Number Five With A Bullet

Album: Where You Want To Be (2004)
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  • This song is about deciding to have sex with your partner. The line, "Just get dressed don't do this," is telling her they don't need to have sex; she should give him a chance to have a relationship without sex at the beginning. The line, "Are you positive?" could be asking, "Are you sure you want to do this?" or asking if she's been tested. >>
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  • "Number five, with a bullet" is a line from the movie High Fidelity. John Cusack's character, Rob, almost obsessively does top 5 lists, and starts the film with his top five breakups in chronological order. As he goes through the film, he explains how the breakups happened, and reveals that the girl in his number 5 slot he put there to keep his most recent breakup, Laura, out of the top five. But Laura is seeing a man Rob hates, and enters the number five slot, "with a bullet." >>
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  • Melody from Danville, VaI think the song might be about a girl who can't make up her mind, can't decide whether or not she wants to be with the guy, and so he puts up with her indecision for as long as he can, but finally gives up and decides to call the relationship off. The whole verse about, "It's a long way back south (to where I belong) Well you've been there once or twice (and you still don't like it) I say you just never gave it a chance. (Well give me a chance)" refers to the fact that the girl doesn't feel like the guy is good enough or will even give him a chance. I think the "We're gonna die like this you know, miserable and old" is the guy saying that if thgeir relationship keeps going on like this, things will never change and neither of them will ever be happy.
  • Thomas Chase from Wellsville, NyI think the song is about the battle between Taking Back Sunday and Brand New. Many lyrics of the two bands are aimed at each other. My idea is that "miserable and old" is just defying Brand New's "Die young". Also "were going to die like this you know" is the lyrical attacks on one another. But thats the only part of the song i believe this.
  • Beanface from Goole, EnglandTaking Back Sunday and Brand New are rival bands; when it is talking about sex and dying 'miserable and old' it is a reference to the song Sic Transit Gloria - Glory Fades by Brand New which is about sex and has the line "Die young and save yourself".
  • Faramarz from Sterling, Vamaybe someones tired of waiting for a girl to decide between him and another person. hes saying if she keeps up like this theyre not gonna get anywhere. so hes pleading with her and finally he just says 'when we get home were through' and that hes done with waiting and hes finally gonna pack up and leave.
  • Warrenhbw from Norwich, EnglandNo i agree with the film bit, as if i remember rightly the couple form High Fedelity towards the end list there top 5 songs about there relationship and a Miles Davis song is top.

    "spend the night listening to Miles Davis"
  • Nick from Crofton, Mdi dont think i agree with that i think its about 2 people in a relationship and he is sick of aguing all the time "just get dressed dont do this" is sayin just get dressed and stop arguing "were gunna die like this u know missrible and old" there gunna keep arguing till there old
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