The Outside

Album: Taylor Swift (2006)
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  • Taylor Swift wrote this song about loneliness at the age of 12 soon after she'd received her first guitar.
  • Taylor Swift in Entertainment Weekly: ''I wrote that about the scariest feeling I've ever felt: going to school, walking down the hall, looking at all those faces, and not knowing who you're gonna talk to that day. People always ask, How did you have the courage to walk up to record labels when you were 12 or 13? It's because I could never feel the kind of rejection in the music industry that I felt in middle school.''
  • Swift expanded on the loneliness she felt at the age of 12, which prompted her to write this song: "This is one of the first songs I ever wrote, and it talks about the very reason I ever started to write songs. It was when I was twelve years old, and a complete outcast at school. I was a lot different than all the other kids, and I never really knew why. I was taller, and sang country music at karaoke bars and festivals on weekends while other girls went to sleepovers. Some days I woke up not knowing if anyone was going to talk to me that day. I think every person comes to a point in their life when you have a long string of bad days. You can choose to let it drag you down, or you can find ways to rise above it. I came to the conclusion that even though people hadn't always been there for me, music had. It's strange to think how different my life would be right now if I had been one of the cool kids."
  • After writing "The Outside," the 12-year-old Swift noted in her diary, "I don't know if it'll go anywhere, but it made me feel better."

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  • Just Me from UsaI love this song a lot, and I'm actually trying to write my own music. I really relate to this song, anyway. I say dumb things a lot to get people to laugh (And it does work, just sayin') and a ton of people in a few of my classes are entertained by it. But I have no actual close friends anymore (I moved two or so years ago) and all my new "friends" think I'm stupid. And when I say something that ISN'T meant to be funny and just plain serious, nobody listens. So I'm without an actual best friend. Woo.
  • Ronny from London, United Kingdomthe part that says " how can i ever try to be better, nobody ever lets me in" really makes me think about all the stupid things ive done and when nobody wants to hear the appology. you feel lonely.
    love the message in this song <3
  • Anita from Citrus Heights, Camy stories a lot like Bethaniis. . .i learned i just need to b myself, and who ever likes that, is worth it. if ppl dnt except me 4 who i am, thats there fault. its not worth trying to fit in, and being fake.(:
    im not tyring to say being popular is bad, if thats the kind of person u r, and u think the popular ppl fit ur personality, go for it :D
  • Stephie from Portland, Orgood for 12 years old!!! looooove her song "lucky you", not released yet. look it up on youtube. she was 12 or 13.
  • Bethanii from Okc, Okthis song is soo true.
    people are so mean and cruel. and they may not mean to be but they definately are.
    and i hate feeling like im on the outside. i used to do soo much to try and fit in. but eventually u get tired of trying. thats wen things get bad.. u either start doing bad stuff or u realize its not worth it.
    well thank god i finally realized it. i was so tired of trying to keep up with all the pretty popular girls. so i just gave up for a while. and after going thru a horrible depression i finally realized God is the only person i need to try to impress.
    i mean of course theres always people that u want to impress but no one is worth hurting urself to try to impress.
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