Teardrops on My Guitar

Album: Taylor Swift (2006)
Charted: 51 13
  • Written by Taylor Swift and Liz Rose, this song of unrequited love is based on a true experience during Taylor's schooldays when she had a crush on a boy she was friends with. However there was no chance of him reciprocating her feelings as he already had a girlfriend whom he was madly in love with and he used to tell Swift all about her.

    In an interview with the HMV magazine, Taylor revealed that this song was written for a boy named Drew, who only ever saw her as a friend, despite Taylor having feelings for him. She went on to explain what happened when he realized the song was about him. Said Taylor: "About two years after the album came out in the States, he showed up in my driveway. Apparently he and his girlfriend had broken up so that was his first stop when he was back in town. I was like 'you are so late, y'know. If you'd stopped by right after the album came out then that would be one thing, but…' I remember reading on his MySpace page one time 'My name's Drew and I have a famous song written about me. Email me and I'll give you details.' I was like, right, wow, note taken."
  • The guy Swift wrote this song about was later revealed to be Drew Hardwick. In 2015, he and his wife, Joni, were arrested in Hendersonville, Tennessee on charges of child abuse.
  • This song had two different chart runs on the Hot 100. It was originally a country hit and charted on the Hot 100 based on its success in the country format. As a result of the success of it's follow-up, "Our Song," a remix of "Teardrops on My Guitar" was released to Pop and Adult Contemporary radio. They gave it sufficient airplay to give it a second life on the Hot 100.
  • Taylor Swift was 17 when this was released (it was her second single, following "Tim McGraw"). She became the first teen country star to make a major crossover into the pop charts since LeAnn Rimes. This seemed like a pretty big deal at the time, but her pop breakout was just one step in Swift's journey toward becoming one of the biggest stars of the following decade.
  • Tyler Hilton, who played Chris Keller on the TV show One Tree Hill, played the boy in this video. Hilton is also a singer/songwriter.
  • This is available in both country and pop mixes. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bertrand - Paris, France, for above 3
  • This was iTunes #1 selling country single in 2007.
  • From the start, Swift had a propensity for putting the names of real guys in her songs - typically former love interests. "Drew" shows up in this one, and "Cory" is the name of the guy in "Stay Beautiful," another track from the album. These were both real people, but unlike many of the fellows who would find themselves in Swift's later lyrics, they were not in the public eye.
  • This song won the prestigious Song of the Year award at the 2008 Annual BMI Country Awards. It was honored for receiving more airplay in the past year than any other country song.
  • On the Billboard 200 chart dated November 7, 2009, Taylor Swift logged its 157th week on the chart. In doing so it overtook the 156 weeks spent by Nickelback's All the Right Reasons, giving the album the longest stay on the survey by any release in the 21st century.

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  • Jillian from AmericaI can totally relate to this song. I have had a crush for a long long time. He now has a girlfriend and doesn't think the same way about me. She is jealous but becoming it less and less. But their wedding day is going to remind me of her song Speak now.
  • Prerana Niranjan from Mysore, IndiaIts the same with me and Taylor Swift. Boys can get soooo rude!!!!!!But, They are still cute!!!
  • Morganne from Enumclaw, WaI love this song so much!!!! i use to be able to relate to this song when my crush, now my boyfriend, was totally in love with some one else and he had no clue that i was so so so in love with him!!!
  • Ronny from London, United Kingdomanother song that remind me of a friend. she likes this boy,he has a girlfriend....its well the same old story. lovee this song btw! :) <3 x
  • Rochelle from Davao, Philippinesi love anything about her songs the lyrics and the tone im your number 1 fun ... kip up the good work
  • Amir from Franklin Tn , Tntouching song
  • Breanna from Henderson, NvThis song is so sad yet I love it. This is one of the few Taylor Swift songs I actualy like.
  • Anita from Citrus Heights, Cathis is a great song! and good 4 taylor..that dude drew probably regrets not giving her a chance.. haha =)
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnThis girl can't sing a lick.
  • Rachel from Brighton, United Kingdomi love this song! i heard it on tv and i was like... 'did she just say Drew?' because that name kinda has relevance to me lol.
  • Natalie. from Beverly Hills , Cai love this song. it makes me cry everytime i listen to it. unfortunately i'm experiencing the same thing taylor did in this song right now...
  • Nicole from Brisbane, Australiai love this song it is awesome. its sad but it is wicked. lol drew is a cool name too random
    I can relate...a little...
    unrequited love...like romeo and rosaline...but lol he had juliet now....they died to gether...cute.
    love this song to bits!
  • Kennedy from Newport, WaI looove this song so much!!!!!!! and like a lot of people, I can defimitely relate to it cause I'm in the very same situation!! rock on, taylor swift.
  • Sara from Akron, Paim in 8th grade i knew this guy from kindergarden and he has a girl fraend its so hared to whach it i rily like him. and my freaind hate him it so hared to pretend i dont like him i dont have many frindes so im afraed to say mi do ples help me!!!!!
  • Jessie from Dallas, TxI looove this song!! Makes me so sad
  • Jessica from Birmingham, AlIt's really kind of funny because I'm from Alabama and I HATE country and pop music...I'm a rocker chick- but I love this song!!!! It's probably because I really do know this guy named Drew and I really do play guitar and I really do have feelings for Drew, so it's like, "Wow, I really do understand where she's coming from..."
  • Kaitlyn from Grovedale, AbI really like this song. It's about A guy named drew who Taylor was in love with. He would talk to her everyday...ABOUT HIS GIRLFRIEND!!! That's where you are all like OMG!!
  • Katie from Los Banos, CaI want to go punch "Drew" in the face cuz he could be dating a totally pretty famous singer instead of that other girl
    The girl in the video reminds me of Sara Paxton
  • Heather from El Paso, TxThis song is grat because so many people can relate to it when I hear this song it always reminds me of this guy I knew for years and I liked him so much but he started dating this girl and I would hear about them being together from him and everybody else and make me feel horrible because I had to pretend not to care which was so hard for me
  • Courtney from Salt Lake City, UtI can relate to this song so much right now. The love of my life, my soul mate and who I thought I would spend the rest of my life with, Kale, is getting married in less than a month. When he told me over text I literally just broke down and lost it. I don't think I have ever felt so lost and miserable in my life, so I feel Taylor's pain in this song.
  • Clare from Dallas, Txi've always heard htis song on the radio, but i sat down, listened to it and saw the video, and just broke down. it made me think of my best friend who i am head over heels for, but hes in a relationship.
    word for word, that song is how i feel.
  • Lonely_1 from Fresno, Casorry to say, i hate country music and i think the tune of this song is boring and kinda repetitive. however, the lyrics are sooooo true to my life that i can't help listening to this song and relating to it! if only HE knew.....
  • Bethanii from Okc, Okthis song is so crazy how it relates to people. so many girls r like oh this song is just like me and .... last year this song meant so much to me bc i used to think i was in love with this guy curtis. but he was dating this other girl. and weird enough she looks a lot like the girl in the music video. now i hav a much more amazing boy. and he loves me too. so ha. i hope u go to hell curtis. :] [[jk.]]
  • Valerie from None Of Ur Buisness, Bcu know, ive been thinking, and a lot of people actually can relate to this song..... a lot....
  • Claire from Fresno, Cai can relate to this song
  • Elizabeth from Acton, MaOMG!!!! I absolutely LUVVVV this song!!! It has such meaning to it, and it's just averall fantabulous!!!!! Taylor Swift is awesome!!!!
  • Sydney from Nashville, Tnnobody likes this song, but i LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
    taylor used to go to a school in the town dat i live in, not nashville, but she liked this dude named drew, and even after taylor wrote a song for him, and everything, he still didnt like her....how messed up is dat?-well anyways....I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!11
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