Longboat Pass

Album: Cape Dory (2011)


  • Anyone for Tennis? No, not the racket sport, after all this is a music site. Tennis is a Colorado-based duo comprising Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore who formed after a perilous sailboat journey on the Atlantic Ocean. Their three-month trip inspired the pair to write Cape Dory about their time on the seas, the majority of the tracks being about the difficulties they experienced during their trip. This song documents the couple's first departure from the dock. Riley told Spinner: "We almost ran into a bridge and on the way we totally thought we were going to lose the boat like five times. Then like a gale came in out of the west and we were stuck in the anchorage for two whole days. The winds were like 40 knots and we'd never experienced anything like that before, so were scared s---less."
  • So, why "Tennis"? Riley explained to Spinner: "Honestly, it's just a joke. It really seems like everything we're doing looks really WASPy, really Anglo. I drink scotch a lot and wear loafers. I've been wearing my grandpa's shoes for the last 10 or 20 years, and we studied philosophy and I did play tennis at one point and we sail. We're like the WASPiest people and we're really white, too. I have blonde hair. It couldn't be worse."


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