Paper Rings

Album: Lover (2019)
Charted: 45
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  • In this joyful song, Swift has found the guy she's ready to spend the rest of her life with, in good times and bad. She likes shiny jewelry, but she'd marry him with paper rings if she had to, because he's all she really needs.

    "This song talks about true love, and if you really find true love, you probably don't really care what the symbolism of that love is," Swift said in a Spotify storyline. "Material things wouldn't matter to you anymore if you found someone that you just wanted to live your life with."
  • This song fits the theme of Swift's Lover album, which finds her refreshed and receptive to positive vibes after dealing with the haters and the dirty-dirty cheats that influenced much of her previous album, Reputation.
  • Swift wrote and produced this song with Jack Antonoff, who collaborated on about half the songs on the album. Musically, they used "throwback sounds," on this track, avoiding anything that sounded too modern.
  • Many songs about unconditional love are all wine and roses, but in this one, Swift's relationship stands of a solid foundation built on the flaws they've accepted in one another and the difficult times they've been through:

    Without all the exes, fights, and flaws
    We wouldn't be standing here so tall

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