Tenacious D

Jack Black
Kyle Gass
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  • Tenacious D is a very hard-rocking acoustic duo. Gass is the group's lead acoustic guitar player.
  • The D, who bill themselves as "The greatest band in the world," had a very short-lived TV series on HBO called Tenacious D, from which most of their early songs originated. >>
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  • Gass is also know as "KG," "Kage" and "Rage Kage" Jack Black goes by "JB" or "Jables."
  • Their first album, released in 2001, featured Dave Grohl on drums, keyboardist Page McConnell of Phish, guitarist Warren Fitzgerald of The Vandals, and bassist Steve McDonald. The Dust Brothers produced the album.
  • The band name comes from a saying popular with basketball announcers to describe an effective, aggressive defense.
  • The 2010 tour rider of Tenacious D warns promoters that moshing and crowd surfing may occur at a gig and that those audience activities are "not solely grounds for a patron's ejection." The rider also includes a stage scheme where sidemen musicians are referred to as guitarist "Anti-Jesus," drummer "Colonel Sanders," and bassist "Charlie Chaplan."
  • In 2018 they released an intentionally puerile album and animated YouTube series called Post-Apocalypto, which they described as "our bid to save the world."
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  • Tom from Marble Falls, Ar"Tribute" is the greatest song in the world, or I'll eat your souls.
  • Beef from Carlson, Quia, Mathere comedy rock
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