Album: Hypnotize (2005)
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  • This song is about the media and how sometimes it brainwashing people into resorting to violence. This is evident in the lines, "You and me should go outside and beat 'em beat 'em beat 'em beat 'em beat 'em beat 'em" and, "Realize you're blind, and we're out of time, it will show your mind."
  • One of the shorter System Of A Down songs, this one runs 2:54. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Yuya - Kyoto, Japan, for above 2
  • SOAD bass player Shavo Odadjian gets a writing credit on this song along with the band's primary songwriters, guitarist Daron Malakian and lead singer Serj Tankian.
  • "U-Fig" was released on the band's fifth album, Hypnotize, which ended up being their last. They broke up a year later, and when they returned to action in 2010, they had no trouble playing live but couldn't come to terms on making an album. "U-Fig" is one they rarely played live, but did show up from time to time in their setlists after their reunion.

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  • Anon from AnonJacob, SOAD isn't nu-metal, they're alt metal
  • Milad from Lattakia, Syrian Arab RepublicSOAD are an Alternative Metal - Hard Rock Band
  • Matt from Houston, TxThey are definately not nu metal.
  • Attila from Dunavarsány, HungarySOAD is not nu-metal, this is an average length song (compared to other SOAD songs), and I too hear hick instead of geeks
  • Ark from Awesome, Pa36 is like 57 seconds
  • Esq08 from Istanbul, Turkeysoad is NOT nu-metal! and they hate this label about them!
  • Daron from Petaluma, CaThis is a good song. SOAD are Nu-Metal so they don't have solos. I was wondering what this song was about bcuz they changed the meanings around in the middle of the song.................................

    Jacob, they have a bunch of solos just not in this song
    ////////////and i think this song is about how crazy this world has become with voilence and global warming

  • Joshua from Parsons, KsIt didn't say it IS the shortest they said it is ONE OF the shortest.
  • Jacob from Somewhere, United StatesThis is a good song. SOAD are Nu-Metal so they don't have solos.
    I was wondering what this song was about bcuz they changed the meanings around in the middle of the song.
  • Graeme from Carluke, ScotlandThe name, U-FIG, may refer to part of the lyrics. You (U) Flag-waving (F) Ignorant (I) Geeks (G). U-FIG. see.
  • Blake from Hamilton, OhFirst of all this is not one of the shortest SOAD songs. Actually, for a SOAD song this is average length. D-Devil is only 1:42, and look at Joel's comments on this song. He's aboslutely correct. Anyway I hated the song anyway and no I don't agree with this one.
  • Chaz from Richmond, Vawhat a gay arguement. i think that the guitar solos in the middle are absolutely gorgeous. i know the lyrics read "all you pathetic ignorant flag waving geeks" (or something like that) but im about 92% sure they actually say hicks. they dont want to offend thier red neck base.
  • Petrified Monkey from South Park, CoEasyest intro ive played in a while
  • Justin from Freehold, Njum..since were gonna attack people to the TEE-mind and aerials arent on id say he owns more than just the one guess ur not teh greatest fan are ya buddy
  • Rusty from Houston, Txnot one of the longer ones.....Mind - 6:18, Aerials - 6:11, Holy Mountains - 5:28, Lost in Hollywood - not going to waste my time putting more, but you get the idea... and 2:54 is a really short song, an average song is about 4 min...
  • Joel from Stockholm, SwedenOne of the shortest songs? I'd say the opposite.
    Suite-Pee runs 2:31
    Sugar runs 2:33
    Suggestion runs 2:44
    Ddevil runs 1:43(...)
    War? runs 2:40
    CUBErt runs 1:49
    Darts runs 2:42
    Jet Pilot runs 2:06
    X runs 1:58
    Bounce 1:54
    Science runs 2:43
    Shimmy runs 1:51
    Virginity runs 1:59
    Kill Rock N' Roll runs 2:27
    She's Like Heroin runs 2:44
    Lonely Day runs 2:47
    Soldier Side - Intro runs 1:03
    Cigaro runs 2:11
    This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This Song runs 2:08
    Chic 'N' Stu runs 2:23
    Innervision runs 2:33
    Bubbles runs 1:56
    Boom! runs 2:14
    Nüguns runs 2:30
    36 runs 0:46(.....)
    Pictures runs 2:06
    F*** The System runs 2:12
    Thetawaves runs 2:36

    U-Fig is actually among the longer SOAD songs. Didn't you bother checking, do you only own Hypnotize, or did you just skip all the mathematics classes in school?
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