You're So Last Summer

Album: Tell All Your Friends (2002)


  • This song seems to be about a couple who split up during the summer and are expressing how they feel about the relationship. The girl's bit is the first verse: she cheated on him but it didn't mean anything compared to what he feels ("The grass stains on my knees don't mean a thing"). The second verse is the guy telling the girl he can't lie to her, and that he's missed her and he forgives her no matter what: "If you could slit my throat, with my one last gasping breath I'd apologize for bleeding on your shirt." The chorus is saying they miss each other. They should hate each other but don't. >>
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  • Heather from Patchogue, NyThe title of this song most likely doesn't mean anything. Taking Back Sunday gets most of their song titles at random. Adam has said that he has flipped through TV Guide or flipped channels for song titles. They either used the name of the show or used the episode title. Now that being said, I bet all you TBS fans had an "oh yeah!!" Moment.
    Thank you, - Heather, New York
  • Maxx from Fort Atkinson, WiMy favorite part of this song. 'The truth is you could slit my throat an with my one last gasping breath I'd apolagize for bleeding on your shirt'. I love it.. Just cuz its soo true ^-^
  • Adam from Band, Orlmao i can't believe i actaully just realized this is a perfect song XD
  • Dani from Chicago, Ilthis is about wanting to hate someone so badly but you just can't. "maybe i should hate you for this, never really did every quite get that far."
  • Charlene from Maryville, Tni think this song is about a girl telling a guy that he isnt all that. she fell for him in the beginning, but then she found out that he was like everyone else (boys like you are a dime a dozen) she tells him not to let the fact that she liked him go to his head.... it doesnt mean anything anymore... she has begged and pleaded with him to change, but he won't so she has given up (these grass stains on my knees wont mean a thing) she wants him to miss her, but she cant stay mad at him long enough for that to happen. she says that he could basically kill her and she would say its my fault... i am sorry ( you could slit my throat, and with my one last gasping breath id apologize for bleeding on your shirt)
  • Renee from Port Orange, FlThe line "These grass stains on my knees, they don't mean a thing," don't mean that the girl cheated but it meant nothing to her. It means that she is on her knees, begging, and he doesn't care. He's a lush - a drunk. And he isn't going to listen to her pleas.
  • Cecily from Redding, CaThe title "You're so last Summer" means just that. It's the person trying to convince themself that the other doesn't mean anything to them.
  • Bob from Milford, CtI think this song is about a guy and girl that split up. It doesn't phase the girl at all but the boy is really upset. "You could slit my throat" means that he loves her so much that he wouldn't care what she did because he thinks it would be what she would want.
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