The Weekend
by SZA

Album: CTRL (2017)
Charted: 55 29


  • SZA plays the role of a time sharing lover on this THANKGOD4CODY produced slow-burner:

    Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
    I just keep him satisfied through the weekend
    You're like 9 to 5, I'm the weekend

    Speaking to Vulture about the track, SZA said:

    "Time-sharing a man is real AF. If we're all being honest there's very few men that are just dating one woman. I think, low-key, the internet makes it so difficult [to be in relationships] because we're taking in so much information.

    There's always new, new, new, more, more, more. Having one person seems like a restriction, like a limitation. Everyone's used to being overstimulated. I feel like men kind of do this thing where they don't wanna tell anyone about [who they're with], because they don't want to lose the opportunity to potentially call you if they needed to. Not saying that they would, but they need the option.

    So in this song, I'm opting in. Like, I know you have a bunch of girls, probably. Maybe you're not being honest with me - I just know that you have mad girls - and I still don't care, because I didn't want to be your girlfriend anyway! I'm not internalizing the way that you're acting as a disrespect towards me, it doesn't make me any less because you're not my boyfriend. And like, you're not her boyfriend, and you're not her boyfriend. You're just out here wildin'."
  • Some fans interpreted the song's lyrics to be about dating a taken man on the weekend and allowing his girlfriend to have him for the remaining days. However SZA tweeted they are actually about three girls sharing the same guy :

    "My man is MY man Is YOUR man heard thts HER man too : thts 3 women ..Not two. all getting played. one opted out."

    SZA added that she's "singing from every perspective."
  • Memphis producer ThankGod4Cody's instrumentation was made with SZA in mind, He told Genius. "I was trying to make her like, just give her this alley-oop in the form of a beat, And she caught that s--t, and did a slick windmill on it."
  • The producer was initially surprised by SZA's lyrics about sharing a man in a relationship. "It's just a crazy concept, I would have never thought it would have went that way," ThankGod4Cody said. "She really just did her thing on there, really came with a concept that's controversial on some levels." It's cool, because at least it's starting a conversation, and it's getting people's attention."
  • The Solange-directed visual shows SZA dancing in a deserted parking garage, high up on an art-deco apartment complex balcony and inside an empty building. SZA told MTV News about her experience working with Beyonce's sister:

    "She really sees the world maybe differently than I did. We both have taste, but it expresses in different ways. Her expression of shapes and the usage of color and her feeling of negative space, it's very abstract. I'm a very whimsical person, but just in a different way. Her whimsy is so refined, and exciting and very mysterious. It's cool. I feel like when I work with anybody, you're combining your ideas and thoughts, but normally my whimsy overpowers everything. I'm just like, 'Bring the butterflies, bring the children. Where's the glitter?' This was different. This was beautiful and very Solange."
  • "The Weekend" was the highest-charting track off CTR, peaking at #29. However the song itself didn't mean as much to SZA as it did to her fans. She recalled to The Fader: "I cared so little about that song. I made that song in two seconds. That was like a throwaway, and then it was like, 'What about that 'Weekend' thing?'"


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