Heartbreak Lullaby

Album: Teen Spirit (re-release) (2002)
  • This song tells the story of a girl and a boy reflecting on the day they suffered broken hearts after their relationship ended. They ask why they have to deal with this blow, and why they can't be happy with each other.
  • The song "To The Music" was going to be a fourth single from the album Teen Spirit, which was released in 2000. However, Disney asked A-Teens to participate on a soundtrack for the film The Princess Diaries. The film was already released in the The Americas, so the single became a European and Asian exclusive. Teen Spirit was also re-released in Thailand and Europe with the track included. A ballad version is featured on their Greatest Hits album.
  • The video was shot in Germany and used clips from The Princess Diaries. The group wore three sets of clothes: two casuals and what appeared to be a school uniform. Sara Lumholdt is sometimes sitting in a type of chair that is called a bubble chair. At the end of the video, we see Sara leaning on Dhani, while Marie approaches Amit... likely to give him a kiss. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Margaret - Worcester, MA, for all above
  • This was written by the Swedish songwriters Jan Kask and Peter Mansson along with Cathy Dennis, who had hits as a solo artist with "Too Many Walls" and "Just Another Dream," and wrote the hits "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" and "Toxic."
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