Album: Radio 1 Rescores: Drive (2014)
Charted: 53


  • The 1975 wrote and recorded this song for BBC DJ Zane Lowe's re-scoring of the soundtrack for the film Drive. The movie is about a Hollywood stuntman played by Ray Gosling, who moonlights as a getaway driver. He falls for a struggling single mum, Irene, portrayed by Carey Mulligan. This song plays as Gosling's relationship with Mulligan and her son begins to blossom. It also features at the end of the movie as Gosling drives off into the night.
  • Frontman Matthew Healy said: "We wrote Medicine for our chosen scenes. Medicine, its title and sentiment, goes all the way back to the original The 1975 project that was based in my bedroom. It's a new piece of music informed by the genesis of our band and our love for Drive as a film."

    "The movie itself plays with the duality of resignment and hope - and this is most obvious and stirring in the scenes we chose to score," he added. "The song is a testament to that same idea and has in turn become one of our most personal and best-loved pieces of music to date."

    "I won't delve into what the song is about lyrically because frankly I want to put those ideas to bed," Healy concluded; "but being provided with the context in which Medicine came to be, it allowed the song to become a mausoleum for those ideas, captured, diverted and frozen forever. Which is pretty cool."


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