Album: Stoicville: The Phoenix (2013)


  • This reflective song finds T-Pain ditching the Auto-Tune as he raps about his life and career. The Florida native spares few details as he describes the trials and tribulations of being bullied as a child, his alcohol abuse and struggles in the music industry.

    The same n---a that told me I had a hit
    Charged me 300 to put it off in his mix,
    Now suicide lookin' better than hittin' a lick
    'Cause the whole time he knew that I was livin' out my whip

    T-Pain described the song's purpose as "airing everything out and letting my past be the past and basically starting anew."
  • The song is the title track of T-Pain's fifth studio album. "Stoicville is where everybody is stoic-where nobody has emotions," explained T-Pain to The New Yorker. "You don't get s--t from anybody in Stoicville. That's the town for me. That's where I want to live."


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