On the Bible

Album: Special Effects (2015)


  • This song features T.I., who goes hard with his verse. Tech N9ine told Artist Direct: "Everybody I send something to, they know they have to do their best. When I send a verse to someone, it says,'Okay, I have to rap. I always new T.I. was a wonderful MC, and he's always shown it. Everyone else is saying he went harder than ever, maybe he did, I don't know [Laughs]. I'm glad he felt, "Alright, I have to show off on this," and he did - he really brought it. After I send you a verse yelling at my loved ones for threatening me, there's all of this aggression in my verse. It's really mad, and you have to listen to that and go, 'Alright, you know what? I've got to go!' He went. It made for a wonderful piece of art."
  • T.I. also appears in the video despite a recent personal tragedy. Tech said: "I thank T.I.P. for coming through and doing that video for me that late at night in Atlanta when he hadn't been home. He came straight from a wake because of his nephew's death, and he still did this for me. I really respect that man, lyrically and spiritually."


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