World" will reveal to you 20 years of planning by Israeli intelligence for the crime that occurred on 9/11. The document is 265 pages packed with evidence naming those who are responsible for 9/11 and his evidence is documented fact which cannot be denied. "Dancing in the Desert, blowing up the Sunshine (Muslim)" for a crime which they had nothing to do with. These are the "lies from the tablecloth".
  • Snow from ..., NyWhen I first heard this song I was still into pop and stuff, and my brother liked this kind of thing. I pretended to hate it but even then I kind of liked it and now that I'm into this kind of music I love it. To mean it sounded like a drunk guy ranting... In a good way.
  • Light from Sanford, Falkland IslandsByob: Means Be Your Own Bitch, to say f--k the government and not listen to the, do as you please.
  • Chris from Philadelphia, PaAnd if Bush didn't go to war I can't imagine what all you hyprocrites would be saying.
  • Yoshima from North Platte, Nethis is completely true along with every other song they wrote presidents need to fight war 1 life lost is better then hudreds of thousands
  • Ryan from Anahola, HiThis song is in Guitar Hero: World Tour, where it is the hardest song on all instruments. The word, "f--k" was blanked out 5 times.
  • Lisa from Omagh, United Kingdomwell, this song is obviously about war and how its futile and powered by greed. because the song is called BYOB anyone at first glance would assume it stood for bring your own beer/booze but i think that this is part of the wit of this song; because he uses 'party' to describe the war the title ties in with this and also suggest a kind of naivety as in indicating that war is a game or some sort of sport. the poet jesse Pope wrote about war as being a game, she was a jingoist and never really understood what people went through. the tablecloth, i don't know, but it sort of suggests something religious; after all, the lyrics say 'marching forward hypocritic and hypnotic computers'
  • Mista from New York City, NyI am always amazed at how anybody defends the decision of leaders to go to war under the pretense that soldiers volunteer knowing full well, the injustice lies not in who gets sent to war, but the justification for going to war. I could want to defend my country all I want, but would I want to do it for the wrong reasons? Would I want to fight a war without knowing the exact premise for it or am I supposed to be an automaton that accepts the "you're in the army now" line and go where they send me without question? Otherwise, typically sick arrangement by SOAD.
  • Ben from Brisbane, AustraliaI'm am very sad bcoz these politians are fighting in a war for nothig but there own personal gains (oil in Iraq) when pres bush is spending sh*t loads of money on weapons when there are starving children around the world that need help but instead they are killing innocent ppl for no reason but pride!
    Anways SOAD Rocks!!! (I am a Australian not American or Arabic but I look at this world the same as SOAD see it)
  • Kathryn from Montoursville, PaThe phrase "Why do they always send the poor?" refers to the fact that most of the men and woman who serve in the US military are those who have no other options for success.
  • Jaques from Phili, Pau guys who think our leaders should be the ones involved are totally right, combat used to have respect and honor, back when you saw truly great leasders like Alexander or Fredrick the great. now everything's about money and everyone is bought and paid for. take a look at history and notice that the more money becomes more important than moral concepts increasingly often you'll see the sudden rise of reasons for leaders not to go into battle (interesting how that happens eh?)
  • Joe from El Paso, Txhello ppls, now, yes, this song is about the war and the army and what-not, and most people think that b.y.o.b. stands for bring ur own beer as it is usually used. in this case its bring your own . the corus, the part of the song that ppl know most, "Everybody's going to the party have a real good time. Dancing in the desert blowing up the sunshine". let me repeat that: BLOWING UP the sunshine!!! and in the music vid for byob, there are ppl @ a party dancing and having a good time. then a guy starts yelling, signilfying to activate the and suicidally blow the plc up. and those dudes with the masks that say "god" and "buy" march as if they are military soldiers. now, put the peaces togetr, MArching soldiers, blowing up, , . thank you very much.
  • Dale from New Orleans, LaLOL! Vanessa, completely pwned by everyone on here. I laughed at Vanessa's comment, then proceeded to piss myself as I read other people's replies. Perhaps you need a few years if you want to play ball with the big kids.
  • Carrie from Shavo\'s House :d, ArmeniaHey Vannessa, I'm 13 and I know you have your info wrong. There is no draft anymore.
  • Tyler from Leoma, TnActually, I see this song more as questioning the methods of getting people to join the Army.
    "Everybody's going to the party, have a real good time." Because these ads and commercials for the Army are always saying, "Come join us, it's so much fun, and you'll be a better person for it!"
    But even if that's not the 'official' view (which I don't think there is one, for certain reasons), then they could just mean, why do we have to fight? It's not our war, we have no business over there! So what if they're having problems? No one helps us when WE have problems!
    I'm not saying that Obama should go and shoot people in Iraq, but why get involved if it doesn't concern us?
  • Dallas from San Antonio, Txwell mallory...i wuld luv to see our leader n war...maybe then it will stop
  • Justing from Orlando , FlThe point is that the high-up leaders can start a war, but they send people to fight for them even though they have no reason to fight for them.
  • Cody from Charleston, ScThis is a very bothersome lyric, "they always send the poor". First of all, the US doesn't "send" anyone, but people volunteer. and it isn't just the poor, either.
  • Mallory from Vineland, NjAre some of you stupid!? Why would we make our president fight the war? He is the lead in command...you never send your leader into battle. Bush didnt force his people to go and fight this war. They volunteered. My husband was a marine that had pride in his country and died fighting in this war. And we are not poor by a long shot...This country has always taken care of us. Our soldiers dont join the military because they are poor! They join to fight for this country. I have NEVER heard a soldier say they joined the military for the money. Instead of b**tching and complaining about our president and the war why dont some of you try supporting the people that lay their lives down for you? Whether you support the war or not you should always support your troops.
  • Hunter from South West, MiHere is the breakdown for the chorus
    where the F*%* are you=where are leaders who sent us to this war?
  • Robyn from Tacoma, Wai'm actually doing a research project for Poletics and Music and what i'm trying to figure out is if SOADs lyrics have any true hidden messages, like things most people don't know about the government. you guys are helping me out alot so if you have anything else please don't hesitate to bring it up.
  • Anonymousfor the people that say why is the president not fighting our wars,how dumb can you be?he is our president,they dont fight wars they lead them.and the ones saying that the rich dont go to fight is b.s. do you think that anyone that went to the iraq war went forcefully?no they did not! they volunteared or was apart of the united states military.we are proud to fight and we will not put up with the islamic terrorism against our country.we have a right to combat this threat and all whom support it.what was the muslims trying to do to us when they attacked on 911?should the U.S. sit still and let these zealots continue to terrorise us. or should we take action on a country that openly supports them.obviously we will do what is supposed to be done. everyone can call it what they will but we are not wrong for deafending ourselves
  • Sarah from Hell, WiVanessa, the draft was discontinued in 1973. You don't "no" more than anyone.
  • Vanessa from Fontana, CaAre you people freaking kidding meeh.
    This is a good song and the United States
    military don't pay their soldiers good money.
    And yes they do send the poor, have you ever
    heard of being drafted into the army. It's not
    a choice you have and if you run, you go to jail.
    Shhheesh people i'm 14 and no more than you
  • Root from Boston, MaUmm... actually Tom, if you don't like this formerly great nation, you are bound by citizenship to elect people who will change it and to speak passionately about ideas that will change it. If you don't like people expressing well thought fact- based opinion. Then YOU SHOULD LEAVE. Here's an idea, put Bush and Cheney on trial for war crimes. Put warmongers out of business. Pass a law making it illegal for the uneducated and under-informed to have opinions.
    BTW this is and always will be System's best song. (In my arrogant opinion)
  • Homer from Springfield, KyGood song writting ,bad song structure
    Overall GOOD song
  • David from Miami, FlIf this song is garbage. More of the lines apply to Bin Laden than they do to Bush.

    "Lies from the tablecloth"? Gee, that one's tough to figure out after watching a Bin Laden video.

    "Everybody is going to the part" aka party in the desert, dancing, blowing up the sunshine. Sounds pretty Muslim Arab extermist fundamentalist to me. Especially when you consider that not too many Americans are going to run off to the desert to party as opposed to jihadists chasing after that promise of 72 virgins. Suckers....

    "Why do they always send the poor?" Surely can't be talking about American troops here. Even a moron can google "military pay" and find out our troops are paid well.

    That being said, people of the SOAD persuation fit into verse 2 of "Fortunate Son" nicely.
  • Matt from Boston, MaThere is a good chance it stands for "Bringing You Over Bush" I don't know but it makes sense.
  • Tom from Charleston, ScWell said Matthew from WI.
    I mean if you don't like our American government then you are free to leave this great nation at any time.
  • Matthew from Marshfield , WiOK, what the hell people, you know who I'm talking about!! Like has been said before we have a volunteer military. no one is being forced to fight the war. They do it because it's what they signed up to do. "the poor" do make up more of the military that the rich but the rich have their fair share of the military population. Not everyone enlists, I think some of you forget this. Officers are voluteers but they aren't hurting fiscally. And let's not for get "why don't presidents fight the war?". Come on!!! what the hell kind of half assed governement is going to send their number one into battle? that's not how wars work! The ones who have to make the huge, hard decisions are never sent into combat. They won't even let the president take a leak withouth the SS cheking the urnial for snipers. Also, in response to someones comment (I can't find it right now)our brave men and women aren't over there fighting for our president. They are fighting for us, our country, and our ability to be free as well as the people of Iraq. We as a country should do everything we can to remove dictators from power and establish democratic governments. someone called it "shoving our conformity in everyone's faces". Communisim and dictatorships are a detriment to not only the people who live under their rule but the entire free world. I Served in the military and I would have gladly gone over there to ensure democracy and freedom, WMDs or not. Sadam was a problem and he is no more. Iraq needs help to get back on their feet and the surrounding areas are full of Terrorists and their supporters. I don't know about you but this cancerous plight need to be wiped off the earth (terrorists that is) and I know a lot of our brave men and women over there right now who feel the same way. and they know that we're winning this war and that, that victory is absolutely necessary.
  • Reilly from Arlington, TxI'm so glad this song made it on guitar hero!!!i also like sugar by SOAD
  • Rene from Grasse, FranceThis is very simple. This song is about how angry an Islamic band is now that radical Islam has been exposed for what it is and is being defeated. Nuf said.
  • Douten from Albany, GaBYOB stands for bring your own bombs
    i tlked 2 serj he said "this song is about george bush and his bombing in iraq" he also said "George Bush is killing children in iraq this needs to stop."
  • Alana from Columbus, Msthey always send the poor first because they are the ones who just so happen to join. and while talking to a recruiter, they sugar coat it...a way to lure you in. the rich won't join, the rich, who make up most of the republicans sure don't have a problem sending them though. and i agree with geoff, its gotta be about the oil. bush is a crooked individual, and cheney gets rich off of the clean up crew
  • Pvt Don Denton from Raleigh, NcAm i the only one knows that the lead singer is arabic
  • Gabriel from Laval, QcB.Y.O.B
    Stands for "Build Your Own Bones"
    A radical way to insurge army soldiers dicipline
    Learn to be hard and straight
    Be courageous

    Especialy if these soliders are kids or poors.
  • Gage from Rome, Gai think soad is the best band and b.y.o.b is about war and b.y.o.b stands for
    booze is another word for beer it could also mean bring your own bag because at some parties people can't sell beer so its telling you to bring your own brown paper bag to put the beer in.

    i hope this helps you understand this song.
  • Esq08 from Istanbul, TurkeyI think soad is genius. cos in one song they make message about everything. you can believe its about love, war, drugs,(so-called) genocide etc. anything would make sense.
  • Inzain from Moultrie, Gai love this song cause i can listen to it while playin halo witout bein destracted.
  • Fdfads from Allen, Txactually SOAD most War Generals end up becoming president so technically they did fight the wars....
  • Airk from Skagway, AkIf You don't already know (which I'm sure most of you do.) when you are elected president, that also means that you the Commander-in-Cheif. In other words you are almost like the general that commands all generals, and wouldn't it be logical for these "Mega-Generals" to fight for their country and I'm almost positive that's what SOAD was trying to express.
  • Ben from Gosford, AustraliaUhhh, the poor CHOOSE to go to war. They enlist in the defense forces, they are prepared to be called up to duty if need be. This isn't conscription, you know. I like SOAD, I don't agree with their political viewpoints but at least they don't a) Just attack the government and let the chardonnay socialists run around free like alot of other bands and b) They haven't just jumped on the "We hate Bush! Aerica is evil!" bandwagon to be trendy like alot of other sellouts (Ahem PINK?) They've always been political. Still, you can bet the liberals jump around to this song with their hippie friends and then go "It was all about the oiiiiiilll! For the Jeeeeeews!" "Down with corporate America!" "Yeah!" "I'm starving, let's go to McDonald's." "Yeah!"
  • Ben from London, UtThe song - BYOB, was created to protest the war in Iraq and how they just (Without Hesitation) sent their troops in to kill the Iraqis. This is where "Why Don't Presidents Fight The War" comes from. Blowing up the sunshine is fixiated on the bombs that were dropped in Iraq as well (4 in total).
  • Chris from Laval, CanadaI think it's a rare song that brilliantly shoots out honest, direct political statements by being packaged in a mainstream, crowd-pleasing kind of sound to maximize the amount of listeners to the message. The artists who made this song understand the vehicles of expression. It's totally awesome.
  • Cole from That One Place, WiAlright, I want to say a few things:
    A) Stop insulting people because they don't have the same opinions. Maybe they ARE wrong, but why be a loser about it?
    B) Er.... Jacob, you seemed to think that SOAD are conservatives who hate the Middle-eastern people for being suicidals. THEY ARE MIDDLE-EASTERN, and are one of the most anti-war bands ever.

    Anyway, the song is about, in my opinion, a couple subjects: the main of which being American Society. The verses are mainly about how society is shoving it's conformity down everyone's throats. This meaning is SO MUCH clearer is you watch teh music videos, which also shows that it is mainly TV doing this. But, the whole "why...do... they always send the poor? Why don't presidents fight in the war?" is very obvious, and when coupled with the "feeding lies from the tablecloth" shows that this whole conformity is teaching us to go to war for the presidents who so selfishly force us to. This song is very anti-war.
  • Thomas from Toronto, CanadaYou must be an idiot Jacob."you depend on our protection, yet you feed us lies from the table cloth" means that the government depends on our protection but they send us over there through lies about supposed " weapons of mass destruction" which were never found( and were never there in the first place) "why do they always send the poor" means why don't the government officials who are "gung-ho" to get on with this war go fight it instead of recruiting poor lower class people who have no other choice over there to fight for them.
  • Jacob from Somewhere, United StatesWasn't this song also support our troops in Iraq? It seems like that it is with the part "You depend on our protection, yet you feed us lies from the table cloth". I think that part is suppose to be that the Iraqi and Afghanistan government isn't doing anything, but giving us lies to think they are doing anything. "Why do they always send the poor?!" I think that part is suppose to be the terrorists sending children and woman with bombs on their back and/or guns to carry (our military have to shoot at them when they shoot because they are considered our enemy) then there are hippies and civilians saying that the military are baby killers, WHICH ISN'T TRUE!!! I think I said enough.
  • Mike from Vancouver, Wai really hate it when you talk about SOAD and people only think about this song. its been over played on the radio. dont get me wrong it is a good song but real fans listen to more than just the new stuff on the radio.
  • Thomas from Rocherster, NyThis song (IMO) is like a mainstream version of war pigs by black sabbath. love it!
  • Jake from Albuquerque, Nmactually BYOB means bob you obiese bitch *sarcastically*
    who cares what it stands for its a great song
  • Thulitha from Colombo, OtherLooks like some "patriots" feel pissed off about the song. This means the song is successful on conveying the message
  • Jena from Bonner Springs, KsHEAR HEAR Geoff from Norman, OK!!!! I am so encouraged to hear someone else who truly understands what is going on with this mess (namely, the U.S. getting involved in bombing the WRONG country!!). All well-said and very TRUE!!

    PS, My hat is off to you Geoff for having served our country.
  • Carlospassage from Cali-colombia, South AmericaEl negocio de la guerra nunca fue tan sucio y astutamente denigrado como ahora!
  • Mike R from Methuen, Mayou kinda got it right in this song BYOB actually means Bring your own bongs
  • Scott from New York, Nypersonally the lines that made me see the meaning in this song were
    "why don't presidents fight the wars?
    why do they always send the poor"
    this is not only true for bushes war in iraq but for all wars. People high on the social class structure never go in and actually fight, they leave the fighting and the dying to the lower class
  • Cody from Hagerstown, MdI love this song i start up this song then start up counter strike source and im set best song ever.
  • Alexis from Virginia Beach, VaThis has so much meaning to it. It can be taken however one wishes. I myself am against this war and the whole way Bush and congress are handleing things. I think we're being lied to by them and I think if Bush wants so many damned people over in Iraq he should take his own butt over there. I believe he "feeds us lies from the table cloth". I aslo think SOAD sarcastically mocks the war "everybody's going to the party have a real good time" which can also lead to a double meaning in the title. The standard "Bring Your Own Beer" or the new "Bring Your Own Bombs".
  • Will from Sacto, CaThis song can stand for whatever you want. I heard Daron on an interview on the radio. He was asked what BYOB meant and he said it stands for whatever you want it to. He also said that it is meant to be Bring your own Bombs. IT was a good interview. This is a great song. Nice Guitar and lyrics. Just an all around fun song. Great Job System!
  • Kayley from LondonThis is the easiest SOAD song to understand. I won a bet because of this song. My ten year old brother bet me a bar of chocolate it wasn't about war, thanks to my cleverness (sort of)and this website, I proved him wrong!
  • Jake from Naperville, IlI think it's a shame that this is system's most popular song on this album. I think that old system was great but having them experiment is what made them absolutly fantastic.
  • Ryan from Costa Mesa, CaI think we should just give up in general on finding out what BYOB stands for. Bring Your Own Bombs, Bring Your Own Blood, Be You Or Beware, Bring Your Own Bottle. Let's just give up on guessing the title cause we aren't going to get a straight answer.
  • Cody from Madisonville, KyActually BYOB stands for Bleed Your Own Blood.
  • Mcgehee from Louisville, KyThey complain about government, and war and all this stuff, yet, i dont see them fighting the war.
  • Blake from Hamilton, Oh"Bring Your Own Bombs Bush." That's all I got to say about this awesome song. This was actually the very fist SOAD song I ever heard. It's one of my favorites.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandAnd whoever says "LOLLLZ THIS IS THE BEST BAND EVA" go out and listen to more music no matter who you're going on about, listen to more music - It's all opinion and end of the day there may or may not be better bands out there
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandYou want an anti-war song? Listen to War Pigs by the mighty Black Sabbath
  • Cheri from Redding, Caokay, okay. this particular song brings up more comments and controversy then i think nearly every other song they have come out with. obviously this song is about the war. who could dispute that? however, this song is not only about this war. but also about nearly every american war. "why do they always send the poor?" refers to other times people have been drafted. and really lets think about it James from Omaha, NE. if the draft was reinstated do you think that Bill Gates or even any of the famous super stars out there like Orlando Bloom or JayZ would be sent to war? ha! that would be the day. in any case. lies from the table cloth. i believe it to be a metaphor of when the leaders get together at thier meetings and discuss exactly what lies they will tell the public. those huge tables and their fancy table cloths. **takes a deep breath** there is so much more that i could comment on. my last word is this. what a F---ing awesome song!
  • Mike from Petersham, MaThis song is awesome!!
  • Brad from Magalia, CaI think(and god knows im right...) the term "why dont presidents fight the war?" comes from the book "All quiet on the Western Front" when the main characters are discussing ways to end the war quickly. One of them comes up with " War should be fought by the leaders. They should get into a boxing ring and duke it out." Or something to that effect.
  • Brandon from Peoria, IlI can answer the question posed at the end of that song:"Why do we always send the poor?"

    Here in this country we have a VOLUNTEER ARMY. Who volunteers for the army? Do rich people that have gravy jobs and money flowing from every orifice? NO!!! (I'm going to generalize here for the sake of argument) Poor people and uneducated people make up the majority of our modern field army (I'm sure there are some patriotic rich folk that enlist and I commend them). Many civillians see the armed forces as a last ditch escape from your crappy live and try to get a jump start into a new, better life with a fresh start...a tabula rasa...a blank slate. This song is just another example of musicians (like Toby Keith) making a profit from the bloodshed and devistation occuring overseas. It sickens me. This song blows hard...
    ~Respectfully Submitted
  • Addam from Norwich, CtI thought that I should tell John from Indianapolis(two comments down) that his lyrics are horribly off, and that you kind of twisted the song because of it. The lyrics on this site are correct however.
  • John from Indianapolis, Inok i would like to take this time to break it on down for ya.
    this is my take on the lyrics and what they mean.
    *repeating parts taken out for space*

    My God is of Bible blood with pointed ears
    -=geroge bush is often portayed as having pointed ears in political cartoons and has made it known he is a christian (perhaps mocking people who strongly favour the pres)=-

    Victorious, victorious steel
    Can you stand and kneel?
    -=vicorious steel here portays faith in the government army steel refering to somthing man made---can you stnad and kneel refering to an impossible decision of serving 2 masters money and morals(i draw connections to iraq)

    Marching forward hypocritic
    And hypnotic computers
    You depend on our protection
    Yet you feed us lies from the tablecloth
    -=refering to the way soldiers march in and show no emotion the hypocritic in there refers to the way the military has the right to kill people becasue they killed people--- the us would collapse wothout our troops and still the governments secrecy has as much a hand on them as us and they are at a higher level=-

    Everybody is going to the party
    -=frefers to the "to osama with love" writen on some bombs to make it sound like a gifts and where there are gifts there are usually parties=-

    Have a real good time
    Dancing in the desert
    Blowing up the sunshine
    -=dancing-another word for fighting; desert-95% of iraq; blowing up the sunshine- addam portayed himself ans the sun in one of his "campaigns" influencing the idea iraq needed him=-

    Kneeling roses
    Disappearing into Moses' dry mouth
    Breaking into Fort Knox
    Stealing our intentions
    -=moses' dry mouth- egypt is dry and moses' of the bible was born there; egypt was also out #1 choice of a retreat spot in desert storm and the current war=-

    Every city, gripped in oil
    Crying freedom!
    Handed to obsoletion
    Still you feed us lies from the tablecloth
    -=emphasising the view that were only in iraq for the oil and lies from the table cloth insinuate the government is lying to us about their motives=-

    Blast off, it's party time
    And we all live in a fascist nation
    Blast off, it's party time
    And where the **** are you?
    Why don't presidents fight the war?
    Why do they always send the poor?
    -=this part is just the wrap uo IMO asking why the people at the bottom of the food chain work for the people at the top and asks why it is that way=-
  • Nicole from Johnson City, TnWhy do they send the poor?--Why don't the presidents fight the war?
  • Jacob from Dandridge, Tnyes maureen irish people do like SOAD I'M IRISH
  • Bob from Gilbert, AzMan these guys are totally the best no one is better than them!
  • Kevin from Baltimore, Mdim not quite sure if anyone has said this yet, but im pretty sure the words "moses' dry mouth" refers to the place where he was exiiled, which happens to be the Iraq, middle east area. The kneeling roses refer to the meaningless soldiers that are disappearing into iraq. and the " dancing in the desert.." part is propaganda covering up the real reason for the war, which is oil. i dont seem to hear "brand new spankin deals" i hear "can you stand and kneel" b/c he does sound like he is asking a question even though the words are hard to make out. this would b referring to the impossible situation we've been pulled into by going to war
  • Joe from Trumbull, CtWhat I found most interesting about this song is how they used tempo and mood to tell the listener what they're talking about. The verses in this song is what they say is really going on in war. It's fast, loud, angry, scary, and disorienting. We then get into the "lies, from, the tablecloth"...and tablecloth is used as a metaphor for a cover-up. The cover-up is what comes next, it is what the army and the government want the people to think war is like, "Everybody's going to the party have a real good time. Dancing in the desert blowing up the sunshine." I really thought this song was well made.
  • Steve from Bowling Green, KyThis is all screwed up. I think this war is fought for the wrong dam reasons, but don't crack on Bush's ass you also have to blame congress too. The video is still going with fredoom of speech, and petion. IFf the media and busch hate itthey better shut up> I might not be Islam, but i can stll like there music.
  • Jacob from Cbd, PaThough SOAD asks "why don't presidents fight the war?" I need to point out that congress had to vote to fund and justify the conflict in Iraq so I propose a new bill.
    All house representatives and senators who vote in favor of any war must actually participate in the conflict or send a child or other loved one. Also the president must fight as well as some of his staff.
    I think this would make governing officials think twice before voting on legislation that uses violence to solve there petty publicity/money problems.
  • Steve from East Brunswick, Nj-Why do they always send the poor?

    They are saying the people who already have it bad as it is are getting it worse.

    -You depend on our protection
    Yet you feed us lies from the tablecloth

    Bush depends on us to fight his war for his needs, and he is lying about the real reasons we are in Iraq, simply for the Oil.

    -Everybody is going to the party
    Have a real good time
    Dancing in the desert
    Blowing up the sunshine

    They are referring to "The Party" to The War.
    Have a real good time is Satire
    Dancing in the desert means fighting in Iraq
  • Collin from Hope, Inthis song is about war and beer. BYOB stands for in the song bring your own bomb
  • Gfx from Johannesburg, South Africain case you havent taken notice the album that this comes from the band makes "attacks" at political figures.If americans dont like it then deal with it most people in the world dont feel very "americanish" at the moment.Which is unfortunate because the americans are good people in general. I do not blame americans for the war on terror or anything its the administration and thats what people tend to forget.This song asks verious questions about the government such as lies being told (eg WMD'S) and how other governments are following this war on terror blindly and using Freedom as an excuse...They also make refrence to the fact that polticians have a problem with each other and not the "ordinary people"
    Well thats my thoughts...
  • Nick from St. Louis, MoAlex and Julius, You took this song way too literally. They aren't saying that they really want Bush to go over to Iraq and be a soldier. They're saying that Bush is only going to war for oil, and he doesn't really care about the mostly lower income people who are dying in the war.
  • Julius Von Brunk from Lancaster, Pa"... but why cant bush go fight is own damn war" - Josh, tx, TX

    Assuming that mess of words can be interpreted as you think George Bush should go personally fight in Iraq, let me give you a lesson about American history; In our nation, politicians are NOT allowed to be in military uniform or on active duty in the service during their tenure. It's to ensure the president can only remain a PRESIDENT, and not a DICTATOR.

    Why do you think Gen. Eisenhower retired from the Army before he ran for president in 1952?

    Why did Gen. U.S. Grant also retire from the Army before he became president?

    Why has every decorated war hero in history been out of uniform upon entering the white house?

    George Bush CANNOT fight in Iraq so long as he's currently the president.

    Here's my advice: Stay in school, and don't take your freedom for granted.
  • Kevin from Independence, Mo"Ignorance is the 1st and best tool for opression."
  • Jacob from Cbd, PaHey Kelly of Miami, heck yeah "Brave New World" rules, and that scene does remind me of the cathedral dance club also. Also the soldier/clone/robot/whatever the hell they are thingys remind me of the thought police in George Orwells "1984". Hey does anyone elso notice the similarity between "BYOB" and Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" Black Sabbath totally had this idea first check it.
    Black Sabbath "War Pigs"
    Politicians hide themselves away
    They only started the war
    Why should they go out to fight
    They leave that all to the poor.
    Compair that to BYOB heck yeah System and Black Sabbath RULE!
  • Alexander from Newburgh, NyThis song is pretty good.SOAD is one of my favorite bands, but I like the older songs like "Sugar" and "Toxicity" better.
  • Kelly from Maimi, FlDoes anyone believe that the video is partially replicated after Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World?" If anyone has read this please let me know. The scene where the band is playing in a club, closely resembles the scene in the book where they turn a church into a club. The back wall of the club in which s.o.a.d. is playing in has stained glass windows..and crosses. Anyone agree?
  • Jessie from Brisbane, Australiathey're expressing the fact of all the people, over in bloody indonesia or wherever the hell they are, having to fight for their lives. i like the bring your own booze line better than bring your own bombs
  • Josh from Ringgold, GaI think they are saying the truth about war the rich never voulenteer but bush makes the poor go and fight there own war and make the poor work more to make a living
  • Josh from Tx, TxMan I think S.O.A.D rocks And they also mean they always send the poor but why cant bush go fight is own damn war
  • Jen from Westville, NjThere basicly comenting on the fact that the rich never volunter, they always have the poor go off and fight and die. Its been happening since the revolutionary war, when the rich were called into war theyed actually put there slaves in there place.
  • Ray from Southold, Nyto the below comment yes it is a "volunteer" army but we now live in a time of "Economic Draft" where the lower class people of our nation (the poor ar refered to in the song) have very litle oppertunity to suceed in our country because they can't afford a higher education or simply don't have the skill or ambition for it so the millitary goes to inner city high schools and malls and such and uses propaganda glorifying (dont mind the spelling its 2 am) life in the military and offers them an oppertunity they otherwise wouldn't have (or so they say) and recruits them. Im not saying everyone in the millitary falls under this category I have 2 friends I grew up with in the military right now and i wouldn't call them poor but a vast majority do and now people can be givin a choice if convicted of a crime they can go to jail or join the service for two and most people comitting crime are not what we call high society and on another note past presidents have been in war (Eisenhower, Kennedy) while Bush was AWOL during Vietnam
  • John from Glasgow, Scotlandalthough i dont like soad, this song is not too bad, i like the main riff, the verse, the fast bits arent done very well. if i want to listen to political music, i will indert a rage against the machine cd into my cd player and listen to a band who actually know what they are talking about and have 10 times more kickass songs
  • Kevin from Independence, Mo"It's a good song...I just wish bands weren't so political today.
    - Matt, Millbrae, CA"
    Matt this song may be political, but please. Name 5 bands of present day aside from green day. That are political.
  • Ronnie from Huddersfield, EnglandLead singer Rudolph is wanted by Interpol
  • Kevin from Independence, MoDoes anyone else think that the lyrics, "kneeling roses disappearing, into Moses' dry mouth," is a refrence to Israel? I think since Moses is the crist of Jewdaism and Israel is considered the holy land. It seems like a major refrence.
  • Chris from Los Angeles, Cai actually think this song is about russia(them being from armenia and all), note the red symbolizime in the beginning, it's talking about how they controlled through propoganda and control, the police with the words and them attacking people, and it is warning that the u.s might become like this if we are not careful and make sure that we don't "become a fascist nation". just my idea, but i think this song can be variably opinionated depending on who is listening to it.
  • Jade from London, EnglandKool song, wicked bass!
  • Hourglass from Davaofrankly this song.....from its structure...and lyrics deplicts how..people are made to believe that the government is correct.....you could sense it...from the slow/agreesive start..to the chorus.."evry...."...coz SOAD would know that common listeners would only be familiar with the chorus..not with the whole packet...
  • Adam from White Plains, NyDoes anyone else notice the lyric "Dancing in the desert blowing up the sunshine"? Could this have some significance? Perhaps it means to reflect an advertisement for the war. I support the view that it could be a song describing the business behind war. I don't know why we're here wondering when we should be asking System of a Down, they know.
  • Evandro from São Paulo, BrazilI don't think that B.Y.O.B is a Stupid song or irracional as some people has said. It just another point of view, somewhat different that some people as used to...

    It's the others part of the history, just that...

  • Greg from Minneapolis, MnAnyone who get pissed off about these guys writing a political song is ignorant. What do you want them to write about flowers and litte puppies? They write about what matters to them. If you don't respect the lyrics you don't respect the song. "Everybody's going to the party" is a metaphor of how the President portrays the war as better than it is and all of our soldiers are going. "Dancing in the desert blowing up the sunshine" is obviously destroying Iraq or Afganistan. "You depend on our protection, yet you feed us lies from the tablecloth" is refering to how the people must sustain and fight for the country but are never given the real facts about what is happening(off the tablecloth like a dog). "Crying freedom, handed into obsoletion" is about the people wanting their freedom but just ending up with their world being completely destroyed. This song is phenominal for the way they express their views. I don't even agree with all what they say but I respect them for saying it.
  • Kevin from Indepence, Mofor all of you that are wondering, yes it is a song about the wars in the middle east. i cannot say for certain if it is about Iraq. But please, before u bad mouth the war. Try being there on the front lines. Then judge it. Everyone is entitled to thier own opinion, but try to be a little more open minded and stick to the da*n point, when writing on these faqs.
  • Michelle from Flint, MiOkay B.Y.O.B Does stand for Bring Your Own Bombs.. Its not a party i kno you guys think it is but thats prolly cuz of "Everybodys goin to the party have a real good time" But (Dancing in the desert blowing up the sunshine) Is referring to the war in Iraq.. When they say "where the f-ck are you their refering to the president..
  • Renae from Mill Grove, PaWhy is everyone suddenly concerned about politics? No one cared before, look at the Backstreet boys.
  • Talal from Kuwait, OtherI think meaning is (be you or beware) from war that inside you? It's more psycho to be someone else when you want to win a war outside.
  • Cory from Cincinnati, OhWhy does everybody talk about the politics of the song? Who f***ing cares if they are liberals, democrats, or whatnot? Isn't it supposed to be about the music? Oh, by the way- it ROCKS!!! :) This is definitely one of my favorite songs ever! The intro by Daron and the bass are awesome! To Elliot from St. Louis- your right Daron plays REALLY fast. I love how they say "Why do they always send the poor" in the beginning. SOAD is by far my favorite band. The video is cool, too. This song has got to be right up there with Chop Suey! and Aerials.
  • Chase from Pasadena, CaGood song; the SNL version is crap to anyone who has seen it. They later redeemed themselves by playing "Aerials."
  • Tayo from Estacada, OrFirst off, I'm seeing a lot of people write that they don't like bands writing political songs. Honestly, why do you people care if a band or singer writes a song that is politically charged? Some of you are acting like bands were never political and it's only happening recently. Anyone remember the civil rights movement? Vietnam? Huh? Even before that musicians wrote political material. Even the bards of the middle ages did. Why? Because music is supposed to have a message, ask questions, make a statement, get you to think, get you to laugh, cry, and/or get angry. Anyways, now that I have that off my chest, I must say that I do love this song and SOAD. They're one of the very few "nu-metal" bands that I can actually stand and not just because they have "political" songs. They actually have talent and are really good live. Plus they're amazing lyricists. I recommend all their albums. Each one has something great to offer to even the snobbiest music lover.
  • Valerie from Chicago, IlAnd to add on to that - BYOB is definetely amazing - their old stuff is better - but i do like these lyrics - it really makes you think - and the whole "lies from the tablecloth" thing - our news and government lies to us everyday or at least bends the truth - therefore we dont know the truth - so lets stop pretending like we do - theories arent fact - lets not jump down people's throats with political theories like their solid fact
  • Valerie from Chicago, IlI'd just like to say that I am definetly a democrat and I hate what Bush is doing with the war and with everything else - but I cant bring myself to believe that he can send the people of his country out to die knowing that it is only for oil or whatnot - i dont think he can be that crooked and that cold - not at all - maybe i'm naive but I think that it is all much more complicated than anyone can try to explain - whether you've been in the military or not - it makes you no better or worse and/ more or less informed/intelligent. We can say our peace but nobody really knows but Bush - as much as i dislike him - alot! - we still have to think of him as a person - i just dont think he could do the things that you all say without any heart.
  • Jojjjooo from Syudney, Belgiumi am from australia and i think its s*** that we go to war for the us. i just wish our government would f*** off and stop kissing G.W's asss
  • Eric from Marion, IaI think someone already said this, but how many of you are in the Army? I'm currently in the enlistment process (signed up, not sworn in), and I think that you people are all wrong about why people join the military. It's not about money, the pay is crap. And as to getting college paid for, not a good reason to get shot at. I for instance was awarded a full ride to Iowa State University, but I'm joining the Army Reserves, and going ROTC, eventually serving in Active Duty, but my college is already paid for. I'm doing it because its right, and I know others who are doing the same thing. I got two friends in the Marine Corps, one is from a very well off family, but chose to serve his country. The other has dreamt all his life about being a Marine. Let us not forget why we went to war with Iraq, we believed that they had WMD's (I still think they did), just as the invasion began, a convoy of large military trucks escaped into Syria. And let's not forget about the U.S. Marines and Polish soldiers who were hospitalized after discovering some Sarin gas shells. Sarin gas is a low altitude dispersal chemical weapon and thus, a WMD, bet you didn't see that on Al Jazeera or ABC where they tell you what to think, and not simply what's happening. Wake up and smell the coffee, I'm a Libertarian, basically a Republican, but I don't agree with most of the stuff Bill O'Reilly says (he's too far left), Fox News is actually very middle of the road, the other news channels are just so liberal that it makes Fox look right wing. B.Y.O.B. is just SOADs attempt to jump on the Green Day "I hate America, even though I take advantage of its freedoms to get rich" bandwagon. Want a real political commentary, watch Team America: World Police, absolute genius, the final explanation by Gary is right on - Sure, Americans are arrogant, sure we step on people's toes, sure we can be dicks, but to believe that the world is a peaceful place or that terrorists will simply quit if we leave is naive, and when Nazis are knocking on your door or the Iraqi Army just steamrolled your country, who comes in and saves your butt?
  • Bob from Tokyo, JapanJust a correction to Geoff's comment, I don't know where you got the idea that Senators have children in the military but that statement is blatantly false. No senator has a child in the military. If they did, they wouldn't all vote for war in Iraq. If you're still not convinced, watch Fahrenheit 9/11.
  • Geoff from Norman, Ok"I doubt anybody in this forum has any military background which explains why nobody has any idea of what they're talking about. The military is made up of people from all sorts of statuses. Senators have sons and daughters in the military. Presidents don't go to war because they're too important to get their heads blown off. You are all obviously being handfed by the liberal media. SOAD has no idea what they're talking about"

    I spent a year in Iraq with the US Army and learned a lot about the world and myself. America is in Iraq for the oil- plain and simple. How do I know this? Because after the invasion, the first thing the Army was ordered to do was get the oil flowing. Things like clean water, electricity, and sewage are still not taken care of 2 years later. Yet the oil keeps on flowing out and into someone's pocket. If the US is so righteous and wants to save people from oppressive governments, why in God's name are we not in the Sudan, or a dozen other places in Africa?


    Anyone who thinks Iraq was about terrorism is wrong- NEWSFLASH AMERICA, we were duped. Donald Rumsfeld was planning the invasion of Iraq on September 12, before any facts were gathered about who could have been responsible- if you doubt me do some research on the sworn testimony of Richard Clarke, a man who served in the intelligence community for 30 years under 7 presidents. He called Bush a liar, and if you don't believe him because you are clinging to the illusion that W is a good man, then you are stupid.

    The army is made up of mostly lower income males (a large % are minorities) age 18-24 looking for a way to pay for college and get a good start in life. That fact doesn't take away from their heroism- it detracts from Bush's false image of a righteous, justified war fought by men and women driven purely by pride and patriotism. This song is a well written, much needed wake up call to millions of young americans who have no f---ing clue what is going on in the world, or how bad their idiotic, thieving leader is ruining their country's future.

    Just because someone signs up to "defend the nation from all enemies foreign and domestic" doesn't mean that same person is willing to be a mindless killing machine to be used for the economic gain of a privelaged few. This war has not made America safer in any way. Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11 (the 9/11 commission spent weeks researching the facts and came to that conclusion) and had no weapons of mass destruction. Invading Iraq was as warranted as invading Cuba or Lebanon- that is to say, it wasn't.
  • Chris from Birmingham, AlThough people may not agree with it I applaud SOAD for this song. It's one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, anti-war song I've heard. I know there are a lot of anti-war songs out there, but this one is original, and if you can be original and get the point across at the same time, then more power to you.
    Chris, Norfolk, Va
  • Jb from Beaver, Pagood song i love Daron Malakian's guitar in this
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaIt's a good song...I just wish bands weren't so political today.
  • Jim from Oxnard, CaI second Amanda's statement. Their first album was much heavier and controversial. "Toxicity" was released to the mainstream audience and "B.Y.O.B." is being played too much on MTV. "Hypnotize" has to be good, or they just might sell out.
  • Amanda from Mineral Ridge, OhThis song kind of makes me angry... Not because of the song but because all the people who say they are "Die hard fans" but they only like this song... SOAD will always be good (unless they go country) but,I just think System was better in the old days
  • Zach from Harrisburg, PaI see a lot of references to 9/11, while I feel for the families of those who suffered the loss, I can't help but say that the US deserved it.

    As regards to the line "yet you feed us lies from the tablecloth", I think the previous line explains it, especially with the voice inflection and change. To me it's the US, or perhaps those in the army who do not agree with being in Iraq, saying that the government, corporations, and President depend on the protection of the people to keep them in power. However they, the afforementioned protected, continue to feed us lies on the nightly news. That's my view on it.

    I heard someone say that no one listens to complaining rockers, I would disagree. I would say point to the original woodstock as an example, though I grieve when it comes around every year for what it's been turned into. No longer a festival of peace, freedom, friendship, and music. Sad, but true.
  • Mike from Macomb, MiFirst off I believe no candian or person living outside of America has the right to speak about the war being unjust or just. Canada does nothing for the world The U.S even has to protect them under a treaty, Canada's military to me is a crop duster, and 3 guys on horses lol. What Im trying to say is if you say our troops are doing horrible things like torturing prisoners they did the same to us and would do the same Ie: the video of the U.S contactor getting his head cut off with a butter knife which fueled the fire of American soldiers to torture Ie: the naked pyramid photos of Iraqis... another thing is you dont live in the US!! your not getting the bad reputation of policing the world and being hated for just being you, dont get me wrong I believe all torture acts are sick and need to be handeled but you don't go through what we go through day to day, High security checks,Not knowing if the man next to you has a pipe bomb it's so much clearer when your from a 3rd person point of view but when you are an American soldier torturing an Iraqi is trying to protect your country, friends, family and relatives by maybe sending a point to those convicted, in their eyes thats what they are doing and they see no wrong in it.

    And Whoever said my trials of tribulation facts were wrong should read the bible, they're all right and what I meant by 'catholics' is the trials APPLY more to them because of the Bible being our 'holy grail'

    Remember to look for the one true sign people quotefrom Genesis Book IV (translated in meaning) "And the antichrist shall take a fatal blow to the head which no regular man would live through"
  • Julia from Calgary, CanadaWhat does "Bring Your Own Beer" have to do with this song??
  • Julia from Calgary, CanadaWhat i perceive from BYOB is that, yeah, people do agree to be in the army, and they arent forced, but i dont think that every person in the army agrees to WHY they're fighting it. Im sure most of America doesnt agree with Bush's reasoning either. I know that almost all of Canada doesnt agree. But what SOAD is trying to say is that Bush assures America that everything is under control, and theyre killing countless people living in iraq (they wont admit this though) and they try to cover it up by telling the world lies ("yet you feed us lies from the tablecloth"). The other meaning i think they're trying to get across is from the line "why dont presidents fight the war?", I think they mean that if noone agrees with the US government, then why dont they go fight it themselves, instead of assuring troops that their doing this for a good cause and making them risk their lives for mabye nothing? While people dont agree with what they have to say, i think that System Of A Down has a good point, and we know that theyre gonna tell it how they see it, without bullsh**ing us and themselves.
  • Jim from Oxnard, CaHow will you know when the war on terror is over? That's a better question.
  • Travis from Lawrence, KsKilling is killing, no matter the cause. The extremists were wrong for what they did on 9/11, but that gives us no right to turn around and do the exact same thing. Jake, you are without a doubt one of the most simple-minded individuals I have encountered. How would you like to be worshipping in your mosque when a stray bomb from US planes strikes it, killing everbody inside. It happens, my friend, and until we stop the killing, terrorists will not stop the killing. Don't you see, we're doing exactly what the want us to do, overreacting and giving them more fuel to fire their hatred for us. Your conspiracy theory about the media is actually a 180 from the truth, as we see a sugarcoating of the real events of the war. Compassion is the key, and it hurts to see so many people angry at others and becoming just as jaded to violence as terrorists.
  • Jake from Fairfax, VaTo Jim in Garland, Texas. What is your definition of a Fascist? Someone who tells someone what to do? That is totalitarian my friend, and engaging a war with radicals that killed over 4,000 of our innocent people isn't telling people what to do...it is doing what is right for the world. How would you have liked to have been in your office for work one day and all of a sudden be hit with a plane, and have to make the choice jump 50 stories to the ground of suffocate from hot smoke. I'm sorry you feel this way, it's not your fault, you've been fed too much bias by the same guys who dodged Vietnam and had peace marches all over. But guess what, when the draft ended, the marches ended....but the VIOLENCE WAS STILL GOING ON! Now those same people that moved to Canada for the time being are teaching in all of the colleges across the country and are also heading all of the news media in this country, which is why when you take a look at your front page the war looks as if it is in such critical condition. And to SOAD...you're earlier albums were great, i thought you all were better than this to have to write music about the bias you see in the news.
  • Riham from Kuwait City, OtherOh, Does anyone here know of a Yale-based group/cult known as 'Skulls and Bones'. Apparantly, both George Bush and John Kerry were a member of the group. They are, however, reluctant to speak about it but have admitted that it is true. They hold secret meetings and are rumoured to dig up ancient graves and decorate their headquarters with them. Many other reputable politians were members. Go look it up in a search engine. So what Mike had said might have soem truth in it.
  • Riham from Kuwait City, OtherSince this forum's become a political arguement more than a discussion about the song, I'd like to point something out. No offence to anyone but you people are very biased. I know thousands of people died in the 9/11 terrorist attack but killing all those innocent people in Iraq just does not justify it. I may not be old enough to get into heated political debates but I live in Kuwait and I know there were thousands more casualties in Iraq compared to the States. Also, people killed in 9/11 were well off people and their family members were given support by the government but the people in Iraq are basically living off the streets. I do think that George Bush is selfish and unjust. The main aim of the war was the oil. In the chorus, they say 'Dancing in the desert, blowing up the sunshine', to me it's like taking away the sunshine off the land, ie. Iraq. There were also a lot of prisoners held by American troops of many which were innocent. These people were inhumanely tortured and most probably scarred for life. Now, if even one american man was held captive here, it would be breaking news all over the world. Now why was these inhumane activites by the americans towards the arab people (they were literally beaten to near-death) as important? I remember reading one prisoner had was splahed with and i think made to drink blood and they had told him that it was one of the female troops' menstruated blood. Another guy was whipped so much, you could nearly see his ribs poking out. Many of these prisoners were later freed because they were innocent and they had no evidence against the in the first place, just suspicion. Another thing, I really don't think Bush has any intention of catching Osama. It's clear that Iraq was the main priority for a long time. An advice to all of you would be set up a dish and get news from channels other than CNN, which in my opinion, is totally biased.
  • Patrick from Kansas City, MoThat second comment really raised my eyebrows. For one, the rapture and the tribulation is not limited to just Catholics. Secondly, George Bush is not an Antichrist. He really needs to read Revelations and get his facts straight. Leaders very rarely fight in wars. The death of a leader can lead to chaos in a nation. Notice that the terrorist tried to kill Bush. Is it a bad thing that the media is regulated? Every single thing shouldn't be broadcasted across the nation...
  • Mike from Macomb, MiThe government owns each and every American. 'Why don't the presidents fight the war?' states a good question. One of the Comments on this post said arent we all hiding behind the Army like Bush if we are not serving? False. Drafting Americans could always come back and If it does Each and every one of us would be drafted before Bush. The Media is a security blanket for the Government 'yet you feed us lies from the tablecloth' Means the media is the governments puppet... If you want true facts watch al jazeerah tv.. Which the U.S has tried to shut down production of due to graphic images of what 18 and 19 year olds look like when an RPG comes their way. The government reports 1500 Americans and 800 English soldiers dead when the number including POW's and MIA's totals to 10,000 soldiers 1/7th of Vietnams death total. This war has been called 'liberating Iraq' Why not call it the war in Iraq? Because it makes Bush look like he loves Iraqis. U.S soldiers are pumped with hate not by choice, because Iraqi soldiers defend their nation that includes killing our troops. Our troops retaliate with pride and agression because their friends they went through boot camp with just got hit by a grenade and will never see their 2 year old daughter or 3 year old son again, Corporations own America 1/6 of the war debt would give free healthcare and extinguish poverty below $30,000 income within the U.S not mentioning the funding that could go to AID's research or cancer, or even schools. I once heard a quote " It will be a nice day when schools are provided with every material needed, and the U.S navy will have to hold a bakesale" It shows that Even if a person wants to get educated in some areas of the U.S they are not reeping full benefits so the man joins the army for college money... you can feel the grasp they have on us it's almost as if they depend on us to die for global domination!! like in the song. And remember if you are a Catholic there is supposed to be a Dictator (or president G.W Bush)who's father was a dictator (George H Bush)who will try to unite all nation's under a common goal (democracy) which will lead to the demise of the world there will be one final war (world war 3) that will be fought on Holy grounds (Israel, where blood is shed today) and all people not baring the mark will be spared by god and live prosperly in eden (which is meant as the world) In other words it is VERY likely Bush is the Antichrist Of course the bible said he was to come from Europe but America was formed by Europe lets not forget and Bush's intentions might sound good but dont be fooled, because the government is the slaughter and we are just sheep. Bah
  • Elliot from St. Louis, MoDaron Malakian can really play guitar fast! Do you hear how fast he is playing in the intro. The notes may be simple, but he is playing so f*cking fast!! This is a great song, and System of a Down is a great band, even though they are crazy. Have you heard their song "Chop Suey"? It is even better.
  • Bob from Tokyo, JapanIt's not really the song itself that needs to be dissected, the lyrics are more or less straightforward. What needs to be anaylzed is the subject of the song: the current state of the world where a country can start a war of pure aggression disguised as a "preemptive attack" and get away with it.
  • Burt from Nonya, WaIn response to a few comments I've read here: The president CAN'T fight in a war! That's just a stupid idea. If the president dies, then who leads the country? I know someone said that question wasn't supposed to be taken litterally, but there are others here who do seem to mean it litterally. And as for the president sending the poor or forcing people to go to war: The US has a volunteer army. No one was ever forced to join for this war. It is, however, a shame that the president seems to have no problem using troops like they were chess pieces and not people to accomplish his objectives that don't really matter to most of us in a war that is further damaging the reputation of Americans.
  • Chas from Webster, NyIts showing how can presidents be so insensitive about sending kids (18, 19) to war, when they would never go themselves
  • Don from San Antonio, TxI haven't seen a crappy song get dissected like this since I accidentally clicked on "Hollaback Girl". System of a Down hides behind their tech skills. If you take away their tech skills, they are completely awful. Slayer would still be murderers, but System of a Down would just be retarded. No sense of what makes a good part. If you wanna argue that that's the point, kill yourself now. YOU are the reason the human race can't evolve as a species. You're about 20 years late for the "Craptastic" thing.
  • Austin from Vegas, United StatesThis last comment I found quite amazing. First off, the war is NOT over. The song is talking about the war in Iraq, which is far from over. Secondly, the lyrics "Why don't presidents fight the war?" is a rhetorical question. Of course a country's leader wouldn't literally fight in a war. It's just a representation of how selfish Bush or any other world leader can be by sending troops to fight and die when it's not neccesary.
  • Zac from Charlotte, NcSteph... You are so obviously new to the political landscape it almost sickens me... All of your points are pretty awful as for us calling Bush a coward if he had never mentioned Iraq nobody would have a problem with them we wouldn't even think about Iraq..There was never a reason for war in Iraq Bush is a jackass for starting a war based on pride and not going after actual threats that will soon have nuclear power (Iran, North Korea)...Think about it Bush may have been hailed as one of the best war time presidents ever if he would have caught Osama Bin Laden and then went after Iran, and North Korea...But instead he goes after Iraq and now the majority of the nation feels that that was the wrong decision...Another thing Steph honey you have to learn that the ends do not justify the means...Just because the Iraqi people may soon be happier doesn't mean we should have been there in the first place... Sure the Iraqi people are free but at what cost a cold war with Iran, and North Korea is approaching rapidly and with the unstable governments in those countries it doesn't appear likely that Iran and North Korea will be willing to cut the same deals with us that the Soviet Union did...
  • Jim from Oxnard, CaI love it when people use the "how many attacks have there been since 9/11?" excuse. As opposed to before 9/11, when they were a daily occurrence? The last terrorist attack before 9/11 was 4/19/95 in Oklahoma City.
  • Karl from Karlstown, Ct- Steph, Gloucester, VA excelent points made. We can't be a country full of people trying to talk everything out. dont get me wrong somethings are better talked out but after 9/11 i think we have the right to do what were doing and im glad hussein is out of power. i dont know about you but id ratehr live in a nation with a reputation of kickin your ass if you attack us rather than a nation that will ask you to say sorry and just slap your hand. this is the entire reason our government isnt only made up of one political view because there are better ways to handle differnt things and if you think about it since bush went into iraq have we had more attacks? didnt think so
  • Bob from Tokyo, JapanFirst of all, much respect to everyone in the armed forces. My heart goes out to the families and friends of those who died, as well as those who are putting their lives on the line (and killing thousands of innocents). However, I think it's important that everyone, especially soldiers, take time to reflect on whether the war in Iraq is justified, and whether or not its worth the horrific costs in human life and resources.

    Here's some food for thought:
    There are many reasons the government has given to justify its war. At first, the government claimed that Sadaam Hussein had ties with Al Qaeda and that they possessed WMD's. Once it was apparenent that the WMD's had never been there, the mission became "liberating the Iraqi people and spreading freedom." Sound convenient? Well here's news for Dubya. There's a nation whose leaders admit to possessing WMD's, profess a deep hatred for everything and anything American, and torture and starve their own people. It's called North Korea. Sound familiar? No? Maybe because there's no oil there.

    One more thing: A very small portion of the United States' sizeable defense budget would educate every kid in the US with great facilities, and provide free health care to every American. Why don't that do this then, you ask? becuase America is ruled by the Corporate World. But that's a whole other issue that I won't get into here...
  • Duane from Savannah, GaWell I am glad to see that everyone has their idea of what this song is about and what everything stands for and on the other hand I am ashamed that so many americans think that mainly the poor are the people in the Army. I fulfilled my 20 year commitment just over 2 years ago. Have any of you ever stopped to think that a lot of people join because they feel it is an obligation to their country and the freedom they and many others enjoy? Did you also know that their are many people that have or are in the military that had a family obligation in order to collect their trust funds. Every Commisioned Officer in the military is a college graduate and many come from prominent universities and not some local community college. Then on the Other hand 65% of the population of Georgia live in an income level of $27k or less, with the thinking of many that would conclude that most of the Georgia citizens will or have joined the military. A great deal of people that I have met are from the Carolinas, Midwest and New England states. From a military point of view the entire song is a metphore so do not take the context and apply it to normal everyday things, I guess that only the writers of the song REALLY know what is meant by any of it. Rest well all, afterall people are dying so that you can!
  • Michael from Huntsville, AlA couple things.

    We do not live in a fascist nation. I'd prefer to keep it that way. If you read the patriot act, the republican party apparently disagrees.

    The liberal media is not in power. If you don't believe me, watch Fair and Balanced FOX News. Even CNN throws crap like "Does the country believe Bush?" rather than "Is Bush lying?"

    I believe that we needed to remove Saddam Hussein from power. However, Bush didn't say "I think we need to remove Saddam Hussein, so we're going to do it." He tried to please the UN, got bored, and shoved troops in anyway, managing to piss off all our allies. Most Americans who feel strongly about Iraq should have been aggrivated by this as well, but they mostly seemed happy that we were going.

    Clinton's military (the one we have now) used college payments as an incentive to draw in young people who would otherwise not be able to afford college. IE the poor. Now Bush, knowing we have an inferior budget-cut military, sent troops into Iraq with no clear long term plan, or even real objectives. Now, all we're hearing is "If I set a deadline, then the terrorists have won." Meanwhile, Halliburton gets most of the reconstruction contracts without competition, and the republican congress sit back and twiddle their thumbs.

    BYOB is an awesome song, but I think these are easy points to make. I mean, when you can argue something by shouting half-sentences over blasting rock, and the arguments make sense, then its gotta be pretty obvious. Still, its just the whole rebellion thing, not like anyone listens to rockers when they complain about society. Its just what they do.
  • Steph from Gloucester, VaOK PEOPLE! About all this arguement on the war, someone commented that "Bush (took)the country to war, despite the fact that he did not have the full support of the nation." The truth is that he may not have had the whole countries support but, he had most of it behind him. Not everyone disagreed with him either. Think about it, if Bush hadn't gone to war, then ppl would be calling him a coward and saying that he didn't defend his country. The way it is now, ppl blame him for all the deaths. Now, the truth is that we no longer have a draft system. If we did, I would complain as well, however, the way it is now, the army is ALL VOLUNTEERS. No one his holding these ppl at gunpoint so they will join. Most ppl join because they believe that they are helping their country by defending it. OPEN YOUR EYES! On 9/11, we lost thousands of innocent ppl. They were killed before they could find out why. Now, the ones who lost loved ones, are being punished by the terrorists for something they didn't do. The U.S. and Bush are backed up by most of the U.N. The way that the UN works, if we hadn't had support and had run into a war, then we would be cut off from our allied countries. The world trade centers were symbols of our thriving economy. Not only were Americans killed, many British and other ethnicities were also. Also, not only the ppl in the building were killed. Ppl on the ground and in the planes were also. I think that we had a right to defend ourselves. It can be compared to a bully on a playground. The bully will not pick on a kid who fights back, he will target the passive one who doesn't. If we stayed passive then we would be attacked again. Who could know what would happen next. They could target the White House, or a mall oor even the whole of D.C.
  • Dustin from Montrose, Pawow I love to see how one sided people are ok first off Bush is obviously not the only 1 who agrees with the war because there is a systme of checks and balances so the president can just say lets go to war and then spend more than 40 days with out the other branches of the government approving or disapproving, and yes the poor does make up a large part of the US army but is that because of a lack of oportunity? or a lack of ambition? and you make it sound like the President is the only 1 "hiding behind the army" how many of you fine people are in the army? if you are I am proud of you but if you are not arn't you hiding also? I think that system of a down should turn there ?s around to them selves where the f--k are they I do not see them fighting this war. but at the same time I do not agree with the opinions of some of you you are intiled to that opinion just as I am intiled to my opinion I would also like to know if any1 in system of a down has been in the army? I do think that this is a very well put together song
  • Tdg from North Wales, WalesOk, first of all, the lyrics are

    "Blast off, it's party time
    And we don't live in a fascist nation
    Blast off, it's party time
    And where the f--k are you?
    Where the f--k are you?
    Where the f--k are you?"

    This here is using a party as a metaphor for the war. By "it's party time", SOAD are saying it's time for war. This is followed by the comment about America not being a fascist nation. This is in fact the band asking a rhetorical question ("we DON'T live in a fascist nation?") to themselves due to Bush taking the country to war, despite the fact that he did not have the full support of the nation. This isn't calling Bush a fascist of course, it's merely stating that it is the sort of action you'd expect from a facist leader.

    Secondly, the US army is made up mainly of those less fortunate. Of course there are people from rich backgrounds in the military, but the majority of those who chose to join the army do so because they see it as the best way for them to pull themselves up. And also, worth noting that recruitment officers specifically target those from poorer areas, knowing full-well they are more likly to sign up. So the "why do you always send the poor?" line is justified.

    Although in reality, the line is merely there to rhyme, and contrast with the following line. The important message of the song is of course "Why don't presidents fight the war?". The one person who decides to send thousands to their death is the one person who will never be called upon to risk his/her life. And why is this? Allegedly because they're too important. To be honest I fail to see the difference in George Bush dying, and some innocent young man or woman dying. Either way, it's an unjustivied deadth.

    And finally, "lies from the tablecloth" is indeed trying to say somethign along the lines of feeding "scraps" so the a pet dog. Although it's not really scraps so much as it is the stuff that has fallen from your plate, and is therefore not good enough for consumption anymore. It could also be refering to when a baby spits out its food, the parent generally tries to feed the same food again. Basically, SOAD are sayign either "you're feeding us the same worthless lies" or "you're feeding us worthless lies".
  • Axl from Newcastle, Uk, EnglandLittle do I know why they're loved by many
  • Sick from Turku, FinlandAbout freedom of choice in US for poor people. Just imagine that IF your govermnet could pay for the (higher) education in US would the poor people still join the army? I just meean that when your goverment is keeping poor in lower educational level and then is giving them a chance to have a proper deucation IF they go to army. I think, its like drafting poor people.
    Ps. and I think you would oppose war more if US would do real drafting (like in my country) when I know that almost everybody (equals all people of good enough mental and physical fit) is obligated to go to war if called upon by the goverment.
  • Queen from Carmel, Nypeople BYOB stands for bring your own bomb smart people didn't you catch the song is about war not drinking and drugs the song is about how poor people HAVE to go to war to get money and the president doesn't go and fight just sits and watches it happen and "feeds us lies from the table cloth" means that they are telling us things that are not true like it is said the war is over yet we still have troups in Iraq
  • Nick from Erwin, NcB.Y.O.B actually stands for Bring Your Own Bottle. Even though the term usually referrs to alcohol The bottle could be anything: water, beer, whiskey, soda, etc.
  • Devan from Centerville, UtBYOB is about the government officials being really easy going, and just sending the "poor" people into war, without even thinking about it, cause hey, they dont know what wars like.
  • Maria from Lake City, FlThe. lyric. is. not. "We live in a fascist nation". The lyrics is "We DON'T live in a fascist nation."
  • Rick from Sarasota, FlS.O.A.D. is amazing, not only for their outstanding musical abilities but also for their unique way of commenting on the present day political agendas. It is obvious that S.O.A.D. is against the president's war, but it is also clear that they are attacking the adminstration not only for the war, but for the way the administration has treated the public. The president and/or administration has "lied" to the american public on numerous occasions which i simply do not feel like listing. S.O.A.D. manages to blend numerous intelligent arguments against the war into a melodious track without coming off as completely unpatriotic; which, to me, makes them one of the best bands ever.
  • John from Omaha, Nei think that by the line "Everybody's going to the party, have a real good time" refers to people going to iraq or whereever the hell we are now.
  • Michael from Atlanta, GaOh man country sure is fascist. The other day my neighbors badmouthed bush and they were lined up and shot. Then the government tracked down their family and gassed them and took all their valubles. As if that wern't enough, now we have Bush's secret police crawling around my town. The USA sure is fascist.
  • Michael from Atlanta, Ga I doubt anybody in this forum has any military background which explains why nobody has any idea of what they're talking about. The military is made up of people from all sorts of statuses. Senators have sons and daughters in the military. Presidents don't go to war because they're too important to get their heads blown off. You are all obviously being handfed by the liberal media. SOAD has no idea what they're talking about. Great song though. I can't even understand what they're screaming but I like the guitar parts.
  • Bob from Tokyo, JapanAlthough the United States Army is officially made up of volunteers, it is a fact that most of the soldiers come from the lower and lower-middle classes. The army entices poor American kids into joining by offering to pay their way through college after a few years in the service (among other things). That's where the line "why do they always send the poor" comes from.
  • Mistik from Sydney, AustraliaThis song is awesome, i love the vocals, i love the lyrics, even if at times it doen't tie in, the effects of them are still there. Thats right.. i think its f#*king awesome that there is a band thats singing and making political statements, haven't had that in quite some time, i also reckon, BOOM is good too by System. "Dancing in the desert, blowing up the sunshine"
  • Chris from Tampa Bay, FlMy assumption of the tablecloth line was that "they feed us lies from the tablecloth" related to how a dog begs for food at dinner and then gets fed scraps secretly from the table. Thats just an opinion though.
  • James from Omaha, NeTo Jim: I realize that I was wrong with my "liberal" statement, but I was just being generic.
  • Del from Wichita, KsTo Jim in Garland, Tx. Please practice more on your spellings of 'Fascism' and 'Wichita' and other instances before you try to form a rebuttal to what I have said. You have defined in your post what is known as Corporatism. The rule of a country by corporations through it's political system. The influence of Corporations on the American political system is great, however that doesn't always make it bad. It would only be bad if corporations called the shots for everyone. In my town, for example, the Union calls the shots at our main factory. Democracy is a conglomeration of all various self interests among which include corporations which have an influence as well as all the other self interest groups including, but not limited to Unions, Politcal Organizations such as the ACLU, NRA, AARP, and even if you don't believe it, the INDIVIDUAL VOTER. Especially, SWING VOTERS. If one side doesn't like the outcome of a specific political situation it is not because they have been ignored and discriminated against, it is because they did not participate in the actual Democratic political process in which they would have been able to voice their opinion in a forum which could affect change (Democratic institutions and political processes)or that their view even if expressed in such forum wasn't as popular as the norm. If you want to affect change, you have more power than just 'Criticizing the powers that be' and making unreasonable and WRONG assumptions about the processes of Democracy. As far as this Corporatism is concerned, George W. Bush has been more interested in his Presidency of appealing the Mainstream and his policies reflect that. If they did not, he would not have been re-elected.
  • Chrissy from My Left ButtcheekAnyone here besides be read "GuitarWorld"? This months issue featured SOAD and in it they explained some of the song's meaning. They said that the army recruitment centers are showing that the was is a way to meet friends and go to college, but when really the army is sending them out there to kill people. Which is sorta true. The tablecloth line is a little fuzzy though.
  • Dave from New York, Nyalso...there comparing how the gov't jsut sends people out to the war like a party..."Everybodys going to the party have a real good time.
    Dancing in the desert blowing up the sunshine"...bring your own booze...bring your own bombs...uhuh
  • Sara from Wallasey, Englandwow is the first thing i thought when i heard this song they do sooo many good songs and i like the lyriks to this one i love the way its so........bouncy no f**king great come on system of a down!!!
  • Chris from Tampa Bay, FlEven if this song is politically incorrect or very controversial about using the term fascism I still love System Of A Down and think this song is definitley one of their best.
  • Jim from Garland, TxTo comment on what Del in witchita, Ks said, you dont have to be an extreme Fasctist to be a Fasctist. When it comes down to it, any government telling you what to do is Fasctism. If you don't feel Fasctism exist in this country then please tell me what happend on November 22, 1963? How is a Coup d'etat not Fasctism. Of course Fasctism exist in this country. It exist in all countrys, so yes S.O.A.D. is justified in saying this war was caused by Fasctism. As a matter of fact it was caused by one of the biggest Fasctist of all time, the Walker-Bush family. They have sold out to "The BIG 5" defense contractors, big Oil, and Wall Street. So yes my brother, its sad but true, Fasctism is alive and well in this country, don't believe me google search Mumia Abul-Jamal.
  • Maria from Lake City, FlThe lyric is actually, "We DON'T live in a fascist nation". Also, Armenia was actually the first Christian nation in the world, and their heritage is Christian, not Jewish or Muslim.
  • Del from Wichita, KsIt is wrong for 'System' to conclude that the War is the result of "Fascism". No citizen in this country has been persecuted or killed because of their dissent of such. THIS IS NOT NAZI GERMANY by a long shot. You may oppose the war in Iraq, fine. You may oppose the war in Afghanistan, fine. You can support either or both, fine. That still makes it America, land of the free. To the poster who said that Fascism equals government regulation of private property has it wrong. You have defined socialism, not Fascism. Fascism is government supported institutions and policies driven by extreme Nationalism or Idealism in the furtherance of a Political cause, and the systematic destruction by the government of all opposition, dissent to the Political cause. Both Liberals and Conservatives can be Fascist. It has NEVER happened in this country and NEVER will in the near future. Just because someone doesn't agree with you does not make them Fascist. Hey baby, that's Democracy. If everybody agreed, I wouldn't like it.
  • Harry from Greenville, NcAs for the "Why do they always send the poor?" line, it DOES make sense
    Yes, in America you volunteer, but who does MOST the actual volunteering?
    It's the people who are under priveledged, from poor neighborhoods, who join the Army as a last alternative, because it will pay for college/job training, and gives you money to live on.
    The catch? You might die...
    Very few wealthy people enlist...it's the impoverished that make up much of our army
    The same can be said for every country really...
  • Jim from Oxnard, CaTo James: Of course the politicians' kids don't fight. But look at the demographics of the soldiers. Most of them are from inner cities and other impoverished areas. And if you're going to lump all antiwar people under the "liberal" label, it shows how much you really know about politics. Preemptive strikes is part of a liberal agenda, not conservative.
  • James from Omaha, NeTo everyone who agrees with the lines "why don't presidents fight the war?" and "why do they always send the poor?" I really don't think that since the medieval times a political leader has every fought in a war. No president, prime minister, dictator, etc. has ever fought in a war in the present times. As for the poor fighting...where does the band come up with stuff like this?! The soldiers volunteered to fight in the war. We didn't draft them. Yeah, the song tries to be political, but it's just full of lies to rile up the liberals out there.
  • Chris Owens from Belfast, Irelandin the interview daron said that "the government tells you that marjiuana is bad for you and that its illegal because it makes black people go crazy!" some thing of that sort came out of DARON MALAKIAN'S voice. a reason why they say in the song, "...were all livin in a fascist nation". thats a reason but the other reason i made about them being accused of 9/11 because of their armenian cultural backgrounds and what theyre music stands for.
  • Chris Owens from Belfast, IrelandF**K yeah irish people luv system...one of my fav bands!!!! always have been.
    oh and about the line "YET YOU FEED US LIES FROM THE TABLECLOTH", i agree with samantha. George bush (I HOPE i dont offend any one when i say this)is saying that theyre going to bomb iraq and send there troops in and fight "terrorism!" which is true, but we all know what the war really is for. BUsh was associated with the oil industry before he was elected president of US. george bush is feeding us lies when sying that the war is against terror, when really... its his war !!!!
    "blast off, its party time, and were all livin in a fascist nation" means that because of the events of 9/11, they were being looked upon as though they had something to do with it everybody was being fascist and accusing them, so i read in the paper in a system of a down interveiw.
  • Kyle from Detroit, MiThis song is obviously about the war, corporate (semi-fascist) America, and the lies the goverment officials (Bush Administration) are feeding us. I like the idea of being fed scraps (lies) like a dog. The meaning isn't exactly hard to figure out. Just listen to the lyrics.
  • Samantha from Manchester, Englandi think the table cloth line refers to how dogs are fed scraps from the table and that we are somehow being treated like dogs waiting for a good meal. we sit by the goverment (table) waiting for the truth (a good meal) yet we are fed scraps (lies) dont quote me on this. does anyone agree.
  • Billy from Yer Mom, WaAlong the lines of terrorism and pre-emtive strikes: It's ironic that, through its foreign policies, the US gave birth to these terrorists, giving them both a cause and WEAPONS AND MILITARY TRAINING! The reasons for terrorism and for the war are much much deeper that most realize. Is it for Oil? Is it for Freedom? Do we have any right to push our "freedom" on others? All I'm saying is make sure you know all the facts and not just someone's oppinion of the facts (like SOAD's). BTW, we really ARE living in a Fascist nation to a very limited extent. Fascism = Government regulation of private property.
  • Rickie from California, WaThis song has so much meaning if you just listen to the lyrics. The song is all true and the presidents dont do crap about this WAR. They dont want to loose their lives so they send thousands of men and woman to fight for them. Somewhat of being a coward. WHY DONT PRESIDENTS FIGHT THE WAR?
  • Shaun from Shelbyville, KyWhen the knight comes home from slaying the dragon and saving the princess, did the people all say that the knight shouldn't have gotten involved and left her to the mercy of the dragon?

    SOAD has good music, but I don't agree with their politics, an unjustifiable war over oil is a political message, believing that is just being fed opinions from someone else as well.

    Pre-emptive strikes against terrorist nations prevents the re-occurence of disaster upon our soil.
  • Maureen from Prospect, VaThis is definately a mixture of "Bring Your Own Beer," and the war. System of a Down gets really pissed about how the government is being run. Totally agree with Chris Owens! (Do Irish people like SOAD?) lol.
  • Pat from Thunder Bay, Canadathe line, 'you depend on our protection, yet you feed us lies from the tablecloth' could possibly mean that the people of a country justify the war and 'protect' their leader from anyone who says different, yet the leader feeds the people of the country lies to justify this war.
  • Chris Owens from Belfast, Irelandthis song is about war in iraq and how the soldiers have become human sheilds for presidents and other world leaders and how we the world a re all being invited no matter where we are in the world "evrey body's goin to the party have a real good time...dancing in the desert blowing up the sunshine". and how presidents are just sitting and watching "WERE THE F**K ARE YOU!...WHY DONT PRESIDENTS FIGHT THE WAR?, WHY DO THEY ALWAYS SEND THE POOR?!"

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