Album: System Of A Down (1998)
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  • This song is about marijuana, the drug of choice for System Of A Down at this time. In the liner notes to the album, they state that a World Health Organization report showed that pot was safer than alcohol or tobacco, but that report was suppressed under political pressure.

    This being the '90s, the "war on drugs" was still being fought, with millions sent to jail for marijuana possession.

    Without the liner note, it was be hard to know what position the song is taking; much of it is lead singer Serj Tankian repeating, "Don't you ever get stuck in the sky."
  • "Peephole" is a good example of the unpredictable lunacy found on SOAD's first album. Produced by their label boss, Rick Rubin, the song goes in many musical directions, with some folk music and circus-like sounds mixed in. Lyrically, it's filled with fake moons and crying mermaids, but not the title.

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  • Who Am I from Fl.what are you guys talking about? Lol. obviously this song is about getting high and why the government can't sell it to you so it's illegal in most states. and where did you guys get "looking through girls locker rooms?" I mean come on guys I know that it's SOAD but that's just not right. anyway this song is by far my favorite. make me laugh every time. anyway, just my opinion.
  • Bazel from The SkyI used to loved this song and System of a Down and I still do. Today I started reading The Satanic Verses by Salmon Rushdie and the lyrics of this song are on the first page, google it and it’ll probably come up. I’m pretty sure Serj Tankian is making a shout out to Salmon Rushdie and that book with this song.
  • Aquello from SpainSerj Tankian (whisky a Go Go, 11/6 /97) :
    "This song is about f--king getting hiiiigh"

    I think it's pretty obvious that they are describing a psychedelic trip. Probably cannabis (for those who think that's not hard enough, please... Cannabis can be relatively safe and common, but it's an extremely powerful drug).

    I think it's about cannabis because I think that in the song they are referring to a situation that is very common amongst cannabis users:paranoia.

    "Do you believe when you are high that your life is tried?"
    I think that line refers to the feeling of being spied by someone, probably the police.
    I was a hardcore pothead many years ago, and I found myself standing there, in front of the door, watching through the peephole, waiting for the police to show up at any moment, way too many times.
    Sometimes I could even hear the motherf--kers coming upstairs!

    I think that's what they mean when they say to "don't ever get stuck in the sky when you are high".

    They mean that if you have that feeling, if you feel threatened, just try to relax and come down to the earth because probably it's just your brain playing mind games.
    That's why it's called peephole.

    I don't know.. Maybe it makes no sense, but for me that's the meaning. Plus, the atmosphera of the song is funny, but also kind of dark, like misterious or even little bit creepy
  • Will from Las Vegas, NvAs for who said it was about how hard it is to fly now-a-days, you better of been kidding. If you like their music as much as you make it seem, you would know this song is from before 9-11. And for it being peeping on girls, they do not make metaphors for sex, they come out and say "My Cock is bigger than yours, it can walk right through that door." Sex is simple thing of human nature, so they don't hide it.
  • Will from Las Vegas, NvIt makes me think that none of you have ever been high. Only a couple people had it right. So let's analyze this, cause it is a lyrically sparse song.
    If you notice each analogy he makes is the opposite of what it can do, stars can't be baked, they are balls of fire; rivers can't fly due to gravity; we know the moon is real and that mermaids are not. In the end you are left with the understanding of why people do drugs: to escape the rules of reality and see what you want.

    The real question is what drug is it he means, as it has to be a heavy for Serj to tell you to not get stuck in the sky. Peephole is a direct relation to Needles, another fantastic song, which refers to a "tapeworm-meth/crack cocaine" being a beast you feed inside you that keeps growing the more you use.
  • Bobabuie from Orlando, FlIn all seriousness...S.O.A.D (Serj, Daron, Shavo and John ) is pure genius.
  • Bobabuie from Orlando, FlThis song is clearly about what a pain it is flying these days. "Did you ever get stuck in the sky" Endless lines and then the idiots at TSA making the mermaids cry in the line, all because you faked mooning them.
  • Mike from Phoenix, Az@suite-pee from OH. You give all stoners a bad name as you obviously have no idea what your talking about. Its not pot, nor is it Marijuana. Its Cannabis if you want to get technical. Cannabis was made illegal in 1937 due to several contributing factors. Most of all because of William Randolph Hearst who was a very wealthy man and a timber tycoon. He saw that Cannabis was a cheap, safe alternative and could crush his industry should it be utilized properly. He ran a smear campaign against it claiming that it caused violence in Mexicans, Blacks and other minorities.
    As for not getting high enough "even with Dank" to have some sort of mind altering, trip like sensation, you A.) don't smoke correctly, b.) Dont smoke at all, and/or C.) Smoke some s--tty ass "dank"

    OT: The lyrics are definitely about some kind of psychadelic sensation. Perhaps shrooms and/or weed.
  • Jean-pierre from Grants Pass , AlOk im just going to go ahead and quote from Bill Hicks here about the whole drug debate going on "Imagine God on the last day looking down on earth when suddenly he goes Oh s--t I left f--king POT everywhere! I should have never smoked that joint on the third day (thats when i created the platypus). Now people are going to think they have to USE IT. Now i have to invent republicans. And God Wept.
  • Suite-pee from Columbus, OhIts Pot,not marijuana.No f*kn pothead calls in marijuana.I know.I am one.Now, learn your f*kn history. Pot was made illegal around the turn of the 20th century because it was mostly used by mexican immigrants and our all seeing all knowing f*kn government thought it would be a good way to cure the problem.Like a bullet wouldn't of worked.Wtf? Seriously though, how the f*k can u think a song about doing drugs isn't SOAD?Jim? that is f*kn classic Daron through and through! Who,by the way,is also a pothead!As for the drug Serj is singing about I'm not real sure but I personally think its something much harder than pot.The song is clearly about getting lost in your mind when you're high on anything I just could never get that high on weed.Not even dank.Not high enough for my moon to be fake or my mermaids to cry.Think about it before something really retarded or obvious falls from your mind.
  • Dude from Los Angeles, CaIn the album System of a Down, a footnote appeared before the lyrics in the booklet. It stated:
    "The February 18th edition of Britan's NEW SCIENTIST magazine stated that the Geneva-based World Health Organization suppressed, under political pressure, a report which confirmed that marijuana is safer than either alcohol or tobacco.:
  • William from Moose Jaw, SkMarijuana is psychologically worse than smoking and alcohol so they made it illegal. Its worse because the euphoria you get from it is much greater so you subconsciously (or sometimes even consciously) get addicted to that euphoria and so you want to do it more and more often because it makes you feel good. However, like any drug (alcohol, cigarettes, methamphetamine, etc.) doing it in excess is a bad idea because they all effect your mind (hence the euphoria) which isn't healthy seeing as how you are changing it in a way that it wasn't meant to be changed. So smoking marijuana isn't a bad thing if you are smart about it. However, seeing as how it's illegal, there are better alternatives (such as alcohol and to a much lesser extent cigarettes) to get that "high."
  • Ryan from San Jose, Cai have another thing to say although it doesnt really have to do with the song but with the quote "The government will not make cannabis legal because they can't necessarily sell it to you. You can grow the damn thing because it's nature's beauty." First of all just because someone can grow something doesnt mean they are gunu bother, for example people can easily grow vegetable plants but yet very few and most just buy from grocery stores, i know people who have cannabis cards and they can legally grow like 6 plants or something yet they dont bother and just buy from clubs and that is already taxed. another thing the quality of weed you would get from a store would probably be better than if you grew it in your backyard. i believe the most likely reason they wont legalize it is because they are stubborn and dont want to admit they made a mistake by illegalizing it.
  • Ryan from San Jose, CaDude it doesnt matter what drug he is singing about he is just saying be carefull about what you do and dont ever over do it and get to high. Getting stuck in the sky = getting to high
  • Ark from Awesome, PaWell I think this song is about how that newspaper article is encouraging people to smoke weed. "Don't you ever get stuck in the sky" might be saying to not abuse drugs and wanting people to not use it as much, because if it wasn't such a problem, the jails wouldn't be filled so much. It could also mean that soad thinks that the government is making weed a problem by making it illegal. So I personally think that this is about drug abuse, but if soad wants us to each have our own interpretations, then thats what they mean.
  • Brandon from Beaver Dam, Wiits not about shrooms or watching chicks shower!.... it IS about Pot and the effects for using it to run away from you problem. you get a deep sub-conscious addiction for using it it this means... read up on it people!! thankx
  • Jamesram from Duke, NcHmm.. ok I do agree that this partially about drugs.
    Namely though the interpertation varies not neccesarilly what it 100% means.
    I believe that it refers to how easily are reality is comprimisable and how things such as drugs, News, etc. can change are views on almost anything. Namely also how most of us are sheltered from the colder reality then what we know now. "When your moon is fake,
    And your mermaids cry. When your tunnel fades,
    And your guide is shy." I believe this refers to how we are fooled, wool pulled over are eyes causing us to believe false realities, almost like a fairy tale. Of course that's my interpertation but that's just me.
  • Andrew from Easton, PaI LOVE this song. It's so hilarious with the tuba in it. The solo's amazing, it took me a couple days to learn it.
  • Brittany from Rainy River, CanadaRick, don't be a did you come up with the idea of this song being about watching girls shower from the line 'when your moon is fake, and your mermaids cry...'??? i am very confused..i mean really, look at the line 'dont you ever get stuck in the sky when youre high' (emphasis on the word HIGH fool)
  • Blake from Hamilton, OhNow that I think about it, Rick could be right! Good job Rick. I never thought of it like that?
  • Rick from Columbus, GaYou people are crazy. All you have to do is read the lyrics and it's obhvious this is about looking through a tiny hole into the girls locker room. What this has to do with drugs I got no idea.

    When your moon is fake/
    And your mermaids cry

    That's about nothing but watching girls take showers! C'mon!
  • Jacob from Greenfield, MoAnything can be a gateway drug. It's mainly because people try to "Get stuck in the sky" in the first place that people try harder drugs. "Don't you ever get stuck in the sky" could possibly mean don't smoke weed to try and complelty escape reality, you'll never get there.
  • Danny from Edmonton, Canadaanyone who thinks this song is about shrooms is stupid shrooms are phisically imposible to get addicted to trust me I know plus theres that little info bit on the booklet
  • Danny from Edmonton, Canadai want t first off say all the people who say marijuana is only iiligal is because people would grow it is bull marijuana is a gateway drug i know because i tryed weed thinking it would be all i ever tryed then weed wasnt good enough anymore (never get stuck in the sky) i myself got stuck in the sky and when you get stuck in the sky (addicted) espesially for weed it looses its fun and you need other stuff i managed not to get stuck in the sky with the shrooms coke pills acid and whatnot though
  • Blake from Hamilton, OhDefinitely about a mind controling drug. Even though I don't really like this song, it has a great meaning. Marajuana is safer then cigarettes and beer. So why isn't it legal? In my opinion it's because they can't find a way to tax it. People would just grow it in their backyard. Yeah that's the ONLY reason why. Believe me.
  • Cel from Philadelphia, PaThis was the first SOAD song I heard and it's been my fave one ever since.
  • Justin from Mesa, AzThis song is about marijuana and how many other drugs and alcohol are much more life threatening and dangerous. Weed has no Physical addiction like alcohol and ciggarettes do. It may have a mental addiction, but the only reason it is a mental addiction is because it is an escape from your life and problems you have. in the song "Do you believe, when you're high, that your life is tried?" it means do you think when you are high that you are testing death. maybe it causes cancer but so breathing in general. you are born with cancer there are just some choices that can increase it as Tyler brought up Serj said: The government will not make cannabis legal because they can't necissarily sell it to you. You can grow the damn thing because it's nature's beauty.
    And to you Matt, Fort Myers, FL the song means the complete opposite of what you said SOAD is for the legalixzing of weed, not against it.
  • Tyler from Victoria, CanadaQuote:
    "This mental addiction is probably the only reason marijuana is illegal today, realistically."

    Serj: The government will not make cannabis legal because they can't necissarily sell it to you. You can grow the damn thing because it's nature's beauty.

    He said that live.
  • Dennis from Toledo, OhFirst off, marijuana is a mildly hallucinogenic drug. It depends on the person and the dose.

    Second, the whole point of this song is that marijuana is the only major drug that's not addictive. Nicotine, alcohol, and even caffeine are all addictive, as well as almost every illegal drug. Marijuana has no physical addiction potential.

    Why, then, do many people seem to smoke weed all the time? It's because being high can be a convenient escape from real life for a while. People become mentally addicted by using marijuana to constantly run away from their problems.

    That's what this song is about... not doing that. "Do you believe, when you're high, that your life is tried?" is just what it says... a question about whether your life has problems, and whether you realise this when you're stoned. If you do, you can become 'stuck in the sky'... in a situation where you'd rather be high all the time than deal with your problems.

    It's not addressed in the song, but it is hinted at in the liner notes... This mental addiction is probably the only reason marijuana is illegal today, realistically. Look at how many people abuse alcohol and other drugs as an escape.
  • Matt from Fort Myers, Fl"don't you ever get stuck in the sky" means dont get addicted to being high nad marijuana
  • Paul from Otter Lake, MiI think it's about an acid trip gone awry. I know somebody who tried LSD in the 70s and everything she saw was purple for 3 days straight. She didn't sleep, she didn't eat, and she couldn't make it end. That's what I call getting stuck in the sky.
  • Lars from South Of Heaven, NmThats right people. Dont ever get stuck in the sky. One of my all time favorite songs from the self titled album. Ahh mkany a bowl i smoked to that song.
  • Daniel from Woodland Hills, Cai believe this song is about how drug users use drugs like marijuana to exist in a sort of 'fantasy world' (stuck in the sky). It is also about coming to the realization that this fantasy world does not exist, and is about this illusion being broken.
  • Max from New York, NyIf you look at the book inside, the band is listing statistical analysis of the safety of Weed over tobacco and booze. Never tried acid, shrooms, eh i don't know maybe. I think they brought up weed for a reason.
  • Ian from New York, NyI have to agree with gutterslut on this one. The lyrics scream acid trip.
  • Gabriel Maclean from Toronto, CanadaPretty simple, its about marijuana
  • Gutterslut from Sacramento, United StatesActually this song is about psychedelic mushrooms, and not marijuana. Anybody who has heard of/tried both drugs would notice that the lyrics swerve more toward a hallucenitive sounding high. You do not hallucinate on marijuana. Trust me. I know.
  • Blair from Wellington, New ZealandOne of my favourite songs to listen to while high, actually...
  • Amanda from Mineral Ridge, OhWow scott you sure know a lot about SOAD. Thats pretty cool.
  • Jim from Hartford, CtWhen i bought the CD i wasn't listening to this song because i thought it wasn't what SOAD's music would sound like, but I left my cd player playing this song and now it is one of my favorites.
  • Scott Baldwin from Edmonton, CanadaAlso,may i add that it easy that this is about drugs."dont ever get stuck in the sky when youre HIGH".its easy.
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