Album: Toxicity (2001)
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  • This is based on the first book in the bible, Genesis. The line, "Walk with me my little child into the forest of denial" is symbolizing Adam and Eve. In Genesis, God tells them to eat from any tree except for one that is possessed by Satan. One day they disobey God and eat from the cursed tree, incurring His wrath.

    The lyric was written by lead singer Serj Tankian, who is not a fan of organized religion, especially Christianity (see: "Suite-Pee" from their first album) - his spiritual beliefs lean toward Eastern thought and transcendentalism. In this context, the song can be seen as a satire on The Bible.
  • The song relates to the ancient Israelites and God. The song starts out in the Garden Of Eden, then to Moses and 40 years in the desert, and then the last part is about Solomon and his reign. The Israelites were on the top of the mountain winning battles and being faithful to God. Then they would turn to idolatry or some other sin and God would punish them (valley of the mountain). Then they would realize what they had did and repented. God would forgive them and they would be back on top. >>
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  • SOAD guitarist Daron Malakian wrote the music to this song, and along with Serj Tankian, produced it with Rick Rubin, their label boss. "Forest" was one of over 30 songs they recorded for their second album, Toxicity, and one of 15 to make the cut. Most of the other songs were leaked on the internet, so the band quickly packaged them into their next album, Steal This Album!, released in 2002.

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  • Hhhhh from Marylandi thought serj had a child he left somewhere i don’t even know how i got that but yeah.
  • Anna Lydie Khal from Elevator To Hell"Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings" ;)~
  • Ananymoosei always thought this song was about child abduction and how frequently it happens. this whole section makes it seem that way. "Why can't you see that you are my child, Why don't you know that you are my mind, Tell everyone in the world, that I'm you, Take this promise to the end of you.". same with "you saw the forest now come inside" seems very predatory.
  • AnonymousIt's about how we came from the forest aka nature. We took down trees turning it into sand, take grapes turning it into wine to fuel our gluttony. They say tell every one that you are my child meaning that we were birthed from mother nature, and we built weapons from the forest meaning that we used nature to fuel our need for conflict. "JUST LOOK AT US NOW!!!" mother nature (the forest) would be so disappointed in its children. We have now neglected our promise to protect it and do the opposite and violate it instead. Has almost nothing to do with God from my perspective. More so about how humans have grown s--tter over the years the further we have gone from it. Now we take this promise to the end of us. Meaning that we will suffer for not keeping our promise to mother nature.
  • Anon from CaI think this song is about adrenochrome.
  • Jess from FlIt's interesting to me how, whenever a lyricist makes any reference in a song to Christianity or any aspect thereof, people suddenly decide the theme of the song must be one of a Biblical nature. I think having that view of lyrics is quite limiting. The use of metaphor in a song does not necessarily make the song itself one big metaphor. That said, has anyone considered that this song is NOT about religion or Jesus? (That's an interesting interpretation, but Jesus DID know he was the Son of God [see Luke 2:41-50]). I think it's quite possible that the meaning of the song is exactly how it comes off as written- the thoughts, attitudes, desires, and beliefs of a dysfunctional, immature parent who is extremely enmeshed with a son or daughter.
  • Sebastian Nielsen from 2100But what does why dont you see that you are my child refers to.
  • GunnarI don't understand the thing with "elites" either. If you're a capitalist, isn't the rich who you should be supporting? #BLM by the way, because I believe some people don't understand why it's important.
  • Woke from UsaI believe the no television in the air refers to the propaganda on tv. And no circumcision in the chair is a reference to jews.
  • Jose Mario from Olanchito. Yoro, Honduraswhats the freaking problem with people!!! (sorry) this actually make me sick!! come on , somebody starts singing in metaphors and yells and they say= oh my God!! They are evil!!!!........ im pretty sure people dont like "smart lyrics" anymore..SOAD isnt evil!!! UNDERSTAND they just do things different...
    and by the way: thanks for the points of view of ther meaning of the lyrics, pretty interesting.
  • Joe from El Paso, TxDoes anyone notice that near the end of the song it says "no circumcisions in the chair"? A circumcision is when a doctor cuts off extra skin from a male's penis...
  • Quintal from Sdfgsdgf, AntarticaIsn't anyone here seeing that this song and SoaD are hardcore satanism?
    Yeah it's "God" speaking in the song, SATAN and/or LUCIFER.
    Read the verses. If you can't see it, get a basic religious/spiritual/symbolical education.
  • Josh from Danbury, CtMost likely a song about the various stories in the Bible. Also am I the only one who thinks that S.O.A.D loads all thier songs with tons of possible meanings just so everyone bickers about the right one?
  • D.j. from Tucson, AzThis song could also be about God talking with Jesus hence the lyris "Turn the water into wine..." and also "Tell everyone in the world, that Im you Take this promise to the end of you"
  • Z from Somewhere Over The Rainbow, WaI think that beyondbliss has a point. The point of music and art etc is not to be right, but to be felt as something bigger than you. I just hope that you guys don't kill me for this, but what can I say, I like my opinion to be heard out as much as the next person. ~~Ta~~
  • Beyondbliss from New Orleans, LaThis is my favorite song by System of a Down! I think that everyone needs to refer back to the old saying.... "Can't see the forest for the tree's" I think the meaning of this song is much like the meaning of every song, TO MAKE YOU FEEL SOMETHING! To make you think, question, feel and question some more. There can be a million references to a million different things which sparks a million more debates! While that is awesome (because it shows you're questioning) I think the real message is listen and you just might learn, rather than listen and try to teach:) Another words don't argue.... just feel, something anything that encourages you to learn and one day you may find an answer to a question that makes you laugh at the idea of trying to even explain it at all! With that said... IT'S THE UNIVERSAL MIND... ONE MIND... OUR MIND... YOURS AND MIND hehe:) so.... tell everyone in the world that I'm... you!!!!!!
  • Jimmy from Lancaster, CaI think that its about that not that Jesus denies God, i think it's that we deny God. like he shows us so many miricles, but we still deny him. cuz they say "you saw the product,now why cant you see that you are, my, child?" and how he's always there walking with us, because he says "Walk with me my little child,
    To the forest of denial,
    Speak with me my only mind,
    Walk with me until the time,
    And make the forest turn to wine" he's saying that i show you all these miricles, i'll be there with you until you die, and you still deny me, you dont call me father, why?
  • Unknown from Sunderland, EnglandI don't even think this song is religous, I think it's about a government and it's people and how they are talking to them, almost patronising them
  • Andrew from Easton, Paum ok who tf said christians can't fight?
    STOP BEING SOOO IGNORANT BEFORE OPENING YOUR IGNORANT MOUTH. get your facts straight "petrified monkey"
  • Cardio Toxin from El Paso, TxIf the fool says in his heart, "There is no God" then the genius tells everyone that "there is no god".
  • Petrified Monkey from Naked Land, Milol, wow, christians fighting.....thats kinda hypocritical. Tyler, Cole, Billy
  • Blake from Hamilton, OhThis song is one of their longest. It's making a reference to the Garden of Eden which is in Genesis. "Walk with me my little child." It's God's point of view about Adam and Eve eating the fruit.
  • Sean from Ft. Myers, FlI think this song doesn't start in Eden, but the Garden of Gethsemane. This was the garden Jesus waited in and talked to God until he was taken away. But I don't know about the lines "Why can't you see that you are my child? Why don't you know that you are my mind?" because Jesus never denied that he was God's son.

    The Forest of Denial is also questionable. Obviously, "Turn the forest into wine" pertains to the Miracles (water to wine).

    The forest to desert thing could also pertain to when Jesus was tempted by the devil in the desert.

    There was once an interview with Serj and John in Kerrang! magazine about this song.

    Serj - "You know how a pedophile looks at a young boy? Like someone is looking at their own mind."

    John - "I don't know what that meant."

    Serj - "The people can define it for themselves."

    This song may just mean whatever the person interpreting it sees it to be.
  • Sam from Tracy, CaThis song is a different point of view for chop suey. its from GODs point of view and how he didnt forsake Jesus and that he loves him very much."Why can't you see that you are my child?
    Why don't you know that you are my mind?
    Tell everyone in the world that I'm you
    Take this promise to the end of you"
  • Mike from Maryland, GaOk I am in a family inbeded by religion as my mother is catholic and my father is jewish and as my uncle is Muslim(I am White though). I have heard m any stories about all religiouns(Major Religouns). now i am not disagreeing with either you about teh hole adam and eve thing but, have you ever actualy thought of the bible and relized how...much it actualy says that isnt accurate. God is money. we created god to create an example of how we got here and why we are here but it doesnt have to be real. it is much easier to live your life thinking about living it not about living in fear but living it the way it is ment to be lived most reeligoungs root from one man Besides Jesus of course Eizach he is in teh Qur'an the Bible and in the Torah in my words he is a true prophet but not as a prophet from god but a prophet on how to live ure life he created parts of teh books to show an "agenda" if u will on how to live your life but over time people have changed it teh storys are nothinfg morew but Fary tales now changed storys that may or may not be true...
  • Lars from South Of Heaven, NmDude this song is so much fun to play on the drums like you have no fing clue
  • Tyler from Midland, TxCole, you don't know what you're talking about. It was only one tree called "The Knowledge Of Good And Evil" So, shutup. :)
  • Sarah from Auckland, New Zealand"The fool says in his heart, "There is no God"
    - Psalms 14:1
  • Cole from Greenville, Txyou know billy ross, in genesis, adam and eve were not allowed to eat from TWO trees, the tree of knowledge, witch they ate from, and the tree of life. The tree of life is now gaurded by cherubem and a sword that swist in every direction. Just correcting.
  • Brianna from Tville, Flsystem of a down rocks with their political songs
  • Dale from Columbia, Sc"The nation that denies God shall not prosper."
  • Dale from Columbia, ScThis song uses the previous as a parallel. Serj Tankian is Armenian, a former Soviet Republic. The Forest (read Billington's "Icon and the Axe")provides a common symbol to connect many levels of meaning. The song is about the failure of Soviet aithiesm to modernize the world and liberate it from economic a spiritual opression. Moscow is located in a northern forest, and became associated with this since the middle ages. Kiev, in the southern feilds, had a golden age of faith until they were sacked by the khans. The Rus entered a dark age. Spiritual leadership moved to Moscow. A doctrine of a "Third Rome" became prevailent and pervaded the dominant form of Russian Christianity. Centuries later, under Ivan the Formidable, Moscow consolidated its power over the lands. Russian monastic traditions were currupted as monasteries were used as prisons. Forest uses this early definition to refer to Soviet Moscow as the capitol of world athiesm. The bridge of the song is actually a paraphrase of a dissilussioned Soviet writer's last publicized words(Blok?) The "child" as a symbol also derives from Blok's words. No telivisions is a symbol of no utopian living standards. No circumsicions refers to ceased passing on of faith. Making the weapons refers to the Soviet's only industrial export product that succeded in bringing income to Russia or ideological spread: first rate military weapons in high quantities.
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