Straight Out the Gate

Album: Something Else (2013)


  • System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian lends his voice to this track. Tech told Rolling Stone that he is a huge fan of Tankian and reached out to him. "I think he is fu--ing insane lyrically, musically, spiritually . . . Totally cluster-f--k-ish like myself – you never know what's going to happen in the music," he said. "If you talk to Serj, he'll probably tell you he knew nothing about Tech N9ne until the song was sent to him, and after listening to it he went and got all my music, and it makes him run faster on the treadmill."

    "I had not heard of Tech N9ne when we were sent the track," Serj admitted to Rolling Stone. "I checked out a bunch of his songs and really got into his flow, intensity and dynamics, and I agreed to sing on it. Originality in hip-hop and rock are hard to come by."
  • This song opens Tech N9ine's Something Else album. He told Artist Direct: "When I heard this beat, it was really simple. I knew it was going to be the first song on the album. That's why I called it 'Straight Out the Gate.'"
  • Tech discussed Serj Tankian's contribution to the song with Artist Direct: "As I began writing the lyrics, it was more E.B.A.H. influenced," he said. "Serj is the one who took it political and current events-ish with the words he chose. 'We are the darkness but we're leaving' is like we're dying. 'We are the gods that are deceiving' could be David Karesh, Jim Jones, The Vatican, or whatever. 'We are the painters of blind faith' could be a lot of religious leaders. 'We are the children of your rivals' could be Osama's kids. He made it mean something. My s--t is powerful all the way through. I'm talking about myself and being good and bad all the time."


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